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Colop’s continued partnership with Microban International helps stamp out bacteria

* Microban-Colop-Antibacterial.jpgColop, an independent manufacturer of stamps and marking devices, is celebrating a decade of incorporating Microban antimicrobial technology into the handle, cap and index window of its Classic Line, Printer Line, Pocket and Children's stamps. These products are perfect for use in high-traffic environments, such as schools, healthcare facilities, offices and airports.

Growing consumer demand for smarter products that are protected against bacterial growth spurred Colop into creating an entirely new kind of stamp more than 10 years ago. The proven antimicrobial formulation from Microban is integrated into products at the stage of manufacture, and lasts for the stamp's expected lifetime.

Gothenburg gets world's first hospital linen optical waste sorting system

* GOTHENBURG.jpgÖstra Sjukhuset, one of four sites that form Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden's largest university hospital, is setting the global standard in sustainable hospital waste and linen management after appointing Envac to install its optical linen sorting technology as part of a major modernisation programme.

It is the first time that optical sorting technology has been used to manage soiled linen in a hospital environment. Its inclusion, which follows Envac's successful procurement bid, will significantly reduce time spent manually sorting soiled linen at the hospital's off-site laundry. Time and cost savings made by reducing manual sorting is expected to be reinvested in other front-line services.

Pylon Coatings uses Polygiene Biomaster and Verimaster for antimicrobial surface protection and identification

* Pylon-Coatings_Polygiene-Biomaster.jpgAustralian manufacturer Pylon Coatings has been formulating, supplying and supporting premium coatings for a wide range of industries since 1950.

One of the most successful developments in recent years has been the Bio-Guard Coating range which creates more hygienic surfaces with the use of Polygiene Biomaster. Additionally, the range incorporates Polygiene Verimaster security technology to verify the presence of the antimicrobial technology.

Proven during pandemic, pioneering technology now expanding

* Disinfection-Robot.jpgDuring the Covid-19 breakout, Audite Robotics used its pioneering hybrid UVC air and surface disinfection robot technology to deal with the pandemic in Spain, where it was implemented into different private and public facilities.

Now the Danish company is in the process of implementing and testing the robot at one of the biggest hospitals in the United Arab Emirates.

Leading with less: recycled single use wipe delivers superior mechanical cleaning performance, sustainably

* Vileda-wipes.jpgNew r-MicronSolo is Vileda Professional's single use cleaning cloth made from 35% recycled materials. Due to its advanced micronfibre technology, it offers effective and rapid cleaning of high-risk areas.

The highly absorbent cleaning cloth especially suits demanding mechanical cleaning tasks in hygienically-sensitive areas due to its proven ability in removing bacteria and viruses by 99.99% on all surfaces.

Hospital floors may pose a larger health risk than previously thought

* Hospital-floors.jpgHospital room floors may be an overlooked source of infection, according to a study published in the March issue of the American Journal of Infection Control, the official journal of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology (APIC).

Because items in the patient's room may touch the floor, pathogens on hospital floors can rapidly move to the hands and high-touch surfaces throughout a hospital room.

Needlesmart clinical waste boxes to save NHS more than £120 million in government plastic tax

* PIONEERING-BRITISH-TECH.jpgBritish smart MedTech company NeedleSmart is at the forefront of helping the NHS radically reduce CO2 emissions in its clinical waste disposal by a staggering 95% as part of its Carbon Reduction Strategy, saving £10s of millions in clinical waste destruction.

NeedleSmart is collaborating with the NHS, facilitated through the NHS Supply Chain innovation route, to drive a campaign forward to minimise single-use plastics and associated packaging. As of 1st April, and as part of the Government's recycling policies, all plastic packaging must contain 30% recycled material or be subject to a levy of £200 per tonne.

Healthcare Cleaning Forum: Healthcare environmental hygiene turning towards the future

* Interclean-Healthcare-Cleaning-Forum.jpgInterclean's Healthcare Cleaning Forum is taking place for the second time in RAI Amsterdam on 12th May 2022. The focus of this one-day international conference is on cleaning and hygiene as part of infection prevention in hospitals and long-term care institutions.

Visitors to this year's conference can look forward to interesting keynote speeches and breakout sessions relating to themes such as the impact of Covid, cleaning and disinfection, (international) guidelines, sustainability, the importance of evidence-based interventions and new, innovative technology.

Rawlins secures exclusive rights for FogPod

* RAWLINS-FOGPOD.jpgDenis Rawlins has secured the exclusive UK rights to distribute what it says is the most affordable and reliable fogging device on the market, FogPod. Born out of the pandemic, FogPod was created by a father and son team who wanted to bring innovative, cost-effective sanitation devices to the market, to make the fogging process accessible to all.

