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International News

Hooper Services launches TSM Italy into UK Market

* Hooper_TSM.jpg
Portsmouth-based family run business, Hooper Services, has expanded its range by exclusively partnering with TSM Italy - another family-run business. Ian Hooper, who in 1990 founded the company that takes his name, says his main aim is to save customers money without compromising on service or quality - hence the partnership.

Vectair Systems launches new P-Screen triple action urinal screen

* Vectair-Systems-PP-screen.jpg
Global manufacturer and supplier of hygiene supplies Vectair Systems has launched the first triple action urinal screen - incorporating dual fragrance delivery, an active 'enzyme protected' central core and the ultimate defence against splashback.

P-Screen first addresses fragrance fatigue, the common experience of losing sensitivity to an odour from over exposure, by providing powerful fragrance in two areas - the screen itself and the central core.

Can standing up all day harm your health?

* standing-up-all-day.jpg
For years, office workers have been warned against the dangers of sitting down at a desk all day, with claims of increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol being but a few supposed health risks of a sedentary job.

We have mail: Marvin Klein of PortionPac Chemical Corporation, responds to last week's leader...

* Marvin-Klein.jpg
We missed you... glad to have you back...

... and starting off by tackling our industry's biggest challenge and opportunity. How do we lead industry, institutions and the public to do something that will help everyone and hurt no one?

Mouro helps solve hygiene issues and remove odours at mosques

* Mouro.jpg
Maintaining hygiene in a mosque can be something of a challenge because the building can be heavily used with, sometimes, thousands of people praying at the same time. High trafffic and odour are said to be the main issues when it comes to cleaning.

Latest eguide looks beyond basics to simplify selection of chemical protective gloves

* eguide-to-chem-prot-gloves.jpg
Honeywell has published the second in its two-part series of eGuides designed to help health & safety professionals confidently select the right chemical protective gloves. 'A Guide to Selecting Chemical Protective Gloves - Part 2' looks specifically at three key considerations for glove selection - task, environment and fit - and outlines steps that can be taken to help simplify the selection process.

IICRC announces agenda for 2018 Technical Conference

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC) has this week announced the agenda for its 2018 Technical Conference, taking place 27th - 28th September at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Now in its third year, the Technical Conference will offer attendees an inside look at what it takes to work in the niche field of trauma and crime scene cleanup. Attendees can earn up to 10 CEC credits (up to three on Thursday and up to seven on Friday).

The 2018 conference agenda is as follows:

Thursday, 27th September:

Kennedy expands Satin Ellipse range with two new feminine hygiene products

* Intima-Satin.jpg
Kennedy Hygiene Products, manufacturer of the Ellipse range of dispensers, launched the new premium product line - Satin Ellipse - in March.

The company has now expanded the feminine hygiene range by adding the Satin Intima Pedal with a capacity of 23 litres, in addition to the Intima Mini Satin with a 15-litre capacity. The Satin Intima bins come with a black protective lid insert.

The art of keeping your audience captivated...

* Sawchuck.jpg
Mike Sawchuk, president of Sawchuk Consulting, works with business professionals helping them refine their presentation skills. He says that one of the biggest problems is that many presenters use words like "Ah", "Um" and "You know" in their talks. "These are filler words," he argues.

ProTech XV high volume employee hygiene systems help keep the workforce clean

* ProTech-XV-high-vol-hygiene.jpg
Meritech's newest fully automated hand and footwear sanitising system, the ProTech XV, is a bi-directional walk-through system that can handle large numbers of employees entering and exiting production areas in large groups.

Cintas Canada dishes out foodservice uniform program tips in free white paper

* Cintas-Canada.jpg
Cintas Canada has this week published its latest white paper, 'Food for thought: Should I rent or purchase foodservice uniforms?' The white paper highlights features to look for in foodservice garments, the benefits of renting versus purchasing uniforms and factors affecting the total cost of ownership (TCO).

New e-guide explains how to select chemical protective gloves in six steps

* New-e-guide.jpg
Honeywell has published the first in a two-part series of e-guides to help workers and health & safety professionals choose the right chemical protective gloves. 'A guide to selecting chemical protective gloves - part 1' offers a simple six-step method for glove selection that can be used to ensure a worker's hands are fully protected in a range of applications involving chemicals.

