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International News

Hospital cleaning trial cuts infections

* Hospital-cleaning-trial.jpg
A major trial of a bundle of hospital cleaning practices in 11 Australian hospitals has made significant reductions in healthcare-associated infections and demonstrated cost-benefits.

The cleaning bundle costs approximately AUS$2,500 per 10,000 bed days to implement and is broadly applicable to cleaning in any hospital.

Dr Joey DeCourcey discusses indoor air quality at Cleaning Products Conference Europe

* Indoor-air-paper.jpg
This week, Allergy Standards' senior scientific officer, Dr Joey DeCourcey, is at the Cleaning Products Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, making a presentation on 'Allergens and the air that we breathe'.

Cardiff company is leading the fight against antimicrobial resistance

* Cardiff-company.jpg
At the World Economic Forum in Switzerland this January, Health Secretary Matt Hancock issued the stark warning that our growing resistance to antibiotics could prove as big a danger to humanity as climate change or warfare.

Vectair Systems helps create immersive environments with new SensaMist scent diffusers

* Vectair-Systems-air-difuser.jpg
In April 2019, Vectair Systems - a leading technological innovator, manufacturer and supplier of aircare & scent products in a number of sectors worldwide - will launch its new range of scent diffusers with advanced atomiser technology, designed to bring the magic of scent to interior spaces.

Scent is an important emotional influencer, and in addition to fragrancing an environment as a solution to mask unpleasant smells and odours, nowadays it is common to experience fragrance as a user 'experience' in a location.

ISSA partners university to create online supply chain management program

* ISSA-supply-chain-mgt.jpg
ISSA's Cleaning Management Institute has partnered with Marquette University to develop an online training course that introduces the seven critical areas of supply chain management.

The widespread industry need to understand supply chain management was prerequisite in the partnership between the two.

Introducing the new Showa 6110PF biodegradable nitrile glove

* Showa-glove.jpg
Globus Group has enhanced its popular single-use disposable gloves range with the introduction of the Showa 6110PF new biodegradable nitrile glove.

Using Showa's Eco Best Technology (EBT) the 6110PF provides the same physical properties as traditional nitrile gloves - durability, texture, fit, chemical resistance and performance - along with the same shelf life; but with one added dimension.

What you need to know about DINs: advice regarding disinfectants marketed in Canada

* DINs.jpg
Some Canadian facilities managers and cleaning contractors report that there is often confusion as to what is recognised as an independently verified disinfectant in Canada. This confusion extends to the US and other manufacturers exporting disinfectants to Canada.

ISS and T-Systems enters partnership on strategic platform for IoT

* ISS_T-Systems.jpg
ISS and T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, have signed a three-year strategic partnership on a platform for Internet of Things (IoT). During the next six-months, ISS will collaborate with T-Systems to build a strategic roadmap of IoT services to be implemented for a three-year contractual term.

Interclean Istanbul 2019 set to deliver a diverse outlook on the industry

* Interclean-Istanbul.jpg
Following the vibrant second edition of Interclean Istanbul in 2017, the 2019 edition of the region's showpiece professional cleaning exhibition returns to Turkey for yet another exciting get-together.

On 10th April, Interclean will arrive in Istanbul once more to bring cleaning and hygiene professionals together from around the world. The last exhibition attracted more than 2,000 visitors from over 80 countries - and the 2019 show will build on that to offer delegates an ever-more complete regional outlook on the industry.

Ideal machine for cleaning and sanitising any area with floor drainage

* Idrofoam-rinse.jpg
The electrically-powered IdroFoamRinse200 is ideal for cleaning non-carpeted areas that do not require vacuuming before cleaning and which have drains in the floor, such as washrooms, saunas, swimming pools, showers, gyms, changing rooms and camping grounds.

Removing graffiti gently and without harming the environment

* Removing-graffiti-gently.jpg
Large cities pay up to one million euros a year to have graffiti removed from public areas. And it is estimated that smaller cities pay up to 200,000 euros a year at least. Municipal decision-makers, service providers and employees of housing associations are looking for an easy, reliable, gentle yet environmentally-friendly method of removing unwanted graffiti.