The devices use micro-fogging technology to disperse micro water particles, in the form of fog. These tiny particles are capable of penetrating surfaces deeper and more effectively than traditional sprays. With the correct chemistry, this process destroys 99.999% of all known germs, bacteria, pathogens and viruses.

ISSA & PPE Fraud Coalition pen letter to Congress calling for PPE fraud action

* ISSA-PPE-fraud.jpgISSA, in coordination with the PPE Fraud Coalition, has requested US congressional assistance to address personal protective equipment (PPE) fraud.

A joint letter from the two bodies describes how demand for PPE during the pandemic created opportunities for deceptive contracts between US businesses and foreign PPE suppliers that were either abandoned without fulfilment or which delivered counterfeit, substandard, or even soiled products.

Bupa and NHS choose virus-killing air purifiers that can be used in occupied spaces

* AirxproX.jpgAirxPro air purifiers are being used within NHS vaccination centres and by Bupa, to protect staff, patients and visitors, having received full certification from a Government-audited laboratory. Safe to use in occupied areas, they boast a virus removal rate of 99.97%.

The units are offered in five different versions, with the size of the machine dictated by the volume of air purification required. The concept remains the same across all models, whereby polluted air is drawn into the rear of the unit, where it is filtered and cleaned using a combination of negative Ion particles.

Vitalacy adds SmartBadge to hand hygiene monitoring portfolio

* Vitalacy.jpgDesigned to fit behind a healthcare provider's ID badge, Vitalacy's new SmartBadge captures and delivers individual-, unit- and facility-level hand hygiene performance data to hospital leaders responsible for quality, safety, and infection control and prevention.

The latest addition to the Vitalacy Patient Safety Platform, this entry-level device enables healthcare systems to meet the Leapfrog Group's hand hygiene standards at a competitive price point. The SmartBadge provides a cost-efficient, yet accurate and effective way of improving hand hygiene compliance, which research studies have linked to lower healthcare-acquired infections.

Healthcare, hospitality and other cleaning staff facing 'burnout' due to severe staff shortages

* Healthcare-cleaning-workers-burnout.jpgIndustry leaders have warned that cleaning staff in healthcare, hospitality and other parts of the sector are facing burnout because of increased workloads due to the pandemic and severe staff shortages.

The extra procedures and protocols put in place during the pandemic to protect people's health along with the current severe staff shortages in the sector, compounded by staff absences due to winter illnesses and the disease itself and increasing numbers of personnel leaving the industry, have created a dangerous cocktail which has raised concerns for the health of staff.

SoftBank publishes a study on the effects of air quality through the deployment of cobotics

* SoftBank-Robotics-and-Air-Quality.jpgGiven the ever-increasing focus on the quality of the air we breathe, especially heightened over the past two years, SoftBank commissioned a study to establish what effects the simple task of vacuuming has on airborne particulates.

Partnering with Infogrid - the smart building expert - utilising its air monitoring sensors, over 400,000 data points were taken in several sites, monitoring airborne particulates under normal activity and subsequently following the deployment of automated cobots.

ACI and Trades unveil new factsheet on role of enzymes in detergent products

* ACI-enzymes.jpgThe American Cleaning Institute - in collaboration with International Association for Soaps, Detergents & Maintenance Products, Association of Manufacturers & Formulators of Enzyme Products, and the Household & Commercial Products Association - developed a factsheet on the role of enzymes in detergent products.

"The aim of this factsheet is to explain the role of these important ingredients, their environmental benefits and specific applications in a straightforward way, suitable for all audiences, both technical and non-technical," explains Dr Francis Kruszewski, ACI senior director, human health & safety.

Chloe the robot joins Sodexo cleaning team at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

* Chloe-and-kids.jpgSodexo's cleaning team at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, part of Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, has a new recruit of the robot variety who has been named Chloe by young patients on the children's ward.

Chloe the robot will be helping the team who keep Stoke Mandeville hospital a clean and safe space for all by ensuring the floors of communal areas, corridors, entrances and the children's wards are kept spotless, whilst her human colleagues concentrate on sanitising touch points around the hospital which is crucial to preventing the spread of infections such as Covid-19.

Pioneering Far-UVC technology that kills 99.98% of pathogens including Covid, to be trialled in business park

* Pioneering-Far-UVC.jpgA forward-looking business that was launched in spring 2020 in response to the pandemic has been awarded a £271,000 grant by Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency, to enable it to develop and manufacture products using pioneering FAR-UVC light technology.