America's Best Restroom 2018 contest finalists announced

* Americas-Best-Restroom.jpg
The 2018 America's Best Restroom contest finalists have been announced and if you're interested in helping find the winner, you have until 18th September to cast your vote.

The lucky loo will take home the grand prize of $2,500 in Cintas products and services for cleaning or facilities management and a lifetime of bathroom bragging rights.

Bio-Productions: planting trees to support the environment

* Planting-trees.jpg
Bio-Productions has received word from the Green Earth Appeal team, which recently returned from overseeing the cleaning products manufacturer's joint campaign with The Green Organisation in Tanzania, that the important reforestation project there is now well underway.

Canadian cleaning machine manufacturer to benefit from Government investment

* Canadian-cleaning.jpg
Exprolink, which manufactures and markets a full range of motorised outdoor sweepers and vacuum equipment, is one of five companies benefiting from at total $3.2 million investment by the Canadian government as part of its economic development plan for the Quebec regions.

Budapest could become a regional hub of cleaning technology

* Budapest-show.jpg
The Hungarian Cleaning Technology Association (MATISZ) is organising its second trade show in Budapest.

The event, which will be held on 5th and 6th October 2018, is attracting international attention, which indicates that Hungary's capital could become the Central and Eastern European hub of the cleaning technologies profession in the near future.

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We've received several emails, phone calls and responses on our Facebook page to last week's leader in which I asked what we can do to prevent people from leaving their rubbish around our public spaces, for others to clear up. I and most of those I've spoken with, agree with Steve Sinnott's (Heritage Tiling & Restoration) view that lack of discipline, a poor upbringing and selfishness are largely to blame, and I chuckled at Steve's idea that a stun gun might improve things - many have had similar thoughts! Some expressed that while on-the-spot fines are good, the chance of catching culprits is low. Others complained that over-zealous litter wardens have damaged support for such schemes, referring to widely publicised incidents such as the woman fined for losing a thread from a glove, and others who've accidently dropped items and been fined before they've had a chance to retrieve them, such as the arthritic man who dropped his £10 note change from a purchase along with his receipt.

The Domestic Cleaning Alliance's Stephen Munton said that one argument he's heard (but clearly doesn't agree with), is that as the venue has already budgeted for litter pickers, it's become somebody else's job and why should anybody else do it? I've come across that one myself, and some of those supporting this idea were so vehement in their arguments that the discussion became pretty aggressive.

My leader was prompted by my dismay at the litter left at festivals, where those whose job it is to collect and sort it, tend to be volunteers who use their 'working' status to attend the event because they can't afford a ticket. Many festival-goers are aware of this volunteer status and know that litter pickers are effectively kindred spirits - but don't care either way. That saddens me.

One suggestion that came up in most conversations was the need to educate people from an early stage that littering is wrong and that we all need to take ownership of the problem and our environment.

I love Wychavon District Council's and its waste & recycling partner FCC Environment's competition for residents to name each of the 15 new waste and recycling trucks which will take to the roads next month. What better way to bring our attention to the problem of littering and the need to recycle wherever possible than to get everyone involved like this! I do hope other councils follow suit...

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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

Final call for registration for IICRC 2018 Technical Conference

With its 2018 Technical Conference around the corner, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification is reminding potential attendees to register if they want to secure a place. The conference will take place from September 27th through 28th at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and focus on the niche field of trauma and crime scene clean-up. Attendees can earn up to 10 CEC credits (up to three on Thursday and up to seven on Friday).

The 2018 conference will feature numerous speakers, including:

Idexx Pseudalert Test accepted as Global ISO Standard

* IDEXX-Pseudalert-Test.jpgIdexx Laboratories, a global leader in rapid microbiological testing for water, has announced that the Idexx Pseudalert method has been published as the International Organisation for Standardisation worldwide standard 16266-2 for the 24-hour detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in water.

P. aeruginosa can cause life-threatening infections in hospitals and is a frequent cause of skin, ear, and eye infections from pool and spa water. Public and private laboratories and healthcare and hospitality industry facilities count on the Pseudalert method to monitor their water for this pathogen.

