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International News

SEIU calls on employers to prepare service and healthcare workers on Ebola response front lines

* SEIU-CDC-healthcare.jpg
The Service Employees International Union, which has some 2 million members across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, is calling on airlines to partner in bringing infection-control training to airport workers.

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Airline Ebola scare puts cleaners' lives at risk, says one worker

According to Fox31 Denver, a Denver-based Frontier Airlines employee has accused the airline of putting employees at risk by panicking after an Ebola sufferer apparently flew on one of its airplanes.

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With perfect timing, Swiss-based Lonza issues guidance on controlling Ebola spread

* Lonza-Slough_HPLC.jpg
Lonza, the Basel, Switzerland-based, global manufacturer of disinfectants and disinfectant cleaners, is offering guidance on the use of its portfolio of products as part of an infection control programme for the Ebola virus.

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How a small Bristol business's product is becoming the world's 'first line of defence' against Ebola

* duomax.jpg
A UK company says its revolutionary product could help stop Ebola becoming a pandemic, by not only killing Ebola, but also by stopping it spreading. This product - DuoMax - is now being requested by a growing number of countries around the world.

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Introducing the Pulire Clean project...

* Pulire.jpg
The 2015 edition of Pulire is growing thanks to a new element: the Pulire Clean project, which will address the needs of the fabric care and laundry equipment market.

Tissue World Sao Paulo 2015 to serve South America market

* tissue-latin-am-market.jpg
Strategically located in the thriving metropolis of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Tissue World exhibition will delve into the growing and diversified tissue markets of Brazil and South America, with a particular focus on Colombia, Chile and Peru.

Simple test for Enterobacteriaceae gives results in one - seven hours

* hygeina.jpg
The MicroSnap product range - a simple, rapid test for bacteria giving results in the same shift - has been extended to include Enterobacteriaceae.

New air filtration and fragrance system filters, rather than masks smells

A new UK manufactured air filtration and fragrance system called EcoBreeze, which filters out all smells, rather than masking them, is now available and it is thought to be the first aircare product that has a triple action system.

Grinnell Regional Medical Centre testing clean with CuVerro

Grinnell Regional Medical Centre (GRMC) is engaged with Olin Brass in a comprehensive clinical trial to test the impact of Olin Brass' CuVerro solid copper alloy products, in an effort to reduce the bacteria that cause infections and thus dramatically improve the hygiene of the patient environment.
CuVerro is a bactericidal touch surface that can kill 99.9% of bacteria within two hours of contact.

David v. Goliath! Small owner run cleaning company scoops national awards

* Irish-Contract-Cleaning-Asscn-winners.jpg
National Support Services, a Swords, Dublin-based cleaning & hygiene services provider, has scooped two national awards at the Irish Contract Cleaning bi-annual industry awards.

Regent Samsic parent gets a gold for CSR

* RegentSeismic.jpg
Pan-European service provider Samsic has been certified 'Gold' by Ecovadis, the collaborative platform enabling companies to monitor the corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance of their suppliers across 150 sectors and 99 countries.

Global hand dryer market expected to reach USD 930.8 million by 2020

New market research, 'Hand Dryer Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2014 - 2020', published by Transparency Market Research, reveals that the global hand dryer market is expected to reach a value of USD 930.8 million by 2020, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 11.4% from 2014 to 2020.

In 2013, total volume shipment of hand dryers was 2000 units and it is expected to reach 4376.8 thousand units by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 12% from 2014 to 2020. A growing demand for eco-friendly appliances and greater concern over hygiene have led to the growing demand for hand dryers. In 2013, the Asia Pacific market imported more hand dryers than any other region.

A vibrant international community converged on ISSA/Interclean Istanbul

* ISSA-Turkey.jpg
The first edition of ISSA/Interclean Istanbul, held late last month at the Wow Convention Centre, was deemed a success by all parties involved, reports the ISSA.