National Carwash Solutions partners with Vacutech Vacuum Systems

* National-Carwash-Solutions.jpg
National Carwash Solutions, the US-based global provider of car wash systems, cleaning solutions and maintenance services, has formed a strategic partnership with Vacutech Vacuum Systems, a company that works with customers in commercial and industrial operations who require specialised vacuum systems - including car wash operators.

Infection control products come into the spotlight for healthcare facilities

* Infection-control-prods.jpg
Technology within healthcare facilities has had to significantly improve to reduce infections. Despite the advancements, though, the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention estimates that on any given day, one in 31 hospital patients has a Healthcare-Acquired Infection.

'Lock out tag out' procedure can save maintenance and cleaning workers' lives

* Lock-out-tag-out.jpg
Hazardous energy should be safely isolated prior to any maintenance or cleaning work taking place on machinery, electrical or industry devices. To ensure that accidental re-energisation does not occur - which in turn could lead to injury or fatalities - a 'lock out tag out' procedure should be in place.

C. diff rates reduced with bundled approach as part of infection reduction program

* rates-reduced.jpg
A new manuscript has been accepted by the Journal of the American College of Surgeons which examines C. diff in adult surgical patients.

Ecolab contributes nearly $17 million to communities in 2018

* Ecolab-contributes.jpg
Ecolab continued its long-standing commitment to supporting communities in 2018 through several initiatives, including corporate giving, grants to nonprofit organisations, in-kind product donations and employee volunteerism, with a total impact of nearly $17 million.

Anago's latest franchise awards mark beginning of 30 year celebrations

* Anago.jpg
International commercial cleaning franchise Anago Cleaning Systems has launched its 30-year celebrations with the announcement of its annual franchise award recipients at its annual meeting and convention - a three-day strategy session and celebration among the company's 43 master franchise owners.

Welcome to the


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VERNON-CLOTH.jpgWell here we are end of another London Cleaning Show week and I'd be being irresponsible if I didn't remind you that it's Friday. John and I have between us spent several long days at the Show and thought you'd prefer a bumper and lively issue rather than one produced 'on the hoof' when we're both tired, & I know how confusing these things can get!

Once again it was a great show and how wonderful that our window cleaning World Cup received global coverage! I don't think I'll ever look at Terry 'Turbo' Burrows again without recalling ITV's 'This Morning's' Holly Willoughby giggling at calling him 'Terry Bubbles' in error and realising it was quite appropriate in window cleaning terms!

As well as uncovering some real innovation, one of the most surprising things for me was being approached by somebody I'd never met, whom I'd inadvertently slated four years ago in my Leader for adding to the woes of my difficult journey across south London to ExCel. We had a laugh about it; I'm forgiven and I'm happy to say that my journey - as well as that of others - is much more streamlined in terms of direction as he who wishes to remain nameless instigated some changes following my comments. Getting from A to B in unfamiliar territory's still not all plain sailing though... 

I had a lovely welcome from ExCel cleaner Vanessa Mansford who kindly opened the exit door from the ladies for me when I couldn't find my way out and had to ask. As I'd been through the entire area whilst looking, I could confidently tell her she was doing a great job and thank her for her efforts. I also had occasion to tour the gents a little 'after hours' and that was just as good (and as much of a warren!). Having to catch four trains and a bus I wanted to change into comfy travelling gear and as the ladies was shut I slipped into the empty gents next door. That too was sparklingly clean and much sweeter smelling than some I've previously had occasion to visit so we as an industry are clearly doing something right!

Congratulations to the ExCel cleaners then and also to the winners of the Cleaning & Support Services Association's Awards: Robertson FM, Renova, Genesis Biosciences, Principle Cleaning Services & Mirius. More on them next week as well as... 'the one that got away'!



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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

Cleaning Show awards highlighted some real innovation

* Morclean-innovation-award.jpegOne of the many reasons people visit an exhibition is to see the new launches and while some of these will be on the exhibitors' stands waiting to be discovered by passing visitors, others will have been entered into the Innovation Awards by their manufacturers.

These awards are always hard fought and the winners justifiably proud; this year's shortlisted entrants were clearly excited to learn who had won and I must say, those of us who had looked closely at the innovations were very impressed with what we had found. The eventual winners were definitely part of an excellent group, all of whom deserve to be congratulated.

