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International News

Diversey announces Philip Wieland as ongoing CEO

* Diversey_Philip-Wieland.jpg
Diversey has announced the appointment of Philip R. Wieland as ongoing CEO of the company, effective immediately. An experienced industrials distribution and services executive with deep operations expertise, Philip has served as Interim CEO and a member of the Board of Directors since January 2020. He was previously the chief financial officer.

Affix Labs launches long-lasting surface treatment to kill the coronavirus

* Affix-lab-launches.jpg
Chemical binding expert Affix Labs has created what it says is the first long-lasting surface treatment proven to kill Covid-19. Si-Quat combines a safe and well-established disinfectant and a proprietary chemical binding technique, so that the active ingredient can kill viruses, including Sars-COV-2.

Portable UV tech now sanitises phones and other small items in minutes

* Portable-uv-tech.jpg
InvisibleShield has announced the InvisibleShield UV Sanitiser, designed to kill 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria found on mobile devices and other frequently touched items by utilising ultraviolet light. The UV Sanitiser also sanitises other personal items such as keys, credit cards, earbuds, and more.

FM leaders call for strategic partnerships and performance-based contracts to drive innovation

The vast majority of FM leaders across the EMEA region believe that technology suppliers should offer performance-based contracts to improve the success rate of innovation projects within facilities management and commercial cleaning.

Dual-functionality social distancing products launched by phs Greenleaf

* Dual-functionality1.jpg
Horticulture services company phs Greenleaf has launched a new range of products to support businesses to implement social distancing and hygiene measures. The new products include portable 'freewall' plant dividers, hand sanitising units, directional signage, bins and planting with built-in dispensers - all combining practicality with aesthetics.

Two new machine developments mark BICMA's 25th anniversary

* 25-years-BICMA.jpg
Mayen-Koblenz-based BICMA Hygiene Technologie GmbH, part of the W+D Group since 2018, is celebrating its 25th anniversary in a big way.

Portable cooling tower fill cleaner reduces infection risk and improves efficiency

* TFC_Mini.jpg
Goodway Technologies has added the TFC-JR - a portable solution for cleaning cooling tower fill - to its line of cooling tower fill cleaners.

More hygiene and occupational safety in production plants

* More-hygiene.jpg
Wherever production takes place, cleaning is required. And the cleaner the factory, the safer the employees. Mewa offers textile cleaning cloths and oil collecting mats in a full-service system, which can significantly reduce accidents at work.

Spread your message, not germs

* 3sanitise-units.jpg
COVID-19 has caused a stir across the globe, from changing the way we work to the way we shop and coordinate around public spaces. The unprecedented lockdown across the UK has encouraged businesses to work remotely, making the most of digital communication and services. With the reduction in lockdown currently occurring, individuals are returning to use public spaces, retail, leisure and hospitality facilities as well as public transport on a more regular basis.

What is the Ecoray System and how can it aid infection control during Covid-19 pandemic?

* Willmop-50-Vertical-Scrubber-Dryer.jpg
The Ecoray system is a totally autonomous addition to the range of Grande Brio scrubber dryers and Willmop vertical scrubber dryers from TSM Italy - brought to the UK market in an exclusive partnership with Hooper Services in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Using UV technology to destroy micro-organisms on a cellular level, the Ecoray system can destroy up to 97% of bacteria, mould or viruses without the use of a chemical.

Jokey's PPE Disposal System promotes safe disposal of facemasks and other small PPE

* Jokey-mask-bin.jpg
We have all seen the pictures, and the unlucky ones amongst us have come across them in real life... selfishly discarded facemasks and protective gloves littering and potentially contaminating our streets, beaches, and green spaces as well as those who mistakenly touch them. It does not have to be like that though...

OspreyDeepclean’s Steam & Vac Pro passes important test with enveloped viruses

* ODC-Steam-Vac-Pro-trolley.jpg
OspreyDeepclean has now received the Expert Opinion from the Institut fuer Hygiene & Mikrobiologie (Institute for Hygiene & Microbiology) in Bremen, Germany, that the Steam & Vac Pro model achieves a greater than 5-log reduction against modified Ankara, based on EN 16615.

Sleek and lockable, this foot-operated hand sanitiser dispenser holds 7-litres of product

* Pedal-Pro.jpg
One thing the Coronavirus has done is promote the benefits of hand sanitiser to the public and many establishments are now supplying sanitiser spray and gel in an attempt to make us feel safe enough to enter their premises and spend our money. Employers are tending to do the same to improve hygiene in the work environment.