The show was truly an international gathering with 28% international visitors from 70 countries. With 100 leading brands and a high level conference, the event offered an international networking platform for the cleaning industry in Turkey and the Middle East and played a vital role in finding solutions for the region's cleaning related challenges. The next edition of the show is scheduled for 2016.

ETS honours Global Handwashing Day by announcing winners of its Cartoon Contest

* ETS_ElisaCanaglia.jpg
Young graphic designers from around the world have scooped the top prizes in this year's European Tissue Symposium Cartoon Contest.

The winners' announcement coincides with the release of the updated consensus statement and the celebration of the Global Handwashing Day, which took place recently.

RAS features its Happy Toilets on National Environment Agency's mobile app

* RAS.jpg
The Restroom Association of Singapore tells us it was delighted to share its Happy Toilet locations on the latest myENV edition app, so that its Happy Toilets could be easily located island-wide.

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The cleaning industry’s commitment to manufacturing products, equipment and systems that require less water, took on greater importance for me last week when I was asked whether I’d willingly drink water that had been recycled from toilet waste. Apparently, plans which could see treated sewage water introduced into London's drinking water supply to eke it out, have been backed by 69% of those that responded to a survey, out of the 5,000 people asked.

I have two things to say to that: “Who the heck did they ask!” and: “How many people responded?”

I gather Thames Water launched the consultation to determine the best way of serving the rapidly growing population in London and the Thames Valley, which is predicted to reach 10 million fairly soon.

One option mooted was the use of recycled waste water, whereby waste from toilets would be recycled back into the River Thames, drawn out and retreated to make it safe to be streamed into the mains supply.

Although the company says it has no definite plans to implement the scheme and that if it does go ahead, it won’t be for at least another 10 years, a test plant has already been commissioned in Enfield, north London.

OK, so I often complain about the cloudy, chalky water we have in Epsom and the awful limescale we have to deal with, but I know where I’d rather be living right now, (although having been lucky enough to drink fresh, untreated water flowing along mountain streams while travelling in other parts of Europe, I do still feel rather hard done by)!

Other, more palatable options that appealed to respondents were the installation of water meters in homes and businesses and a redistribution system, whereby water is transported from areas where it’s plentiful, into other parts of the country that are experiencing shortages – both of which make sense.

Thames Water warns that unless action is taken, there could be a water deficit of around 125 million litres per day by next year, so something clearly needs to be done quickly. Dealing with leaks more rapidly would, of course, be a good place to start…

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Jan Hobbs

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This Week's News

New technology helps control and protect against Ebola

* Goldshield.jpgGoldshield's GS24 alcohol-free antiseptic hand sanitiser and protector contains a QAC-based biocide using patented technology, that attaches to a polymer producing something called covalent bonding.

This is a form of nano-technology, which allows an 'invisible glove' to be formed on the hand, providing enhanced protection against microorganisms and enveloped viruses such as Ebola.

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Ebola highlights importance of infection prevention

* Xenex-Oubreak-Response.jpgThe arrival of the Ebola virus on new continents has served as a wake-up call for infection prevention in hospitals worldwide. Patients suspected of or diagnosed with an Ebola virus infection pose a risk for healthcare workers, patients and visitors.

This includes the risk of transmission of Ebola within the healthcare environment; and the perception of risk, which could lead hospital staff to refuse to work with patients and discourage patients from coming to the hospital for treatment.

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One year before start of CMS 2015: Two-thirds of display area of last CMS already booked

* CMS-visitors.jpgMesse Berlin's marketing work and efforts to attract exhibitors to CMS 2015 Berlin - Cleaning. Management.Services. have reaped early rewards. One year before the start of the bi-annual cleaning trade fair, exhibitor demand for floor space is higher than ever before, particularly from outside Germany, with two-thirds of the display area of the last CMS now already booked.

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Photocatalytic Oxidation provides environmental hygiene decontamination and conditioning

* PCO-TECH-ASSISTANCE.jpgSelf-clean Air & Surfaces' Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology, which is new to the UK, is a valuable tool in the armoury against surface contamination whether solid or fabric. It is currently under review with Doctors Without Frontiers in Norway.