Whizzing window washers' World Cup success

* Whizzing-window-washers.jpgCongratulations to American Jeremiah Hickey (centre), the first-ever Window Cleaning World Cup winner! With Jeremiah, who runs On the Spot Cleaning in California, are Swedish champion Jimmy Strom (right) who came second and Darren Ansbro of D A Components, Stockton on Tees, who came third.

Try as they might though, none of them was able to break Terry 'Turbo' Burrows' Guinness World Record, which Terry's held for 10 years.

Jangro: enjoying the stand with the 'wow' factor

* Jangro-wow.jpgJangro won an Innovation Award for its new Digital Wall Chart Creator but if we'd had our way we'd have given the organisation an award for stand design too. Isn't this striking! Called the Jangro Garden and sited opposite the entrance, it really gave the hall the 'wow' factor and impressed everyone as they ventured in. Here, surrounded by relaxing foliage, flowers and grass seating, (emphasising its green credentials) Jangro revealed many exclusive new launches, including:

- State-of-the-art technological solutions, including its first ever Virtual Reality platform. Using VR, visitors viewed rooms including the washroom, kitchen, office, and bar/restaurant.

GumBusters reports 'remarkable' response to launch of GB Eco cordless dry steam machine

* GumBusters-GB-Eco.jpg"As this year's Cleaning Show draws to a close, the response to the launch of our latest cordless dry steam machine for gum removal - the GB Eco - has been nothing short of remarkable!" said GumBusters shortly before the show ended.

"Since the launch of the GB1 in 2015 (the world's first battery powered dry steam unit) our cordless machines continue to go from strength to strength and the GB Eco is no exception!

Touching down: the Toucan Eco III

* Touching-down.jpgCentrego launched the Toucan Eco III device in a user friendly 'plug and play' pack. This is the third generation of the original award-winning Toucan Eco device which produces a combined cleaning and disinfecting solution from tap water and table salt using electro chemical activation (ECA).

The device eliminates the need for transport, packaging and disposal of plastic containers and the fluid does not contain scarce oil or plant-based chemicals, perfumes or dyes. For companies looking to promote their CSR and sustainability the use of this simple but effective technology is the ideal way to show cleaners and end users that their intentions are serious.

Producing the steam behind the drain cleaning 'brain'

Puracator-ODC.jpgOspreyDeepclean is producing the steam behind the cleverly-designed Puracator unit - an effective, innovative and simple solution to blocked drains. And while the strapline is: 'To the P-Trap and beyond!' the machine can also clean, clear and pasteurise the drains of sinks and multi-deck refrigerated display cabinets without the need for you to dismantle the pipework.

Drains block for a number of reasons but frequently it is due to a build-up of fats and deposits and the growth of fungus in the drain. This causes significant blockages and a frustrating amount of aggravation.

British Cleaning Council publishes latest industry research

* British-Cleaning-Council.jpgThe British Cleaning Council has this week published the most comprehensive research into the UK's cleaning industry it has ever undertaken, for the first time broadening the scope to include data from across the cleaning, waste management, landscaping and facilities management sectors. Combined the BCC has calculated that these industries contributed £49.9bn to the economy in 2016, while the number of employees totalled 914,000.

The report further reveals that between 2010 and 2018 there has been a 38% increase in the number of companies involved in cleaning, waste, FM and landscaping services, rising from 45,970 to 63,490.

Entries now open for the 2019 BICSc Annual Awards

* Entries-now-open.jpgThe British Institute of Cleaning Science is once again holding its Annual Awards Ceremony, on Thursday 26th September 2019 at Whittlebury Hall Hotel & Spa in Northamptonshire.

The awards celebrate brilliance in training & accreditation throughout the cleaning industry and are now recognised as one of the most prestigious accolades throughout the sector. The passion and determination that goes into being a 'stand out' company or individual deserves recognition, and the 11 award categories are designed to recognise these achievements.

When the outlook is unclear - futureproof your cleaning

* Unger-futureproof.jpgFor over 50 years, Unger has been committed to creating quality tools that make cleaning faster, safer and more effective. This has included the award-winning Unger Ergo! Clean flat mopping system, the HydroPower RO Pure Water System and the award-winning Stingray Indoor Cleaning System.

The erGO! Clean has been verified by Sitemark, which provides independent best practice benchmarks for cleaning.