Interclean to become hybrid event in November

* INTERCLEAN-Hybrid-event.jpg
Interclean has just announced its inaugural hybrid event. Interclean has extended the physical event, taking place from 3rd - 6th November at RAI Amsterdam to a combination of online and offline making it possible for everyone to join, taking in mind global government and company restrictions on travelling and large gatherings.

Secure Clean Building Services releases guidance on Coronavirus and cleaning

Secure Cleaning Building Services, a contract cleaning company serving the midwest US, has just authored a new guidance entitled, 'Cleaning in the Post-Coronavirus Environment'.

New Shield Guard range certified effective against coronavirus

* Shield-Guard.jpg
Shield Guard from Healthguard Hygiene has been officially certified effective against the Novel Coronavirus, one of the first two products in the UK to be EN 14476A:2019 tested and approved.

'SafeDistance,' diminishes workplace woes while protecting employee health

* SafeDistance-app.jpg
A study has found that almost half of the UK workforce (47%) are nervous to go back to work and be in close proximity with others, as the Government continues to loosen lockdown restrictions.

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I hate having to grumble about litter, but the multitude of pictures I’m seeing, not only in the press but also on local Facebook groups, of so many carelessly discarded single-use facemasks and disposable gloves, incenses me. The fact that people are taking off what may be contaminated PPE and leaving it for someone else to deal with - who may just end up seriously ill or even dying as a result, is selfish in the extreme.

Something else that bothers me is the number of CCTV cameras all over the place that uglicise (new word – but I think you’ll know what I mean!) our environment but which rarely seem to be put to good use. Yes - they help us as well as the authorities identify people committing crimes, but so often these crimes aren’t even investigated and when they are, the criminals aren’t punished accordingly and thus are encouraged to continue their dastardly deeds. I wish there was a way we could persuade our local authorities to use these cameras to make a concerted effort to catch and punish litterbugs – not just with a fine but by making them walk the streets or beaches collecting bags of litter. Perhaps if the louts knew what a horrible job it can be, they’d think twice in future - particularly when it comes to having to collect other people’s used PPE!

My daughter’s been talking to friends about the facemask issue and asked me why there aren’t any bins around, specifically for potentially contaminated waste, since ordinary bins are often raided by urban foxes and the contents strewn about. They all felt concerned about the people whose job it is to clear this up, whether they’re given special training and whether they have sufficient PPE. The idea of special bins seemed good initially, but then it occurred to me that all waste is, potentially, now dangerously contaminated. And if so many people refuse to take their rubbish home or use the bins already in place anyway, why would a special bin make any difference?

I’ve asked in the past whether extensive litter’s just a UK thing, but I’m well aware that when it comes to what’s been dubbed ‘Covid-waste’, it’s a global issue we’re facing. The threat of this pandemic continuing and the likelihood that others will follow, means that the problem’s not going to go away, so a solution needs to be found before the problem becomes overwhelmingly difficult to tackle.



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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

SOAPBOX: Coronavirus is easy to kill... with a little common sense

* Coronavirus.jpgWhen lockdown started, we all joked about how big the party was going to be when it ended, but of course that hasn't happened; partly because lockdown is being only gradually eased, but also because of widespread fear.

This fear is understandable given the seriousness of Covid-19 for those that become most unwell, but if the economy is going to recover, people will need to follow Government guidance and find ways to get the wheels of commerce moving.

Hospitality sector needs to heed new cleaning techniques

* Hospitality-sector-Dr-Emma-Saunders.jpgWith hotels, restaurants and cafes all gradually reopening to the public, establishing a thorough cleaning regime now is crucial for the safe return of guests.

The HoReCa sector has seen one of the biggest upheavals in its practices since the pandemic began; closing its doors indefinitely, furloughing staff and installing new safety equipment, and now the challenge to ascertain an ongoing cleaning procedure involving specialist supplies to kill all virus' while also providing a safe environment for both customers and staff.

Cleaning companies are adopting new technology to cope during Coronavirus

* new-tech-Coronavirus.jpgCleaning companies have faced huge challenges during the response to Covid-19. Whilst some areas of the sector have seen businesses totally shut down, many have been scrambling to keep up with demand, having to adopt new standards and new ways of working.

