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International News

Official opening

* Pulire-opening-conference.jpg
The show was officially opened following announcements by (from left) Matteo Marino, President of AfidampFAB, Andrea Miglioranzi, President of AMIA Verona, Stefano Casali, Deputy Mayor of Verona, Giovanni Mantovani - General Director of Veronafiere andToni D'Andrea, Managing Director at Afidamp Servizi, with the event ably held together by Afidamp’s Chiara Calati

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Innovation Awards winners announced

* Pulire-award-winner.jpg
After much deliberation, the international jury of experts, consisting of Doug Cook - chairman of the British Cleaning Council, Peter Hug - CEO of EUnited , Simon Chen - CEO of ICE , Tibor Ritz - training expert, and Toni D' Andrea - CEO of Afidamp Services, selected the six finalists in the Pulire Clean Innovation Awards 2015.

The finalists were:

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What a difference a day makes

Getting ready: this Brunello-based company offers a myriad of cleaning products, equipment and chemicals under the Kleen Purgatis banner, for just about any type of cleaning task.

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Ariston Cleaning Solutions: “We did our very best while creating the Aricasa Professional line” - Hall 2, Stand E10/1

Ariston Cleaning Solutions, which manufactures tools for professional cleaning, has now off its portfolio with a new range. It says of its latest offering: “We did our very best while creating the Aricasa Professional line.”

Alberti International - Hall 4, Stand G3/2

Will sales of Alberti International’s new Starjet be stratospheric?

Alberti International tells us that the flagship of its new range of machines is the Idropulizia Hot, which has been designed to provide reliability and an effective solution to every cleaning need. As well as scrubbing, it offers a myriad of other options thanks to an array of accessories that includes a sandblasting kit and a drainpipe cleaning head. It can be used in hard water areas thanks to a magnetic limescale removing device.

Wm System: providing the solution to all your commercial vehicle loading requirements - Hall 2, Stand B1 / Outdoor X2.1

Wm System has been manufacturing loading ramps for commercial vehicles since 1991. Thanks to the flexibility of its products and its experienced technicians, the company is now able to offer a complete range of loading ramps for commercial vehicles and a wide range of accessories aimed at making your commercial vehicles as practical as possible.


* Toni.jpg
What makes Pulire unique is the high digitisation of the event. This concept began in 2013 and this year the app has been enhanced. Now called 2.1, it enables visitors to plan their visit to the exhibition, due to a system of match-making that allows them to book appointments with exhibitors. All information about the exhibitors is be available on smartphones and tablets, while exhibitors can receive real-time information about visitors, their origin, their role etc.

Pulire Clean

The 2015 edition of Pulire is also growing thanks to a new element: the Pulire Clean project, which will address the needs of the fabric care and laundry equipment market.

Pavilion 1 will be entirely dedicated to this market segment, bringing the equipment and product manufacturers from this sector into the professional cleaning industry fold with which it holds much synergy, yet with its own immediately recognisable and distinctive space.

For more than 30 years, Pulire has been the largest Italian professional cleaning exhibition and the second largest in Europe. As such it will offer those who work in fabric laundering and care a range of opportunities to expand their market and find new commercial partners.

Pulire Outdoor

“While throughout its 30 years Pulire has always been geared up to providing solutions for indoor cleaning tasks, since last edition, held in 2013, Pulire has also developed the brand ‘Pulire Outdoor’, dedicated to sweeping and urban decor and therefore pertinent to manufacturers of road sweepers and cleaning machines for road maintenance.”

Pulire 2015: cleaning solutions for Ho.Re.Ca.

Pulire is a key partner for the hospitality (Ho.Re.Ca.) segment.

"Sparkling clean hotels, lodgings, wellness centres, spas and restaurants are the most effective calling card for any country," says Toni. “At Pulire, industry professionals and some of the largest and most important services and facilities management companies that provide outsourced services for the ho.re.ca segment can find a number of solutions to meet the quality standards of cleaning & hygiene increasingly important to the market. 

Tissue World new launch: Jakarta Conference 2015

* Jakarta-International-Expo.jpg
Tissue World, the portfolio of events dedicated to tissue industry worldwide, has this week announced a new event: the Tissue Word Jakarta Conference.

