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Hydro Systems unveils the EvoDrain - an all-in-one solution to FOG problems

* EvoDrain.jpgIndependent chemical proportioning and dispensing systems manufacturer Hydro Systems, had this week announced the launch of the EvoDrain, an all-in-one solution designed to treat fat, oil and grease (FOG) waste in commercial, institutional and industrial kitchens.

FOG build-up in kitchens can seem like a never-ending problem. As these materials cool, they thicken and coagulate within pipes and grease-traps, acting like a magnet for any waste that may find its way down the kitchen's sink. As a result, a kitchen can be left facing rancid odours, blockages, backed-up water and potentially even flooding.

To deal with these issues, a facility may require strong chemical drain cleaning treatments or 'pump-out' clearing of blocked drains, significant kitchen downtime and plenty of inconvenience - all of which cost money.

Conventional solutions such as chemical drain cleaners and enzyme treatment can often add more issues - chemicals used can be harsh and potentially harmful, whilst enzyme treatments only move the problem downstream to the treatment plant.

Whilst bacteriological products are often hailed as the most forward-looking solution to FOG build-up, these are all too often inefficient and ineffective, as bacteria are not activated on time and are simply flushed away, dormant.

So how can the performance of bacteriological products be enhanced? That's where Hydro System's innovative new EvoDrain comes in. The EvoDrain is a Bacteriological Incubator which 'wakes up' dormant bacteria, delivering billions of active FOG-eating microbes directly into the drain, and creating a protective biofilm which lines the walls of drains for ongoing protection.

The EvoDrain's solution of dormant bacteria and nutrients creates a highly effective biological treatment regime of active bacteria.

Suitable for daily treatment in all types of wastewater and sewage systems, the EvoDrain is fully compatible with all UK local authorities' treatment systems and it requires only a water connection - mains electricity is not needed. Easy to install and maintain, this solution is believed by the manufacturer, to be the most innovative, cost-effective way for continual prevention of kitchen drain problems.

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W: www.hydrosystemsco.com
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20th February 2014

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