Ideal for environmental hygiene decontamination and conditioning such as for air purification/sanitising, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-virus, water purification/treatment and 'self cleaning surfaces' applications, it works 24/7, 365 days of the year, by using the power of visible light.

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Templa cleans up 'Down Under'

* TEMPLA-Wheel.jpgAt last week's Ausclean 2014 exhibition in Melbourne, Templa's CMS integrated management software picked up first prize in the IT category of the Innovation Awards.

Talking about the criteria he and his co-judges used in selecting the winners, George Stamas, National President of the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) said: "We looked for products that reflected both international and local research and development. We used our own companies' experiences as well as appreciating the problem-solving features and benefits the products offered."

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Karcher's professional cleaning solutions help you clean up after an accident - whenever and wherever

* Karcher-block-anim.gifFrom spilt drinks to muddy footprints and splattered food stains, accidents are inevitable in any workplace.

And when unsightly mess is created, it's important that you respond quickly to prevent staining and maintain a pleasant appearance - and this is where Karcher's products deliver the performance and versatility you demand.

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Italian cleaning industry up 2% in 2013; foreign market accounts for 53% of total revenue

* Toni.jpgIn the 2013 financial year, Italian professional cleaning industry revenue totalled € 1,434,625,675, according to AfidampFAB (The Italian Association of Professional Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers & Space Cleaning) figures; confirming Italy's spot amongst the leading global manufacturers, along with the United States and Germany.

"The professional cleaning machinery, products and equipment industry has confirmed its stability and even returned an increase of 2%," says AfidampFAB. "This value is determined by the 4% growth on the foreign market, while there was a slight decline in sales in Italy (-1%).

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2014 Loo of the Year Awards success

* LOTY_kev_orkian.jpgInterest in the Loo of the Year Awards continues to grow as entrants recognise the value of gaining prestige and recognition of their brand - and importantly their employee's efforts, as a result of achieving awards.

Competition entrants also use the Awards grading to benchmark their toilet provision performance against competitors and can use the awards success as a real benefit when in negotiations with customers and prospects.

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Protecting yourself from serious illness: avoid paper money!

* Kaivac-Ebola-promo.jpgAs part of its series of advisories on how cleaning professionals can protect themselves from serious infection - especially now that Ebola has made it to a number of different countries - Kaivac, developer of the No-Touch and OmniFlex cleaning systems, suggests one way is to avoid handling paper money!

"While this sounds a bit extreme, the truth is infections can and do live on paper bills for many days after they have been touched by a person with the flu or some other infection," says Matt Morrison, Communications Manager for Kaivac. "What this is really telling us is that when it comes to stopping the spread of infection we have to be on guard and take precautions at all times."

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Duplex begins new innings at Lord's cricket ground

* Duplex-Lords.jpgBarry Wilmot and Duplex advocate, Lyn Webster (LW Consultancy) recently visited Lord's Cricket Ground to demonstrate machines from the Duplex range.

This led Sarah Brett - Purchasing Manager for MCC, owner of Lord's, to choose the Duplex 340/Steam and 620/Steam as its preferred floor cleaning machines.

We have mail: The Domestic Cleaning Alliance responds to last week's Leader...

Jan, I like your article. However, if it were simply a case of removing the stigma of cleaning, we'd be home and I dry. I wish it were so simple.

The very nature of many commercial cleaning jobs is such that the hours are, in many cases, short, and the cleaning is performed either very early in the morning or late in the day. This makes the job a lot less appalling and in many cases uneconomical for the person doing it. Don't get me wrong, there have been many times in my life where I was reliant on two or more part-time jobs to make up my hours, but then I was lucky enough to be able to run a car, which made getting to work for 6am to do two hours cleaning a lot easier.

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Same direction but new track for Panztel

* panztel-ezitracker.jpgThe renowned provider of technology for managing remote workforces has changed its name from Panztel to Ezitracker.