Taking place at the Jakarta International Expo (JIE) on 28th and 29th October 2015, the event will feature a two-day conference, 15 exhibiting-sponsors and social functions. It will be held concurrently with Hotelex Indonesia, a leading event for the hotel and hospitality industry.

Gordon Brush's expansion supports ambition to become a global leader

* Gordon-Brush.jpg
As part of a master plan to become the nation's largest 'Made in America' brush manufacturer and a global leader in the industry, Gordon Brush, the privately held corporation that boasts one of the world's largest selections of industrial brushes, has acquired a new building, 3.5 times larger than its existing facility.

President of New York pest management company meets with European counterparts for knowledge exchange

* Pest-control.jpg
Assured Environments' president, Andrew Klein, recently visited Europe on a quest to discover some of the ways European pest management companies are adapting to new regulations.

SFSPac Degreaser gains Green Seal GS-37 certification

* PortionPac.jpg
PortionPac Chemical Corporation is proud to announce that SFSPac Degreaser has met the criteria set forth by Green Seal to attain certification under the GS-37 standard. In meeting GS-37 (Cleaning Products for Industrial & Institutional Use), SFSPac Degreaser has surpassed the Standard's strict environmental benchmarks and performs as well as or better than other cleaners in its class.

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As I predicted in Tuesday’s broadcast, yesterday – the second day of the Pulire exhibition in Verona, was very busy throughout the day and we saw a lot of stand staff scribbling away on their order pads… Clearly the visitors weren’t ‘just looking’ but were indeed spending their money!

* Maxima.jpgBefore leaving at the end of the day, we visited our old friends from Maxima whose stand was in a corner of a far hall, facing into the corner itself. Had this position hampered them, we wondered? Not at all, it seems. Not only had they been busy the second day, but on the first - traditionally a quiet-ish day at these events - they’d “not stopped” from 11:00 until 17:00. You can read more about what they’re launching, further down the page…

I started the day off at the conference session: “The Internet of Things”. I don’t normally attend conferences while at shows, because I never get around to see everybody I want , as it is, so taking an extra couple of hours out of the day has always struck me as being a bit of a folly. However, I’d heard good reports about previous Pulire conference sessions and as the subject matter of this particular one interested me, I decided to break from tradition and went along. I’m so glad I did!

Having started out in Internet publishing when it was in its infancy, (Cleanzine’s been going for 13 years now!) I’ve always been open to this type of technology, but frankly even I was astounded by some of the things people are doing with it. I’m still trying to get my head around what I learned and the impact it will have on us as consumers and also the industry itself; once I have, I’ll be sharing it with you. Fascinating stuff!

If you saw Wednesday’s issue, you’ll be aware that Karcher’s entry into this year’s Innovation Awards pipped the other shortlisted finalists at the post, but since the entries had themselves been kept underwraps, we weren’t able to tell you what the innovations actually were, so we made it our mission yesterday to find out.

Here's our report…

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Jan Hobbs

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This Week's News

BREAKING NEWS: Joint venture announced between Sutter Professional, Northwood Hygiene and Brightwell Dispensers

* Sutter.jpgHall 2, Stand E5-F5/2

Sutter Professional, Northwood Hygiene and Brightwell Dispensers have announced an exciting joint venture whereby the three highly-respected companies will work together to supply Sutter chemicals in the UK and Ireland.

More on this story in next week’s issue…

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More breaking news: BCC agrees to join European Federation of Cleaning Industries

* Doug-Cooke_Andreas-Lill.jpgThe British Cleaning Council, has agreed to join the European Federation of Cleaning Industries as the UK’s representative for the cleaning industry.

The EFCI is an influential organisation within Europe and is recognised as a social partner by the European Commission, giving it a voice at the highest level of decision making in Europe.

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Developed following extensive market research: Karcher’s floor cleaning equipment impresses Awards judges

* Karcher-award-winning-machine.jpgKarcher’s Daniel Friz told us that the Innovation Award-winning KM 125/130 R was developed as a direct response to extensive customer market research and that its design solved many of the issues that users of cleaning equipment (from any manufacturer) highlighted as being potentially problematical… issues, for example, created when the untrained, meddle with complex electronics (Karcher has separated the complex maintenance from the routine by siting what’s needed for the former under the driver’s seat and the latter under a side panel which swings out to the side rather than opens upwards, to ensure everything is easy to reach).

