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International News

Beverly Hills Pays $500 for every new waterless urinal installed

* Cracked-Desert.jpg
While most residents of the state of California are now required to scale back water consumption by 25%, in Beverly Hills the reduction is 35%. This is because the city, as well as its residents, has historically used more water than other communities in the state, mostly for lavish landscaping.


SNG Commercial expands its Professional product range

* Muvo.jpg
Following a successful launch, SNG Commercial has added a number of new products to its Professional range, including handwashes, laundry powders and trigger sprays.

How much is a comfortable seat worth?

When RCM decided to introduce a small, ride-on scrubber drier, the Italian manufacturer took into consideration all the technical and structural options that would produce a strong, efficient and reliable machine that was economically enough to compare favourably with a walk behind machine.

Low energy air filters: Quick wins for energy savings in buildings

* camfill-from-vid.jpg
Camfil UK, a world leader in providing air filtration solutions for maintaining healthy and comfortable indoor environments, has published a paper highlighting the energy saving opportunities that arise from choosing effective air filtration systems within non-domestic buildings.

Introducing CleanCore Technologies...

* cleancore.jpg
CleanCore Technologies, which manufactures aqueous ozone cleaning systems, was started nearly six years ago. The company was first known as Viriditec but changed its name to CleanCore Technologies in 2014 - although the name Viriditec is still used for the company's products that are marketed and sold in Canada.

New high performance sweeping attachment: The Sweepertec

* Sweepertec.jpg
July brings the launch of Brushtec's new high performance forklift sweeping attachment range: The Sweepertec. The 100% British-made, new brush system is designed for sites that only occasionally need to be swept and where the purchase of a dedicated sweeper and operator can not be justified.

Matrix has added two heavy duty chassis to its range

* matrix-heavy-duty-chassis.jpg
Offered in two designs to fit many of the British manufacturer's commercial steam cleaning and gum removal machines, the new chassis allow the machine user to manoeuvre the machine more easily and more safely over large areas and uneven surfaces.

3M innovation helps reduce costs and improve sustainability for ISS

* 3MHighShinePad.jpg
3M's innovative range of floor pads and advanced cleaning and maintenance products is helping global facilities services company ISS to drive down costs and reduce its environmental footprint for the benefit of its customers worldwide.


* Trombetta.jpg
Anthony Trombetta joins CCW to lead its marketing and sales initiatives

Consolidated Chemical Works (CCW), the originator of portion-controlled chemical products for the cleaning industry, has hired Anthony Trombetta to head up its business development.

Irish Public Accounts Committee questions "astonishing" amount spent on hospital cleaning

* PAC-chairman.jpg
Questions are being asked about the Irish Health Service Executive's €38 million spend on external cleaning companies last year.

Clean Hands Safe Hands receives US Patent for hand hygiene technology

* Clean-Hands-Safe-Hands.jpg
Clean Hands Safe Hands' award winning hand hygiene monitoring system has received a US patent for its Natural Language Voice Reminder and its variable detection range technology, which in a year-long peer reviewed clinical research study, demonstrated the ability to improve hand hygiene by more than 400%.

Congratulations Morclean: 'Green World Ambassador 2015'!

* Morclean-Award-Presentation.jpg
Morclean tells us it is proud to have won The Green World Ambassador Award 2015, having been given the opportunity to put the company forward after winning The Green Apple Award 2014 for Environmental Best Practice with its Bin Wash City - the battery driven bin wash machine - in a competition that saw it pitted against more than 500 other nominations.

TVH is 'official distributor' of Delta-Q battery chargers

* DeltaQ-TVH.jpg
TVH, which has customers in more than 170 countries, can officially call itself dealer of Delta Q for Europe. The company can now offer its customers Delta-Q battery chargers for aerial work platforms, golf carts, lift trucks, sweepers and other industrial vehicles.

Portable toilet ascends New York's construction sites

* safety-head.jpg
At first glance, the Safety Head may appear to be a barricade or an oversized safety cone. However, upon closer inspection, it is apparent that the bright orange, reflective piece of equipment at the job site is actually a new, one-of-a-kind portable toilet rental which has initially been launched in New York.

Despite low brand loyalty, wipe sales grow faster than overall I&I cleaning market in 2014

* kline-wipes.jpg
Results of a survey published today show that while there is low brand loyalty, all product categories and companies registered growth in the market for industrial and institutional cleaning wipes in the US, which increased by over 5% in 2014.