Drug resistant bacteria found in biofilm on 93% of critical care hospital surfaces can now be tackled

* Drug-resistant-bacteria.jpgDry surface biofilm has been found to exist on 93% of all critical care area hospital surfaces and over 50% of these biofilms contain mutant germs which are resistant to antibiotics; resulting in healthcare acquired infections. The US Environmental Protection Agency has this week registered the first product to be effective against these biofilms.

Medentech is announcing the efficacy of its effervescent NaDCC disinfection tablet for cleaning and disinfection. "This is something I might never see in my lifetime again," says Michael Gately, CEO Medentech.

Germ-zapping robots help Hunterdon Medical Center reduce superbug infections by 76%

* Germ-Zapping-Robots.jpgAs germs and bacteria become increasingly resistant to cleaning chemicals and antibiotics, Hunterdon Medical Center recently deployed Xenex LightStrike germ-zapping robots that use pulsed xenon ultraviolet light to enhance traditional room cleaning procedures as a key part of the hospital's infection prevention program.

The hospital has seen a 76% reduction in Clostridium difficile infection rates since it began using the robots to disinfect rooms.

Jangro's e-learning system identifies a larger appetite for staff training

A recent analysis of Jangro's award-winning online training programme, the Jangro Learning Management Solution, has demonstrated that commercial cleaning companies are realising the benefits of training their workforce.

Jangro's fully interactive e-learning platform has grown phenomenally since it launched and is offered free to all its customers and their staff. Data highlights that over the last year, there has been a huge spike in completed courses (an increase of 175%), and if you take into account courses that are close to completion, the figure is over 300%.

Girbau's HS-6028 washer addition to Six Series family boasts superior efficiency and water extraction

* Girbau_HS-6028R.jpgGirbau has expanded its HS 6 Series of washer extractors with the launch of a new model offering class-leading production efficiency and water extraction. The HS-6028, with 28-31Kg capacity, fills the gap that previously existed between the smaller HS-6024 (24Kg) and larger HS-6032 (32Kg) machines.

The HS-6028 washer has a 280-litre drum making it ideal for larger on-premise laundries in hotels, spas and care homes as well as medium sized commercial laundries processing 28-31Kg batches of linen.

ICMMA appoints new Secretariat

ISSA has announced additional support for the UK Industrial Cleaning Machine Manufacturers Association.

Rob Shaw and Rachel Eastop of Rob Shaw Associates will provide secretarial support from now on, taking over from Hazel Langley. Rob has more than 14 years' experience providing scientific expertise on falls prevention to the UK regulator, the Health & Safety Executive, as well as commercial consultancy and training in the UK and overseas. Rachel has a strong professional background and proven track record of excelling in marketing and project management positions.

Strategic partnership for two Canadian professional cleaning industry leaders

* Strategic-partnership-Canada.jpgCharlotte Products, a leading North American manufacturer of green certified and sustainable cleaning products, has announced that it will partner with JNP Enterprises, the manufacturer's agent serving Quebec and Eastern Canada including New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

JNP Enterprises is the largest non-food specific manufacturer's agent in this part of Canada. The company, headed by Bob Parsons, is over 30 years old and has reported annual sales growth averaging 20% per year for the past decade.

Cintas offers back-at-school tips for limiting the spread of illness

* Cintas.jpgAccording to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the common cold results in nearly 22 million lost school days annually. With students and faculty now back at school, Cintas Corporation has released five essential tips for mitigating the spread of pathogens throughout educational facilities. These tips will assist schools in maintaining a healthy environment, particularly in the build-up to this year's cold and flu season.

Winners of the CHSA's 2018 Undergraduate Bursary announced

* Winners-CHSA-Bursary.jpgTwo talented and hard-working young people - Krupa Solanki and Ellie Walker - have been named as the recipients of the CHSA's 2018 Undergraduate Bursaries, following the CHSA Council's decision earlier in the year to award up to two bursaries every year for the next five years.

Applicants were assessed by a Judging Panel, led by CHSA vice president and treasurer David Garcia, according to need, worthiness, endeavour, and overall performance.

Spectrum Hygiene moves after giving its customers a good roasting!

