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International News


* Jack_Greyland.jpg
Jack Barber joins the winning team at Greyland!

Leading commercial and industrial cleaning chemicals manufacturer Greyland has appointed ex pro-golfer Jack Barber as its sales representative looking after existing business for the North & Midlands area.

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‘Global Hospital-Acquired Infection Control Market Analysis and Outlook to 2020’, now available

While better healthcare infrastructure and increasing demand for HAI control products mean that North America and Europe are dominating the global hospital-acquired infection control market, Asia and Latin America are expected to experience high growth rate due to an increase in the demand for these products and the increasing demand for better healthcare facilities in these regions. So says newly published research from Persistence Market Research.

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New international standard offers guidance on outsourcing

BSI, the business standards company, has published 'BS ISO 37500 Guidance on outsourcing', the first overarching ISO standard to set out the generic principles and procedures of outsourcing. For the first time also, it helps businesses to access a common vocabulary on which to base their communications.

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Sands China and Clean the World make the most of 'One Project Day'

* China-Sands-one-project-day.jpg
Sands China and Clean the World made the most of 'One Project Day' Friday at The Venetian Macao's Cotai Expo, with the goal of building 20,000 hygiene kits which are to be donated to charities and community organisations in Macao and other Asian countries.

Proven Canadian chemical-free cleaning solution launches in the UK

Green World Innovations, manufacturer of high performance disinfecting and sanitising ozone-based products, has launched the Lotus Pro cleaning solution to the UK market, helping transform the way UK businesses clean.

SmartTask becomes advanced scheduling and mobile workforce management solution for FM sector

Rostering 1_142.jpg
Skillweb has launched the next generation of SmartTask to create an advanced employee scheduling and mobile workforce management solution that helps better plan and manage facilities personnel such as cleaning operatives, security officers and maintenance engineers.

Method revealed for achieving lead acid battery 'charge quality' in industrial motive applications

* deltaq.jpg
Delta-Q Technologies, the Canadian-based supplier of battery charging solutions for electric drive vehicles and industrial machines, today revealed new insights into its tailored approach to charging lead acid batteries in machines such as floor cleaning machines, lift trucks, aerial work platforms and golf cars.

BSI revises specification for planning, application and measurement of hospital cleanliness services

BSI, the business standards company has revised PAS 5748, 'Specification for the planning, application and measurement of cleanliness services in hospitals'.

World industrial & institutional cleaning chemicals report forecasts steady growth

Global demand for I&I cleaning chemicals is expected to grow over 4% per annum to more than $50 billion in 2018, with significant gains realised in the healthcare market segment, where a rise in the number of hospital stays and concerns about healthcare associated infections will drive increases in healthcare expenditures worldwide, says a new study.

EU-OSHA launches free e-guide on managing stress and psychosocial risks at work

* managing-stress.jpg
As part of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress campaign, the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has launched its e-guide on managing stress and psychosocial risks. Stress is an important occupational safety & health (OSH) concern in about 80% of European businesses and is one of the main reasons for lost working days in Europe.

Airdri achieves accoustic accolade with inclusive new models

* Airdri-Quest.jpg
Airdri has announced the availability of its two new hand dryers, the Quest and Quazar, which were previewed in Cleanzine earlier this year, live from ISSA/Interclean in Amsterdam.

Soluclean's export drive is paying off

* Soluclean-India.jpg
Soluclean, manufacturer of the award-winning Soluclean range of pre-dosed concentrated cleaning products encapsulated in water soluble film, has recently embarked on a major export drive which has taken the company to the far flung corners of the world... just recently, the company has exhibited at cleaning shows in Shanghai and Bangkok and was just last week in Ahmedabad, India, which is where we pick up the story...

Fog70 Var - from Padua Botanical Garden to success at EIMA International

* Padua_Botanical_Garden.jpg
The Italian-built Fog70 Var system can be used for anything from cooling and humidifying or the control of dust and odours, to sanitising the environment.

Outsourcing to increase globally over coming years, reveals new report

* CIMA-report-graphic.jpg
Businesses are entering a new era in the way they are resourced and organised. The 'open workforce' has arrived, and it has dramatic implications for every aspect of business - particularly in terms of outsourcing, according to a new report from the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

ISSA/Interclean Central & Eastern Europe 2015 places special focus on vehicle washing

* soluclean-at-CEE.jpg
ISSA/Interclean CEE, which is being held from 22nd - 24th April 2015 in Warsaw, offers all you need to know about the cleaning business and its international trends, in the space of just a couple of days - and this year it will offer a special focus on vehicle washing equipment in the 'High Pressure and Car Wash Area', where machines and techniques for this sector can be seen in action.