Frosch natural cleaning products to enter US market

* Frosch.jpg
Visitors to the CMS Berlin exhibition will be familiar with the enormous stand emblazoned with green frogs and soon that frog will be a familiar site in the US, since Frosch, Germany's 'most trusted brand' for natural cleaning agents with more than 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing environmentally-friendly cleaning and personal care products, has this week announced its entry into the US market.

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I haven’t seen a copy of the New Statesman for some time so was surprised to receive a link to the esteemed publication from Gillian Kemp, leader of the Truckers Toilets UK Campaign, with a note saying it featured an article on public toilets (thank you Gillian).

‘The politics of sanitation: why we urgently need more public toilets’ makes interesting reading. “We need to talk about this unseen sanitation crisis,” argues the author, Beatrix Campbell, quoting public toilet doyenne Prof Clara Greed who reckons Britain lost 40% of its public toilets in the decade before the 2010 coalition and adding that Age UK reports that since then, English cities have lost another 20%.

Not very good for tourism, is it?

Clara describes this loss as an assault on citizens’ rights, saying they are vital to accessible, equal and sustainable cities.

“Ironically,” adds Beatrix, “the decline of public toilets has shadowed the rise of global cities and the rise of flourishing night-time economies,” eloquently pointing out that this leads to an abundance of drunk people urinating in the streets all over the ‘civilised’ world.

She reports that Peter Hampson, director of the British Resorts & Destinations Association, has told a Parliamentary committee that public toilets cost local authorities £100m per year, but earn back a meagre £4.5m in entry fees. Apparently it costs as much as to collect a 20p, cart it, count it and account for it as it does to collect it. I wonder whether anyone on the committee asked Peter about what the various councils’ felt about their moral duty to provide this essential service?

Clara, with whom I used to sit on the Council of the British Toilet Association when it launched at the beginning of this millenium, has always felt that public toilets should be seen as a benefit rather than a burden. She has a point but perhaps in more ways than she realises…

With the current government keen to get people off of benefits and back into work, just think of the number of cleaning jobs that would be created, if our closed public toilets were to be brought back into use. And just imagine the boost the supplier side of our industry would receive, as a result of the accompanying increase in demand for disposables and dispensers!

OK it might not quite balance the books, but surely it’s the right thing for local authorities to do, isn’t it? 

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Jan Hobbs


This Week's News

Worries rise over outbreaks of Avian Flu in West Africa

* avian.jpgFears are growing that without timely intervention to stem outbreaks of the highly virulent Avian Flu virus H5N1 across West Africa, further spread across the region and beyond is inevitable.

The Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations is calling for $20 million for prevention and response activities that will include infection control programmes and behavioural changes such as the incorporation of enhanced hygiene routines.


ACI study shows detergent manufacturers safely, effectively using enzymes in the workplace

Detergent manufacturers have shown that by following industry guidelines on the correct handling of enzymes in factories, they can deliver a safe working environment and help ensure good occupational hygiene, according to newly published research.

The study, which appeared in the peer-reviewed Journal of Occupational & Environmental Hygiene, examined procedures put in place at approximately 100 manufacturing facilities around the world, where enzymes are used to help formulate detergent products.


Why do clients buy services from facilities management companies?

* Martyn-Freeman.jpgFor the last three years, Mitie has engaged with senior property and facilities management directors through a series of research projects, conducting extensive interviews to really build a detailed understanding of the factors that are influencing the shape and operation of commercial property estates.

In 2015 the group extended the research to knowledge (office-based) workers to get a better understanding of how different groups of employees are reacting to the new kinds of working patterns that are now prevalent across various business sectors.


LCC cleans without chlorine

* LCC-logo.jpgLCC Support Services, the independent national service provider, has taken another major step forward in its campaign to preserve the environment. Following extensive trials, LCC is installing Lotus Pro aqueous ozone (AO) systems into the cleaning rooms of many of its larger client sites, thus enabling its staff to provide more hygienic and effective cleaning.

Lotus Pro takes mains water and introduces an extra oxygen atom to an oxygen molecule and water molecules.  This creates a highly efficient natural cleaning agent that breaks down dirt, grease and other contaminants without any toxic solutions.