Along with requirements health and safety requirements for staff, some cleaning companies are turning to technology to help them manage during the crisis and learn to operate in the new work environment.

WoolSafe approval for cleaning and sanitising solutions

* PROCHEM2.jpgTwo of the primary cleaning and sanitising solutions being used in Coronavirus-related 'deep cleans' have been approved by The WoolSafe Organisation for use on wool carpets, fabrics and rugs: Prochem’s Microsan and Clensan.

Newly-approved D500 Microsan from Prochem is a clear, low foaming detergent with pleasant apple blossom fragrance and is available in five-litre concentrate and one-litre ready-to-use spray.

PUBLIC TOILET FORUM: We have mail - Public toilets: the Ratings Bill and the good Guidance from Wales!

* Public-InConveniences.jpgHi Jan,

Thank you for drawing attention to the Government's move to make Changing Places toilets compulsory in new buildings.

We have also had very good news about the decision to introduce a Bill to provide 100% mandatory business rates relief for properties in England and Wales, that are used wholly or mainly as public lavatories. Assuming the Bill has a safe passage through the parliamentary system, it will have retrospective effect from 1st April 2020.

Savortex responds to Covid-19 with launch of revolutionary new 'smart' hand sanitiser

* SAVORTEX-Smart-Sanitiser.jpgSavortex has announced the launch of its 'Smart' Hand Sanitiser, a cleverly-designed hygiene product that will help restart the office economy in a post-Covid environment.

The innovative product uses smart technology to deliver the exact amount of sanitiser required without touching the device, and to ensure maximum use, providing companies with peace of mind as workplaces reopen.

BCC works with Director of Labour Market Enforcement to fight worker exploitation

* BCC.jpgThe British Cleaning Council has held a virtual meeting with the Director of Labour Market Enforcement, as part of its drive to ensure the voice of the cleaning & hygiene sector is heard at the highest levels.

The BCC wants to work with Matthew Taylor to ensure any remote or remaining concerns on modern slavery, pay below the minimum wage and worker exploitation continues to be prevented within the industry.

Kärcher strengthens municipal vehicle offering with acquisition of Max Holder GmbH

* Karcher-municiple.jpgMax Holder GmbH, popular manufacturer of compact, multi-functional municipal and viticulture vehicles used globally, has been acquired by Kärcher.

Holder will continue as an independent subsidiary of Kärcher at its existing head office in Reutlingen, Germany, and will extend Kärcher's product development, manufacturing of municipal vehicles and help to generate long-term growth in the sector.

Second phase begins: Investigation into impact of Covid-19 on commercial recycling

* Second-phase-recycling.jpgRubbermaid Commercial Products begins the second phase of its Love Recycling study with a survey investigating what impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on commercial recycling so far in Europe and its potential ramifications.

The initial survey, conducted at the start of 2020, found that businesses were engaged in improving their recycling practices. With the disruption caused by national lockdowns, the furloughing of staff and the ceasing of all but the most essential businesses, the survey asks businesses to assess the pandemic's effect.

Bus operator sets out the future for hygienic bus travel

* Welsh.jpgFollowing rigorous research and testing of various products that have come to the market since the Covid-19 pandemic, NAT Group has confirmed its updated cleaning product line-up and procedures to ensure that all Welsh Government regulations are adhered to, and exceeded.

The announcement aims to keep passengers up-to-date with the latest measures and restore passenger confidence that public transport is a safe means of travel, as well as an environmentally friendly one

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Recent UK News

Changing Places toilets for severely disabled people to be compulsory in new public buildings

* Changing-Places-toilets.jpg
More than 250,000 severely disabled people in the UK will have greater access to public places after the Government moved to make Changing Places toilets compulsory in new buildings. Changing Places toilets are larger accessible toilets for severely disabled people, with equipment such as hoists, curtains, adult-sized changing benches and space for carers.

Deep cleans: Star league team's ground gets the Exclusive treatment

* Deep-cleans.jpg
Soft services provider Exclusive Contract Services helped rising football stars Wycombe Wanderers get match fit on their journey to the Championship. In just nine hours Exclusive's Specialist Services Team sanitised the Wanderers' stadium and home ground Adams Park before The EFL Play-Off semi-final game. Wycombe won 6-3 on aggregate which set the team on course for the League One final at Wembley against local rivals Oxford United.