Three-in-one vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner and warm air blower launched

* Aquarius.jpg
The Aquarius Contractor is the new, professional carpet & upholstery cleaner from Kiam Power Products. As well as being a wet & dry vacuum cleaner, it cleans and refreshes carpets and upholstery by spraying a mild detergent into the carpet pile and vacuuming it up - all in one go.

Sodexo with Unilever win international FM award

* PFM-awards-Sodexo_Unilever.jpg
Sodexo won an international FM award in partnership with Unilever at the PFM Awards this month. The company, with Unilever, scooped the 'Partners in FM Corporate - International' category for the successful launch of Unilever's European Facilities Management Transformation.

New lorry wash facilitates cleaning of smaller fleets, cost-effectively and using minimal water

Morclean has launched a single brush lorry wash machine designed for use by smaller operators of coaches, vans or lorries - typically with a fleet of between five and 50 vehicles - that is highly cost-effective and which uses a minimal amount of water.

Dust extraction specialist updates its offering with a redesign of its air cleaner range

* James_Dust-Control.jpg
Dust extraction specialist, Dustcontrol UK, has launched a redesigned version of its ambient air cleaners, updating the specifications to improve efficiency and versatility.

Welcome to the


Cleanzine - the original Cleaning & Hygiene industry e-news

Read by industry professionals in 163 countries worldwide!

This is the last Cleanzine we’ll be broadcasting this year – the next will arrive in your inbox on 8th January when we’ll have plenty of interesting news – including a report on how I got on with the Prochem carpet & upholstery cleaning machine and chemicals I’ve been trialling.

I’ve been in the cleaning industry for some years and while I readily profess not to know it all, I did think I was rather cleaning-savvy until I discovered an article on Prochem’s website on how to keep cleaning equipment freeze-free. Logical as I can now see it is, it had never occurred to me that carpet cleaning equipment – much of which will contain brass and plastic components and possibly residues of cleaning chemicals and water, is vulnerable to freezing temperatures! It showed me that it’s never too late to learn from the experts so if you’re in that side of the business and want to remain in operation if the weather gets as cold as the experts say it will, visit www.prochem-uk.com , read more and – if you can – book yourself onto a training course!

One gentleman in the industry who seems to be pretty well trained is Jean-Noel Talate, an OCS cleaner who despite doing all the right things both prior to – and following – walking in on a woman using an airport loo, ended up being assaulted (read more below).

I know those responsible for cleaning have to keep costs down, but as both a service user and someone who’s keen to raise the industry’s image and improve cleaners’ self-esteem, I can’t fathom how anyone can justifiably ask a cleaner to clean a washroom that’s in constant use by members of the opposite sex. How undignified for the cleaner and how embarrassing for the washroom user!

I understand that if a washroom user voices concern, the cleaner is to disappear for a while, but surely this defeats the point! And how many of us would have the courage to ask the cleaner to vacate? I certainly wouldn’t! 

Please feel free to inundate my inbox with your thoughts on this – and while you’re doing so, have a great Christmas and New Year!

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Jan Hobbs

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This Week's News

Chemex guide on Ebola welcomed by UK health workers

* Chemex-ebola.jpgAs the death toll from Ebola in West Africa continues to increase, healthcare workers in the UK are being provided with a new guide to help protect them from infection. A 44-page guide has been drawn up by scientists at hygiene and infection control specialist Chemex International.

The guide has been adopted by the UK's Independent Ambulance Association as a guide to Best Practice.

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Soapbox: Best Practice in Cleaning

Rafael Cobos of Futureclean Assured Systems, argues that for Best Practice to be properly applied to cleaning, those responsible for the cleaning process, must also adopt Continuous Improvement measures...

In the world of finance, indices such as the FTSE 100 in the UK or the Dow Jones in the US are the benchmarks against which all listed companies gauge their overall performance. These indices serve as a useful measure of performance with which companies can then compare their results against the move of the main index (FTSE100), or their nearest and most relevant sector index like the FTSE 350 banks. The main aim is to outperform the index and, of course, to perform better than competitors in the same sector (against the sector index).