Popular family-friendly cleaning event returns to Wicksteed Park this September

* wicksteed-coaster.jpgOn 12th September the National Carpet Cleaners Association will be holding its fifth Carpet Cleaners Carnival at Wicksteed Park in Kettering, Northamptonshire. Open to everyone and free to attend, the Carpet Cleaners Carnival (CCC) is a popular event which brings together participants from the UK's flooring and soft furnishings cleaning industry, providing an excellent networking opportunity and the chance to learn something new.

So, whether you are a business owner, technician, new to the industry, or an 'old hand', this is the event for you.


UK government agrees high level principles for stewardship regime for rodenticides

* British-Pest-Control-rats.jpgA cross-government 'Oversight Group' has agreed a set of high-level principles to assist industry in developing stewardship regimes to control the use of rodenticides.

Regulatory risk assessments concluded that the outdoor use of First and Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (FGARs and SGARs) present a higher level of risk to animals such as predatory birds and mammals, than would normally be considered acceptable.


CIRI's Spring 2016 Science & Research Symposium: first call for papers

* CIRI.jpgThe Cleaning Industry Research Institute International, planning for its Spring 2016 Cleaning Science & Research Symposium 'Cleaning Science, Health, Environment, and The Clean Standard: Field Testing, New Research, Innovative Methods, Findings, and Challenges' (date, details, and location to be announced), has made its first call for research papers showing application of cleaning science to advance professional cleaning practice and the public welfare.


Vavea specifies Gast Group diaphragm pump for low maintenance Aeropulse atomiser

* Gast.jpgVavea has specified the Gast Group's diaphragm pump for its low maintenance Aeropulse atomiser - an autonomous industrial cleansing and deodorising system designed for the diffusion of disinfectants and fragrances.

It has been developed to offer a combination of reliability, cost efficiency and low maintenance functionality and, for this reason, the company has partnered with the Gast Group for the supply of the pump that will generate a constant flow of air and thus achieve the best possible atomisation of liquids.


Nilfisk acquires Auckland, New Zealand-based machinery specialist Kerrick

* Kerrick.jpgNilfisk Group has completed the acquisition of Kerrick, a large New Zealand/Australian supplier of professional cleaning equipment. Nilfisk says that the acquisition is part of its growth strategy with the aim of playing an active part in the consolidation of the cleaning equipment industry.

With Kerrick, Nilfisk's footprint in the Pacific region will increase and strengthen the company's position within the professional cleaning business, in particular high-pressure washers.


Cleaning contractor features in HSE's latest health & safety case study video

* Lamont.jpgThe Health & Safety Executive occasionally produces video and narrative case studies, where businesses tell their stories of how they manage health & safety effectively and proportionately and how online HSE guidance helps them to do so.

The latest suite of case studies includes a video based on the experiences - and expertise - of a cleaning contractor.


Manual cleaning 'not a Goa' says Indian tourism minister

* calangute-beach-goa.jpgSo much rubbish is being washed ashore along the coast of one of the world's most popular tourist destinations - Goa - that manual cleaning is no longer practical. As a result, one of the areas - the Calangute-Candolim beach stretch, is to undergo mechanised beach cleaning in the future.

Talking to a Times of India reporter at Calangute beach on Sunday, tourism minister Dilip Parulekar, along with Calangute MLA Michael Lobo and tourism director Ameya Abhyankar, said that they wanted to introduce mechanised beach cleaning from the beginning of the last season but had not done so due to opposition from some quarters.

Vacuum cleaner accessories manufacturer Wessel-Werk introduces new nozzles at IFA 2015

* werk-nozzles.jpgWessel-Werk, which manufactures vacuum cleaner accessories for the commercial, industrial and consumer markets, is introducing its new collection of nozzles for energy saving vacuum cleaners according to EU Energy Regulation 2017, at the upcoming Berlin trade fair IFA 2015.

The RD 278 and RD 297 universal floor nozzles, and the CN 250 crevice nozzle, are said to set new standards in performance, ergonomics and noise reduction. These products already meet the requirements of the EU energy regulation 2017 for energy-saving vacuum cleaners.

Chicopee provides charity support

* FoodCycle-Cafe.jpgChicopee has been donating cloths and wipes to FoodCycle, a charity running community projects to reduce food poverty and social isolation across the UK, since 2011 and now also provides the charity's community cafe 'Pie in the Sky', in Bromley-by-Bow, London, with its cleaning products. Pie in the Sky runs a training programme for volunteers to help them develop the skills and confidence they need to get a job in the catering industry.