* Spectrum-Hygiene.jpgNorwich-based Spectrum Hygiene has moved into a new 10,000 sq ft warehouse, moving from its previous 7,000 sq ft facility. With a current annual turnover of £4M for the company and its subsidiaries, the new warehouse is a pivotal factor in Spectrum's ambitious plans to increase sales by as much as 50% in the next two years.

So why give customers a roasting?

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Recent UK News

John Cornish joins Dolphin Solutions

* John-Cornish.jpg
After 35 years in the field of dispensers and international sales, John Cornish, a familiar figure in the industry worldwide, has now moved to Dolphin Solutions in Bodiam, East Sussex.

Veltia UK up 60% year on year so far

* Veltia-UK-up-60-percent.jpg
Sales have increased year on year for the national hand dryer supplier, Veltia UK. The company now supports more than 50 reseller partners, and continues its goal to not only supply quality hand dryers, but to train salespeople in these organisations to increase company revenues.

"Part of our success is based around innovation and innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organisation," notes Matt Anderson, managing director of Veltia UK.

Boels extends its presence in Great Britain

* Boels.jpg
European rental company, Boels Rental, forges on with its UK expansion. The latest acquisitions of Artisan Hire Centre and sister company SAS (Survey & Safety Equipment Hire & Sales), form a further step in its overall UK growth strategy to become a national hire company.

Solved365 enters franchise market

* Solved365.jpg
Solved365 is a new franchise specialising in commercial cleaning. The franchise has spun out of Total Solutions Group; a multi-million-pound, independently-owned company which was launched by Sharmin Akter in 2014.

Fly tippers are under surveillance

* Fly-tipping.jpg
New CCTV cameras deployed across North Lanarkshire will be identifying fly tippers, who cause a hazard in communities and cost almost £900,000 a year to clean up. Anyone caught flytipping domestic waste faces a Fixed Penalty Notice of £200, and for serious offences this increases to £40,000 and/or two years in prison.

Mitie Landscapes strengthens NHS partnerships with a double win

* Mitie-Landscapes.jpg
Mitie's Landscaping business has been awarded two new ground maintenance contracts with the NHS in the South West of England. The contracts with Devon Partnership NHS Trust and South-Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust are together worth £675,000 over five-year terms.

RPC bpi recycled products sharpens sustainability focus with important acquisition

* RPC-bpi-acquire.jpg
RPC bpi recycled products has given a major boost to UK recycling and sustainability by acquiring the nation's leading recycler of rigid plastics, PLASgran. The acquisition marks a major step in RPC bpi recycled products' ongoing commitment to work towards a world where nothing goes to waste.

Facilicom UK appoints new director of operations

* FacilicomUK_DoO.jpg
Dedicated soft services and contract cleaning specialist, Facilicom UK, has announced the appointment of Peter Buff as its new director of operations. He assumed responsibilities on 23rd July, succeeding Giles Wheeler, who will retire at the end of 2018, allowing the pair to have a six-month handover period.

Cromwell Polythene to speak about resource-efficiency of plastic at RWM 2018

* Cromwell-Polythene-resource.jpg
Cromwell Polythene is expecting a busy RWM - the UK's largest recycling & waste management expo, which is taking place this coming 12th and 13th September.

Great news for the ABCD 30th Anniversary

* HoC.jpg
Next year is the Association of Building Cleaning Direct Service Providers' 30th anniversary, and to mark the occasion the Association's AGM and Team of the Year Presentations will be held in the Houses of Parliament, London.

Motorway services user survey - most stop to visit washrooms, but are they clean?

* Motorway-services-survey.jpg
Transport Focus has just released its 2018 report into the best and worst of England's 111 motorway services, following its survey of 9,600 motorists on their experiences. One purpose of the survey was to identify which aspects of the visitor experience most influence overall satisfaction and of course washroom facilities and their cleanliness have had a big impact, bearing in mind that most respondents - by a long way - cited the need to visit the toilet as the main reason for driving into motorway services in the first place.

Two new videos highlight security challenges in cleaning

* Two-new-videos-highlight-security.jpg
Two new videos highlighting the security challenges facing businesses, and the importance of systems and procedures to protect facilities being cleaned, have been launched by secure commercial cleaning expert, Julius Rutherfoord & Co.

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7th December 2018
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