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Zylast wins USAID 'Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge'

* zylast.jpgZylast hand sanitising technology has been selected as one of only three initial winners of the USAID Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge, for which more than 1,500 applications were received.

The announcement, made from the White House, introduces Zylast as a solution to "help healthcare workers on the front lines provide better care and stop the spread of Ebola".

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New report says cleaners and waste management workers ‘’still at risk from workplace carcinogens

Cleaners and those involved in waste management have once again been highlighted as an at-risk group when it comes to occupational cancer as a result of exposure to carcinogens in cleaning products – this time in a report just published by the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work.

‘Exposure to carcinogens and work-related cancer’, acknowledges that occupational cancer is a problem that still needs to be tackled across the European Union and particularly in service industries such as cleaning and waste management. It looks into relevant occupational factors: chemical, physical and biological exposures, as well as other possibly carcinogenic working environment conditions (such as shift and night work). It also examines opportunities to identify new causes or promoters of cancer and addresses the issue of vulnerable groups of workers.

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SpaceVac opens Scottish base

* SpaceVac-Scotland.jpgSpaceVac, renowned for its vacuum powered, single operator, lightweight gutter and high level interior cleaning equipment, has expanded into Scotland to open its third UK base.

Operating from Aberdeenshire as Control Line Services, the Scottish team will handle all SpaceVac sales and service needs and also offer a gutter cleaning service throughout the country.

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We have Mail: Public washrooms

Dear Jan,

I have just read your leader about the importance of good toilet facilities in city centres and asking why some councils are quick to shut some of theirs. I heartily agree that the lack of toilet facilities will impact on footfall and they seem to be closing some of their facilities very quickly.

As a cleaning manager working near a seaside town I have seen the rapid loss of toilets on the sea front and it has impacted on businesses and shore-front shops. Half of the shore-front shops are boarded up and have been closed for some time, so the expression of 'the humble loo' seems inappropriate now.

Kind regards,

Stephen Carter

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MITIE awarded multi-million pound cleaning contract with Arriva UK Bus

* Mitie-arriva.jpgMITIE has been awarded a multi-million pound, five year cleaning contract with transport provider Arriva.

The contract will be carried out by MITIE's Environmental + business, whose specialist transport team already works for major airports, train and bus operators around the country. The team will provide vehicle cleaning, shunting, fuelling and depot and premises cleaning to over 1,600 buses at 24 locations in the North East, North West and Yorkshire.

EnviroThaw de-icer - the eco-friendly, non-damaging alternative to rock salt

* enviro-thaw-snow-ice-de-icer.jpgEnviroThaw is a high performance and eco-friendly granular alternative to rock salt, which can be used on any paving surface without causing the damage that can be caused by rock salt.

Said to be some 90% less corrosive than rock salt, it is non-toxic to vegetation and grass, it minimises rust damage and won't tread into and harm carpets. It is also non-harmful to wildlife.

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The single-use solution

* chicopee-single-use.jpgSome professional cleaning jobs are best handled by single-use wet wipes. But many solutions available today are 'one size fits all' - standard wipes that arrive already impregnated with standard cleaning solutions. Companies have to accept the chemicals and saturation levels of an impregnated wipe. And this often doesn't fulfil the needs of specific professional cleaning jobs.

That's why Chicopee developed its own Single Use Dispensing System (S.U.D.S.). It comes with a choice of four unique, effective wipes. The wipes are delivered in a dry, perforated roll in their own portable dispenser bucket. You then simply add the cleaning chemicals that you already know and trust.

Morclean Bin Wash: new concept design for 2015/16 models

* Morclean-concept.jpgMorclean's Peter Morley has been looking forward  for some time to the day he can announce the launch of the company's new 2015/16 bin wash range, and as the year draws to a close reveals that his designers are working on concept drawings in preparation for the new 2015/16 design.

He says that after the success, great results and sales resulting from exhibiting at the Cleaning Show 2013 and ISSA/Interclean 2014, he's looking forward to 2015 when the team will be exhibiting at the Cleaning Show, London (10th - 12th March) and ISSA/Interclean Poland (22nd - 24th April).

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Compact and lightweight Hybrid Blower 3400 packs high drying power

* Hybrid-Blower-3400.jpgRapid drying and ventilation is within easy reach following the arrival of the latest blower to the Truvox International Air Mover range.

The versatile Hybrid Blower 3400 is light and compact, yet within its robust body it has the power to generate a high airflow for the faster drying of carpets, walls and ceilings.