"We have been supporting FoodCycle since the launch of the J-Cloth 3000 a number of years ago, and we are proud to now also be providing our cleaning cloths for Pie in the Sky," explains John Whalley, business development manager at Chicopee.

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Recent UK News

Chemical company fined for acid fumes exposure

Airedale Chemical Company, which manufactures and distributes surfactants to a number of brand leaders in the cleaning chemicals sector, has been fined as a result of an incident whereby people at a neighbouring company were exposed to nitric acid fumes.


Have your say on cutting red tape in the waste industry

* HSE-cut-red-tape.jpg
The Government has launched the Cutting Red Tape programme and it is asking the waste & recycling industry to get involved.

'Cutting Red Tape' aims to get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy. It intends to shine a light on out-of-date legislation and any confusing implementation, such as unhelpful government guidance or needlessly complex inspection regimes, to ensure they make sense. It builds on the successes of 'Red Tape Challenge' and Business/Focus on Enforcement.


"Fair deal for cleaners makes business sense for our industry," says Nviro

* Nviro-cleaners.jpg
The Government's commitment to raising the bar for low-paid workers has been welcomed by cleaning and facilities management services company Nviro, which is calling on the rest of the industry to go further by supporting a true 'living wage' for its employees.

University praises "exceptional" support from Lanes Group to resolve sewage pump failure

* RGU-Faculty-of-Healthcare.jpg
Lanes Group has been praised for its fast action in response to a drainage fault at a Scottish university that resulted in sewage building up inside a deep sump chamber.

Principle Cleaning partners with Broadgate Connect and Elba to support those with mental health issues

* ELBA.jpg
Principle Cleaning tells us it is proud to be involved in a pioneering project to help local people who have suffered from mental health issues back into work.

Important changes at the British Cleaning Council

* Simon-Hollingbery.jpg
As well as accepting a new member, it was all change at the top when the BCC convened for its quarterly meeting and AGM recently, with Simon Hollingbery (pictured) taking over as Chairman from Doug Cooke, who stepped down after three years in the role.

Cleaning Show organisers announce new regional event in Manchester

* EventCity.jpg
As revealed in Cleanzine several weeks ago, The British Cleaning Council and Quartz Business Media, organisers of the UK's largest dedicated cleaning & hygiene exhibition - The Cleaning Show - were searching for an appropriate venue in which to stage a similar, regional event in Manchester next year, following the successful show at London's ExCeL earlier this year. They have just announced the details...

Regent Samsic expands Toucan ECA cleaning technology offer

* Regent-Centrego.jpg
Regent Samsic has expanded its electro chemical activation (ECA) cleaning technology range to include solutions for medium to large scale site applications.

The first cleaning contractor to adopt the eco-friendly 1.5 litre Toucan Eco II cleaning system across all of its UK sites, it is working with solution developer Centrego on a further range of models with varying tank capacities devised to enhance service delivery.

Informative new website for Loo of the Year Awards

* Weatherspoon-Bribbar.jpg
Loo of the Year Awards has just launched a new website that will be central to its marketing activities but which will also be useful to all 'away from home' toilet providers, the cleaning and facilities management industry, while promoting all aspects of the services and value that the Awards offer.

Health & safety guidance for employers & technicians carrying out fumigation operations

* fumigation.jpg
The Health & Safety Executive has issued new guidance aimed primarily at employers and fumigators/fumigation technicians (including the self-employed) to help them comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) when carrying out fumigation activities, both traditional pest control (invertebrate fumigation) and within the laboratory and biosecurity sectors. It will also be useful to their safety representatives.

Tork is headline sponsor of 2015 Loo of the Year Awards

* LOTY-2015-HS-logo.jpg
Tork manufacturer SCA is raising its profile nationwide by signing a deal to become headline sponsor of this year's Loo of the Year awards.

Tork, Europe's leading professional hygiene paper brand, has been an associate sponsor of the Awards for the past eight years.

Poppies Europe approved to join CHSA's Accreditation Scheme for Soft Tissue

* poppies-packaging.jpg
Following a comprehensive audit conducted by the Accreditation Scheme's independent auditor Martin Yates, Poppies Europe been approved to join the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme for Soft Tissue.

CHSA launches Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme to increase access to higher education

* CHSA-Logo.jpg
The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association has established a new Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme open to the children of CHSA members' employees. Applications are being sought from now (closing date 30th June 2016) with the first Scholarship commencing in September 2016.

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