* Arrow-slipstop.jpgLeaks in public spaces can create numerous health & safety risks for both visitors and staff. These risks not only include slips, trips and falls for the public, but they also put organisations at risk of liability claims. SlipStop - a wide funnel leak collector - was created to manage risk within hazardous areas and it provides an innovative solution to an age-old problem.

Typically, the traditional approach is haphazard and can involve a messy combination of buckets, floor signs, cloths and absorbent pads - even cordoning off the affected area, taking time and resources from security and janitorial staff to manage. Either of these approaches can cause negative customer perception and present significant safety risks, as well as wasting staff time.

Moerman, Excelerator 2.0

* Moerman-Excelerator.jpgThe new Excelerator 2.0 window cleaning tool is engineered to be easy to use, stable and sculpted to fit comfortably in your hand. Moerman says the tool is particularly useful for closing out windows that have a deep windowsill but and that there are so many reasons why the Excelerator 2.0 will be an absolute winner...

Jangro's Bespoke Digital Wallcharts

* Jangro-Bespoke-Digital-wallcharts.jpgJangro's new online wall chart creator allows users to build their own bespoke wall charts which are specific to the products they use within the cleaning area. Once a chart is created, the user is automatically emailed a bespoke compliance pack with all the information on the products selected.

The compliance pack contains Safety data sheets, COSHH risk assessments and product usage guides pertaining to the products that feature on their chart.

P-Wave's MyFresh

* PWAVE-myfresh.jpgAir Freshening Just Got Personal! MyFresh is the latest innovative solution from P-Wave that delivers targeted, clean and efficient air freshening for small, personal spaces.

Using a motion sensor located within the front panel, The High Velocity MyFresh fan springs into action exactly when required, reducing fragrance overload and nasal fatigue. Air is drawn in at the rear of the unit through charcoal filters - these cleanse the air prior to being expelled and keep the unit interior free from dust and debris.

ICE, Aqua Smart

* ICE-Aqua-Smart.jpgFinding ways in which we can reduce water consumption is of huge importance in the cleaning industry, especially given the vast amount of water used during even simple cleaning operations. Additionally, service providers and end users are under constant pressure to increase productivity and reduce wasted time, so finding a solution to these issues is extremely important throughout the industry.

Mirius, 100% recycled plastic bottle

* Mirius.jpgMirius (which until recently was known as Coventry Chemicals) has joined forces with one of the UK's largest recycle bottle manufacturers to offer a trigger spray bottle made solely from 100% recycled plastic (rPET). In what is claimed to be a first for the UK cleaning industry, its new 100% recycled bottle is also 100% recyclable.

The bottle is available for customers of own label cleaning products and also across Mirius's off-the-shelf professional cleaning range - Super Professional.

Pacvac's Superpro battery 700 Advanced

* Pacvac-Superpro.jpgPacvac's Superpro battery 700 Advanced is an advanced battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaner with strong suction, delivering a superior combination of manoeuvrability, efficiency and productivity. The ergonomic configuration makes this one of the lightest and most comfortable cordless backpacks on the market.

This product comes standard with four battery packs. Two batteries are required for machine operation and the other two are conveniently provided as spares to keep you cleaning longer. This gives the user up to 45mins per set of two batteries. The two spare batteries also come with a fast charger which charges both batteries simultaneously in 1hour 45mins.

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Recent UK News

TVH anticipates Brexit outcome with massive new warehouse in the heart of the UK

* TVH-UK.jpg
TVH, one of the world's largest suppliers of material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment parts and accessories, has acquired (whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations) a massive new warehouse right in the centre of the UK.

This way Stephen Smallbone (pictured), general sales manager of TVH UK, and John Percy, managing director of Bepco UK, want to guarantee the excellent level of service customers have come to expect.

Interserve workforce and supply chain must not be ignored, as company stands on cliff edge

* Interserve.jpg
The wellbeing of Interserve's 45,000 UK workforce and its supply chain are being ignored, as the company totters on the brink of administration, warned the UK and Ireland's largest union, Unite, yesterday.

Affinity Water appoints Facilicom UK to service 16 sites across the portfolio

* Affinity-Water_Facilicom.jpg
Dedicated soft services and contract cleaning specialist, Facilicom UK, has secured the contract to service multiple Affinity Water sites across the UK. The company is the UK's largest water-only supplier, providing on average 900 million litres of water each day to a population of more than 3.6 million people.