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Fimap’s Genie XS – so maneouvreable that cleaning becomes like a dance

* Fimap-Luca.jpgHall 4, Stands B1-B4-C1-C4 

There was so much to like about the Genie XS scrubbing machine and we could understand why the crowds watching the demonstration appeared mesmerised: the little machine is so easy to manoeuvre that it looked almost like the operator’s dance partner!

We loved light weight of the machine and the ease with which it could be twisted and turned (cleaning in every direction) and the way the parabolic squeegee followed the brush so closely – leaving the floor dry and safe with only one pass. We could see how this powerful little piece of kit could make the job of cleaning small and cluttered environments simple (and, dare we say it – fun?).

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Maxima showcases exciting new concept

* Maxima-Hera.jpgHall 3 Stand B2 / 7

Something rather special has joined the striking range of brightly coloured small pressure washers that we would expect to see on the Maxima Advanced Solutions stand. Company owner Giuseppe Codemo told us that the Hera is: “A similar machine to the standard range but of improved quality, durability and function.”

John and I consider that to be rather an understatement…

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The I-Cart: a self-contained mobile cleaning unit designed to hold the I-Mop

* iMop.jpgHall 3, Stand D 6/2

The I-Cart is effectively a self-contained mobile cleaning unit that was designed specifically to transport the award-winning I-Mop and all its accessories.

Italian distributor Diego Lussana (foreground) showed us how everything is colour coded to ensure that the right brushes are used with the correct cleaning fluid in the locations for which they’re meant.

Advert: http://www.waypointdistributors.com

TVH: Offering 21 million different items!

* TVH.jpgHall 3, Stand B5/7

We were aware that TVH offers a myriad of spare parts for scrubbers and sweepers as well as a full range of hydraulic equipment, but we were stunned when the company’s Meindert de Boer told us that the company has 21 million items in its catalogue!

Amongst these are parts for all the big names, such as Tennant, Hako, Nilfisk, PowerBoss, Dulevo, Karcher, RCM, Comac, American Lincoln, Alto and Minuteman, to name but a few.

Advert: http://www.hako.com

Kaivac's OmniFlex AutoVac

* Kaivac-dem.jpgKaivac, the originator of the 'no-touch' cleaning system for washrooms (the company's Marc Ferguson is seen here in yet another a stand demo) was a nominated finalist for their OmniFlex AutoVac with Lithium-Ion smart battery technology.

This new cordless system can clean up to 20,000sq.ft/hr, faster than most comparable traditional automatic scrubbers.

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Falpi’s CollegaMe tracking system takes over where a GPS system leaves off

* Falpi.jpgHall 2, Stand B5

CollegaMe is an inexpensive yet advanced indoor location system based on iBeacon technology. The system uses a CollegaMe platform in the cloud, through which the authorised user can monitor in real time. the position and movements of a mobile tablet or smartphone and communicate via a 3G data connection.

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Powr-Flite selects Trojan Battery to operate its scrubbers and sweepers

* Powr-T145_Bay_ELPT_LT.jpgHall 4, Stand G5/3

Further news from the show floor is that yet another commercial floor equipment manufacturer is to be using Trojan's deep-cycle batteries in future.

Powr-Flite has chosen Trojan Battery Co., as its primary supplier of deep-cycle batteries to operate its floor cleaning equipment. Trojan will provide Powr-Flite with various models of its deep-cycle flooded batteries including the T145, 30XHS, T1275 and J185.

Advert: http://www.prochem.co.uk/

IPC Gansow: High level cleaning from ground level

* Gabriella-IPC-high-level.jpgHall 2, Stand C5

Although this machine isn’t available just yet, IPC Gansow decided to showcase it amongst the company’s other exhibits to gauge visitors’ reactions - and from where we were standing people thought it was pretty impressive!

Gabrielle Bianco, pictured here with the machine, said it’s very lightweight and easy to use; allowing cleaning staff to remain safe on the ground while manoeuvring the hose so it can suck up dirt from gutters, high level dust and cobwebs.

Advert: http://www.truvox.com/product/hybrid-blower-3400-1

Christeyns: Great chemicals, great dispensers!

* Christeyns.jpgHall 2, Stand B 2/3

The team from Belgian family business Christeyns, pose with some of the company’s chemicals housed in their Brightwell dispensers.