HSE issues Waste & Recycling eBulletin

* HSE-e-bulletin.jpg
The Health & Safety Executive has issued an eBulletin in which it urges waste management companies not to forget to control other serious health & safety risks when running their businesses, while taking measures to reduce the chances of Covid-19 infection.

New scheme will evaluate effectiveness of asymptomatic testing for people in high-contact professions such as cleaning

The UK Department of Health has launched a pilot to evaluate the effectiveness of testing people without Coronavirus symptoms, who work in high-contact professions such as cleaning, taxi driving and retail, to see if there is demand for testing amongst these kinds of workers, and how they are affected by the virus.

Manchester Cleaning Show 2020 announces further postponement

The organisers of the Manchester Cleaning Show 2020, originally due to have been held in March and postponed until September because of the pandemic, has now been rearranged for October 14th and 15th, 2020. A statement posted on the British Cleaning Council’s website said:

BCC publishes industry-backed myth-busting guide to cleaning and hygiene terms

The industry body for the UK's cleaning & hygiene sector has published a guide to cleaning terms to help the UK economy reopen safely following the Coronavirus lockdown.

Be safe, don't fall, stay alive!

* Be-safe-FASET.jpg
As the lockdown eases and people begin returning to work, the No Falls Foundation is urging workers to 'Be Safe, Don't Fall, Stay Alive!' Dedicated to preventing falls from height and helping people affected by the life-changing consequences of a fall, the charity is keen to ensure that height safety remains a priority despite the understandable pressures to kick-start the economy.

Principle awarded five-year contract for 22 Bishopsgate

* Threadneedle-Street.jpg
Principle Cleaning Services has been awarded a contract with JLL for an initial five-year term to provide housekeeping services to London's new, people-focused workplace destination, 22 Bishopsgate.


Dear Jan,

We've been following your articles and in particular Susan Cunningham's letter, with interest, over public toilet safety now that the UK lockdown is starting to ease.

Soapbox: Principle Cleaning Services' Douglas Cooke says we need to think again about industry gatherings in 2020...

* Doug-Cooke.jpg
"Over the years, Principle Cleaning Services has won numerous awards, dating back over 20 years! With the Covid-19 crisis, we have decided to devote all our energy and resources into supporting our staff and clients.

We have, therefore, decided not to enter any awards or attend high profile functions and this includes trade shows, for the rest of 2020 at least. We believe our approach is responsible and appropriate given the current pandemic and economic climate."


PUBLIC TOILET FORUM:- We have Mail: Susan Cunningham

Hello Jan,

I was delighted to read your latest issue of The Cleanzine as you managed to cover so many aspects of the important topic of public toilets.

Thank you for including a link to my first draft for a proposed Hygiene Ratings System for public toilets. Judging by my post, you will be receiving some very interesting letters from your readers. Also, in case you haven't received a copy, here is a link to the BSI guidance "Safe Working during the Covid-19 pandemic - General guidelines for organisations July 2020 Version 2" (issued 2nd July).

PUBLIC TOILET FORUM:- We have Mail: additional thoughts on toilet rating system

Dear Jan,

Having read the article in the Cleanzine on 2nd July, I would like to build on the letter from Susan Cunningham, based on my many years of buying and sourcing cleaning contracts for large companies. The principles she proposes are sound, particularly in displaying the basic information/standards to reassure facility users.

PUBLIC TOILET FORUM:- We have Mail: Paul Wonnacott

* PUBLIC-TOILET-FORUM-Paul_Vectair.jpg
Hi Jan

I hope this mail finds you well?

Following your lead article last week, I personally wrote to Susan Cunningham commending her on the continued efforts she is making, as well as offering whatever help and assistance our organisation can provide, in promoting her quest for Toilet Hygiene Standards.

Mitie to provide services at a further seven Coronavirus Regional Testing Centres

* Mitie-coronavirus-testing-centres.jpg
Mitie is building on its support for Britain's efforts against Coronavirus by providing services for a further seven Coronavirus Regional Testing Sites. The Centres are based across England and Wales at Ashford, Deeside, Ebbw Vale, Gloucester, Newbury, Ramsgate and Salisbury and are in addition to those located at Bournemouth, Inverness, Llandudno, Penrith and Perth.

Incentive QAS pays tribute to frontline staff

* Incentive-QAS.jpg
Cleaning specialist Incentive QAS has distributed more than 800 wellbeing packs to its staff all over the UK.

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