Explaining the reason for the change, John Moore, Managing Director, said: "Since the company was founded in 1998 we have traded as Panztel but in the last few years we have become far better known by our brand name - Ezitracker. This change means that the trading and brand names will now be one and the same; a decision we know is welcomed by our customers."

Older women working part-time more likely to become 'stuck' in low pay

Women in low-paid employment are on average 47 percentage points more likely than similar men to be still in low pay after ten years*, according to new research published last week by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, the professional body for Human Resources and people development, in association with John Lewis Partnership. The Pay progression: understanding the barriers for the lowest paid report, written by Tooley Street Research, outlines the key contributing factors associated with an individual becoming 'stuck' in low pay.

The report, which categorises low pay as those paid below 20% above the minimum wage, shows evidence of a huge increase in the number of people on low pay between the 1990s and 2010s.

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Recent UK News

Portable Sanitation Expo 2015 reveals new location and dates

* Atlas-portable-toilets-expo.jpg
The Portable Sanitation Expo - the only UK event that is 100% dedicated to the portable sanitation sector - will be held at a larger venue next year to accommodate the event's growing popularity. Coventry's Ricoh Arena will host exhibitors and attendees from across the industry for two days of networking and knowledge building on 25th and 26th February.

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High achieving school appoints specialist cleaning provider for sparkling results

* edmonton-county.jpg
Edmonton County School, a large educational establishment serving the communities of Enfield and Edmonton, has engaged the services of specialist contract cleaning company, Julius Rutherfoord. The contract has been awarded during a period of extensive building and refurbishment, as the school evolves and expands.

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Soapbox: The shocking truth about clinical waste sacks

* split-waste-sack.jpg
By Lorcan Mekitarian, commercial director, bpi.healthcare

As outrageous as it sounds, many of the clinical waste sacks being used by hospitals and other healthcare establishments in the UK are not compliant with the United Nations requirements for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods.

Top safety accreditation for Cynergi Cleaning & Support Services

* Cynergi.jpg
Cynergi has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety. Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.

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Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners honours the outstanding achievements of our forces

* WCEC-Military-awards.jpg
The prestigious surroundings of Fishmongers' Hall, occupying an enviable position on the River Thames in central London, was a fitting venue for the WCEC Military Awards Ceremony, which took place recently. This annual event recognises the work and achievements of Environmental Health Technicians (EHTs) from the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), the RAF Environmental Healthcare and the WCEC's affiliated Cadet Units.

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Two new cleaning/FM contractors join the Templa CMS fold

* Templa.jpg
Templa says it is delighted to welcome Maxim FM (Sunderland) and the MPS Group (Essex) as recent recruits to its CMS integrated management software.

Wellingborough Norse wins two major building cleaning contracts

* George-Jarvis.jpg
Local grounds, cleaning and waste services firm Wellingborough Norse has won two major building cleaning contracts.

Twinkle Clean reaches 1,000th customer

* Twinkle-Clean.jpg
Twinkle Clean, which offers both commercial & domestic cleaning such as event cleaning, end of tenancy and builders' cleans, window and carpet cleaning, office cleaning and rubbish removal, believes it is South London's fastest growing cleaning company.

BBS latest firm to sponsor November conference

* Ruby-McGregor-Smith.jpg
The British Cleaning Council has announced a further major sponsor for its conference in November: BBS. This addition of the commercial training arm of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, brings the number of sponsors for the event up to eight, with Kimberly Clark Professional being the lead sponsor.

Keep Britain Tidy celebrates Diamond Jubilee with special awards programme

* Keep-Britain-Tidy.jpg
To mark its 60th birthday, Keep Britain Tidy has announced the charity's Diamond Jubilee Awards.

These awards offer a great opportunity for organisations and individuals to promote and celebrate the great work they are doing to make a difference. The award winners will be announced at a landmark awards ceremony at the stunning Lutyens Crypt, Liverpool on 12th February, 2015.

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