Founded in 1946, the company has enjoyed an average growth of at least 20% over the past 10 years, It services its customers through a network of own subsidiaries located in most European countries as well as Morrocco.

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Hospital Hygiene

Hospial Corridor

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Recent UK News

Going Bananas for safety! - Hall 1, Stand A3/6

Show visitors can’t help themselves but stop and look at the award winning Banana Cone, which is manufactured from very thick, bright and high quality polypropylene that is extremely durable, through a plastic injection moulding process. The Banana Cone is extremely durable and the warning message is inherent in the shape of the cone!

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Adkiatek welcomes new Baby to the family - Hall 3, Stand C7

* Baby.jpg
Drawing on its 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of cleaning machines designed to help the teams using them to be more efficient, dynamic and motivated, Adiatek is proud to announce its new ‘Baby’ - a single brush scrubbing machine with 35 cm working width, powered by batteries with a built-in charger.

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Karcher marks eight decades of innovation at iconic Concorde Hangar

* Concorde-Hangar.jpg
As part of its year-long celebration to mark 80 years of technological innovation, Karcher, the world’s largest cleaning equipment manufacturer, will be showcasing its latest professional cleaning products at the iconic Concorde Hangar based at Manchester Airport next Tuesday.

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Soapbox: Employment growth drives employment rate to record high while pay growth ticks up

* CIPD.jpg
Gerwyn Davies, labour market adviser at the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, comments on the UK's official labour market statistics published yesterday by the Office for National Statistics (ONS):

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Impact of L & D initiatives too rarely measured against business outcomes, finds CIPD

Just 7% of Learning & Development professionals evaluate the impact of their initiatives on the wider business or society, with most limiting their focus to learner and manager feedback, according to new research.

Advert: http://www.greyland.co.uk

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt highlights importance of hand hygiene

Late last month, health secretary Jeremy Hunt visited international skincare and hand hygiene expert, Deb Group, at its Denby headquarters, alongside Conservative minister for Amber Valley, Nigel Mills. The pair toured the research facilities, meeting staff and seeing first-hand the research & development being pioneered by the Derbyshire-based organisation.

One young woman's determination leads to 20 years' success

* Mandie-Kemp_Futures.jpg
Futures Supplies & Support Services celebrates its 20th anniversary in the cleaning industry this year.

New steam cleaners enhance cleaning capabilities: Partnership with Matrix offers market leading solution

* SDV8-Orange-Diversey.jpg
Diversey Care has introduced five new steam cleaning machines with specialist manufacturer Matrix Cleaning Systems to offer healthcare, food service and building care customers enhanced cleaning, hygiene and infection prevention capabilities in demanding environments. 

Jet Airways jettisons cleaning mops as fliers fear hygiene issues

* Jet-Airways.jpg
India's Jet Airways has jettisoned mops from its list of cleaning items for cabin washrooms after the airline received complaints from passengers that the mops were kept in public view, raising hygiene issues.

Vectair Systems pleased to announce its first year exhibiting at the Facilities Show

* Vectair-V-Air-SOLID.jpg
As a leading manufacturer and supplier of technologically advanced hygiene products to over 120 countries, Vectair Systems is happy to confirm it will be at the Facilities Show 2015 for the first time.

RWM launches global search for the rising stars of resource management

* Rising-stars.jpg
The international event for recycling innovation, RWM 2015, is launching a global search to find the industry’s ‘Rising Stars’. The competition will celebrate trailblazing initiatives that challenge the way the recycling industry works, identify the top 25 newcomers and inspire a new generation of resource managers.

Aimed at young entrepreneurs within the industry, RWM organiser i2i Events Group in partnership with the Chartered Institution of Waste Management, are looking for individuals who have introduced new recycling practices within the last five years that are helping to transform their organisation and the industry as a whole.

Introduce weigh scale pallet trucks for significant efficiency improvements

* midland.jpg
Today's business world is tough, so it pays for enterprises to have strategies in place designed to get them ahead wherever possible.

Events & Exhibitions

19-21st May 2015
Verona, Italy

Tissue World 2015
20-22nd May 2015
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CleantexPulire 2015
28-30th July 2015
10th edition of this show.

Higiexpo 2015 Brazil
4-6th August 2015
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CMS Berlin
22-25th September 2015
Cleaning. Management. Services.

27-29th October 2015
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4th December 2015
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