Cleaning Show adds more sparkle in 2019

* Cleaning-Show1.jpg
The Cleaning Show, the UK's biggest cleaning, hygiene & waste management exhibition, is set to be bigger and better than ever before. The three-day event at London's Excel (19th - 21st March 2019), is set to be packed with exhibitors from around the world, leading industry experts and thousands of visitors who are involved in the cleaning, waste management and facilities management sectors.

Cleaning Show 2019 announces more big name exhibitors, sponsors & details of conference programme

* Cleaning-Show-seminars.jpg
The Cleaning Show (Excel, London 19th - 21st March 2019), one of Europe's biggest trade events dedicated to commercial cleaning, has announced a raft of both new and returning exhibitors.

BICSc launches 'BICSc Lab' business resilience event with Rubbermaid

* BICSc-Lab.jpg
Last year saw a series of negative headlines from cyber-attacks to high-profile business failures. The fallout from these stories shaped a number of responses affecting the cleaning industry, and this year promises to be an important time for business resilience, especially with Brexit on the horizon.

The female social enterprise entrepreneur bringing social change to the cleaning industry

* Camilla_Soap-Co.jpg
To mark International Women's Day - 8th March 2019, meet the multi award-winning Camilla Marcus-Dew, head of sustainable growth at social enterprise, Clarity-The Soap Co., bringing products with social purpose to the cleaning and hygiene sector...

Avica UK extends ordering time to 19:00 for next-day delivery

* Avica-UK.jpg
Avica UK customers can now order up to 19:00 Mondays - Thursdays for next-day delivery, and up to 19:00 Fridays for Monday delivery, choosing from a range of over 14,000 cleaning, catering and healthcare products held in stock. With the acquisition of Noble Express in 2018, Avica UK now offers an impressive and increased range of over 8,000 catering products alongside its already popular cleaning and healthcare ranges.

Minster Cleaning Services nominated for major franchising award

* Minster-Cleaning-Services.jpg
Minster Cleaning Services has been shortlisted for the Franchisor of the Year Award at the BFA HSBC Franchise Awards, to be held at the Vox, Birmingham, on 27th June.

TCFM and BHF partnership shortlisted for important cleaning award

* TCFM-BHF.jpg
TC Facilities Management tells us it is delighted to have reached the finalist stages of the Corporate Social Responsibility category, Cleaning & Support Services Association awards 2019, for its work with the British Heart Foundation; the charity that conducts groundbreaking research in to heart and circulatory diseases and their causes.

Mitie recognised as a UK Top Employer 2019

* Mitie-employer.jpg
Mitie has become the only UK Facilities Management company to receive Certified Top Employer UK 2019 recognition from the Top Employers Institute. The award recognises Mitie's dedication to providing the very best working environment for employees.

Bring us 'in house' say #CleanUpOutsourcing marchers

* Bring-us-in-house.jpg
On Tuesday, hundreds of London workers downed tools and marched on Parliament to demand the end of outsourcing and what they claim is the insecurity, discrimination and low pay it causes.

Lost and frowned!

* Lost-and-frowned.jpg
Used sex toys, positive pregnancy tests and dirty knickers are some of the items hapless cleaners might expect to find when tidying an apartment block in Magaluf this summer, but what about on a bus?

Seeking the CHSA's 2019 Undergraduate Scholars for potential bursaries

* Seeking-CHSA-Bursaries.jpg
The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association has launched the search for its 2019 Undergraduate Scholars; up to two will be awarded this year, the second in the CHSA's five-year commitment to the programme.

Cleaning green - Birmingham cleaning company goes electric

* Cleaning-green-Birmingham.jpg
We Clean, Birmingham's thriving, privately-owned commercial cleaning company boasting such clients as Brindleyplace, Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham Assay Office, MG Motors and Gateley, has taken delivery of its first three electric cars as part of a green commitment to go all-electric with its commercial car fleet.

Bio-Productions shortlisted for two Gatwick Diamond Business Awards

* Bio-Productions-GDB-shortlist.jpg
Bio-Productions has been shortlisted in two categories for the 2019 Gatwick Diamond Business Awards. The Burgess Hill-based company, led by managing director and local business advocate Angela Gill, is in the final three in both the Manufacturer of the Year and the Employer of the Year categories.

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