NCCA and IICRC 2015 training dates for carpet & upholstery cleaners and restoration professionals

The National Carpet Cleaners Association and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification have released details of their 2015 training courses. Some are already fully booked so if you want to ensure that you don’t miss out, do contact the secretariats this side of Christmas if you can. The courses and dates are as follows:

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10 ways to protect your hands this Winter

* LINDSAY-TIPPIN_BETCO.jpgWith Winter right around the corner, Betco, the US manufacturer of professional cleaning, disinfecting, floorcare, and skincare products, reminds those in the professional cleaning and building management industries that now is the time to start thinking about hand care.
"The dry, cold weather can really damage the skin on your hands," says Lindsay Tippin, Betco

marketing coordinator. "It's important to start moisturising before this happens to prevent discomfort that can take weeks to heal." Lindsay also notes that dry chapped hands can evolve into hand dermatitis, a disease that can be very serious, even result in a visit to the emergency room if the condition worsens. To help us protect our hands, Lindsay offers the following '10 Ways to Protect Your Hands This Winter Season':

Useful tips for creating a sales-focused showroom

While a great deal of emphasis today is on e-commerce websites, distributors should not forget the importance of having an attractive retail showroom. "Especially when it comes to cleaning equipment... Many cleaning contractors prefer not to purchase online but instead like to touch and feel machines before they select them," says Leah Waldrop, of supply chain optimisation consultancy Afflink. "Walk-in traffic is likely to remain a big part of your businesses marketing model."

Because of its importance, Leah suggests the following tips for creating an effective sales-focused distributor showroom:

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Gatwick Airport cleaner punched in face after walking in on a woman on the toilet

A male cleaner at Gatwick Airport has asked his employer – OCS - to excuse him from one of his jobs, following an assault by a member of the public.

Cleaner Jean-Noel Talate was in the process of cleaning ‘the ladies’ when he inadvertently walked in on a woman who was going about her business in one of the cubicles and was consequently at the receiving end of a fist in the face followed by a trip to the local hospital.

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Area Sales Representative - B2B

Midlands & South West

VERMOP is one of Europe´s leading manufacturers of cleaning systems and accessories. We achieved this through many years of competence, excellence in innovation and the personal motivation of our employees. Our production site in Germany stands for tradition, quality and consistent customer orientation. Due to continued expansion and growth we are now looking for a driven Area Sales Representative to join our team. 

The role

* Developing and maintaining relationships with new and existing clients
* Business development and acquisition of new clients
* Identification of client´s requirements and making recommendations
* Configuration and presentation of client customised product solutions
* Provision of ongoing site implementation and after care service support to clients

Your profile

* Sales experience with a proven track record, preferably from within a field sales environment
* Knowledge of the B2B cleaning industry is highly desirable * Strong technical skills and good software skills
* Good analytical and organisational skills
* Ambition and enthusiasm to promote the VERMOP brand

We offer you a highly challenging role in a successful and growing company. You will receive a competitive salary depending on skills and experience as well as a company car and 20 days holiday. To ensure you a successful start at VERMOP, full product training at our Training Centre in Germany will be given.

To be considered for this role, please send your job application (including covering letter outlining suitability and CV) to jobs@vermop.com


In order to expand the company's commercial activities and to give further substance to the growth ambitions of Wecovi Ltd., we are looking for a m/f:

National Account Manager (Janitorial & Leisure)
UK home-based £40,000 - £50,000 per annum, inc benefits, OTE, company car

This Dutch family-owned business manufactures, converts and distributes its innovative products to customers throughout Europe. In the above position you will be responsible for the commercial results of Wecovi Ltd in the UK & Ireland. Therefore, you will draw up a concrete sales plan each year. Your focus will be on the professional cleaning sector as well as on the leisure sector.

In the case of the professional cleaning sector, you will largely be dealing with distributors of cleaning products, professional cleaning and/or facilities management companies. Always with a clear focus on the end-users (cleaners). In the case of the leisure sector, you will largely be dealing with purchasers, marketers or directly with the owner of the recreation park.

In addition, you will closely monitor developments and opportunities at end-user customers.

You will be able to convince your customers and prospects of the solutions and USPs of the Wecoline and Wecovi Service brands in terms of quality as well as the unique sustainability and effectiveness of these products. Your primary tasks will be to optimise existing customers as well as develop new potential prospects. You will also proactively seek new sales opportunities within your own territory.

In short, your bold commercial approach and technical advice (demo-ing) will enable you to create partnerships and thereby increase Wecovi's market share. You will work from home and report to the Sales & Marketing Director in the Netherlands (HQ). This position involves (inter)national travel.

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Recent UK News

LCC Support Services backs Living Wage

LCC Support Services, the national independent cleaning and support services business, is backing the Living Wage Foundation and its hourly rates on all 2015 tenders.

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WoolSafe Educational Conference 2014 'the best yet'

* woolsafe-conf.jpg
The third WoolSafe Educational Conference, held recently at the Museum of Carpet in Kidderminster, proved to be the most popular WoolSafe Academy event in the UK to date.

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Selden Research wins supply chain award

* mark-woodhead.jpg
Buxton, UK-based Selden Research has won the Supply Chain partnership for the third year running and attendees from the firm collected the award at a ceremony organised by MITIE.

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Delivered Health - the complete solution

* SDV4.jpg
With a combination of 30 years plus experience in the care home sector, the team at Delivered Health Solutions fully understand the particular needs of their customers, so when DHS embarked on a process of replacing all carpet extraction machines and hard service cleaners with steam cleaning machines, they chose Matrix.

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Building Futures Group announces public affairs strategy in lead up to next year's General Election

The Group will be producing the first UK Manifesto that specifically focuses on the Facilities Management Industry.

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Change of secretariat for BCC

* Douglas-Cooke.jpg
Following a turbulent 12 months in the facilities management sector which saw the merger of the Cleaning & Support Services Association with the Building Futures Group (formerly Asset Skills), the secretariat agreement between the British Cleaning Council and BFG has been severed by mutual consent.

Propelair wins Green Apple Environmental Award for its UK-manufactured 1.5-litre flush toilet

Propelair, the UK designer and manufacturer of the revolutionary 1.5-litre flush toilet, is celebrating after being named the Engineering & Manufacturing Gold Winner in the national Green Apple Awards 2014 from The Green Organisation.

Fresh design and user-friendly features transform Truvox International's Internet presence

* Truvox-website.jpg
Truvox International has launched its new website, offering a crisp, modern look that emphasises its position as one of the most well-known and trusted manufacturers of industrial and commercial floor cleaning machines in the world.

Hospital ductwork cleaning - long-term partnership pays off

* Stroke-Unit-Duct-Before.jpg
System Hygienics has recently completed remedial work to ductwork at the Princess Royal University Hospital in Bromley, Kent, following the hospital's fire damper testing programme. System Hygienics has more than 15 years' experience cleaning ductwork systems, and in the last few years has been testing fire dampers and carrying out remedial works where necessary, for NHS and private hospitals.

Bucking the trend: council commits to further public washroom refurbishment

* Bramshall-road-park.jpg
East Staffordshire Borough Council will be commencing a full refurbishment of the public toilets in Bramshall Park at the start of the New Year, as part of its ongoing commitment to provide improved facilities across the Borough.

'Festive fall' tips released by the Ladder Association

* Are-you-in-there-Santa.jpg
Industry body the Ladder Association is helping keep people safe over the Christmas period as part of its annual Ladder Exchange scheme, which gives people the chance to trade in old, dangerous ladders for discounted new ones.

Hospital invests in bacteria-killing copper to reduce infections

* antimicrobial-copper-tap.jpg
Pullman Regional Hospital, a level IV trauma centre in Washington State, has become an early adopter of antimicrobial copper after studies found that the age-old metal could continuously kill deadly bacteria.

CK Consumables success with 'Emirates 2'

* IP-CKC.jpg
CKC repeats Emirates Open Day success and hosts AHCP meeting. London-based CK Consumables (CKC) has once again held its Open Day at the world famous Emirates stadium in North London, home of the Arsenal football club.

Soapbox: Five personality traits for Facilities Managers

* Peter-Forshaw.jpg
Writes Peter Forshaw, managing director of Maxwell Stephens Recruitment

"I attended the British Institute of Facilities Management London region event - 'Question Time' at Somerset House last month where one of the speakers made a comment which I thought was quite funny. When asked about the type of people he recruits, he said: "We like anyone who is nice."

Karcher to relocate UK headquarters

* Karcher-KC_showroom.jpg
Karcher UK intends to relocate its Banbury headquarters from the present site on Beaumont Road to a purpose-built facility adjacent to Junction 11 of the M40. Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2015 with the move to commence from December 2015.

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