222Protect is a safe Far-UVC light fixture which can be installed in overhead lighting and air handling units to destroy Covid-19 found in exhaled microdroplets in indoor environments.

Mitie secures new £92.5m contract to support the John Radcliffe Hospital

* Mitie-hospital.jpgMitie has been awarded a new contract to provide cleaning, portering services and catering for patients and staff at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Worth £92.5m over five years, the contract has the option to extend for up to 15 years at five-year intervals.

The appointment follows a value testing exercise carried out between The Hospital Company Limited (THC) and Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) NHS Foundation Trust, as part of the existing John Radcliffe PFI arrangement.

Microban International announces a new range of antiviral technologies

* Microban-antivirals.jpgMicroban International has announced a new range of antiviral technologies that are proven to reduce viral loading on products and surfaces.

Microban has long been a trusted partner in a wide range of sectors - from consumer and healthcare to industrial and construction - and this announcement adds to the versatility of the company's technology portfolio.

CHSA's Glossary helps buyers navigate spurious claims relating to cleaning chemicals

* CHSA-chemicals-glossary.jpgBuyers of cleaning chemicals can navigate the spurious, misleading and unsubstantiated claims that are all too common in the cleaning industry thanks to a Glossary published by the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association.

All members of the CHSA adhere to the requirements of the relevant Accreditation and have signed the Association's rigorous Code of Practice. It means CHSA members:

NHS SBS launches £1.7bn decontamination procurement framework with end-to-end management offer

* NHS-SBS.jpgFinance & accounting, procurement and workforce services provider, NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS), has unveiled a new £1.7bn framework agreement designed to support NHS hospitals and theatres manage sterilisation, decontamination and repair of surgical equipment efficiently, and meet clinical demand.

NHS SBS's procurement framework, Decontamination Services & Solutions, offers end-to-end decontamination solutions. It comes at a time that sees the building and roll-out of surgical hubs being scaled up across the country to increase capacity and ease the pressure on elective surgery.

Sodexo extends 15-year partnership with Queen's Hospital, Romford for a further five years

* Sodexo-Queens-Hospital.jpgSodexo has had its catering, retail and soft services FM contract at Queen's Hospital, Romford extended for a further five years and will implement new portering and cleaning technology as part of the contract extension.

Sodexo has delivered the soft FM services at the hospital since 2006 as part of the PFI contract with ProjectCo and Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust.

How DAM Healthcare reduced waiting room germs with SteraSpace air sanitisation units

* DAM-Healthcare.jpgA trial of Airdri's SteraSpace air and surface sanitisation systems at a health test centre run by Liverpool-based DAM Healthcare, has shown an impressive higher than 89% reduction in bacteria levels after 14 days of continuous usage.

The company, which provides a range of healthcare options including gut health, menopause and fertility testing, carried out an independent trial at one of its Covid-19 test centres, where the units were positioned in the practice waiting room. Keeping test centres clean was at the top of the agenda during the pandemic and plays an ongoing role post pandemic in ensuring both the support of staff and patient safety.

Introducing MicroGuard: Microban’s antimicrobial technology for PU, EVA and PVC

* MicroGuard-FOAM.jpgMicroban International has expanded its portfolio of antimicrobial technologies with the introduction of MicroGuard, a series of antifungal additives for PVC, PU, and EVA applications including foam.

MicroGuard technology provides high antifungal efficacy and 24/7 built-in protection, preventing microbial degradation to extend the useful product lifetime.

CDVI’s new accessible toilet lock system features MicroGuard anti-microbial coating

* CDVI-Accessible-Toilet-Lock.jpgCDVI has announced the release of the DW-TLC toilet door locking system for accessible toilets.

Five ways to slow surging spread of Norovirus

Norovirus is in full swing in the US this Winter. While the number of cases hit historic lows during the pandemic, now it's behind us, experts believe 2023 may be a record year for cases. Likewise flu in the UK and other parts of the world.

Norovirus is a family of viruses typically spread when an infected person vomits. A typical year sees about 20 million cases, around 800 deaths, and nearly 100,000 hospitalisations.

UK manufacture of hand sanitiser products: current arrangements for Article 95 compliance to end

* hand-sanitiser-products.jpgIn response to the pandemic, the Health & Safety Executive took steps to assist industry's efforts to increase the availability of hand sanitisers to help reduce the spread/transmission of Covid-19.

One, was adopting a pragmatic and proportionate approach to the requirement for all biocidal products supplied in the UK to contain active substances sourced from suppliers on the Article 95 list. This is now to end.

Expert explains how evidence-based cleaning will help reduce HCAI deaths

* Interclean-interview.jpgInterclean, which organises the highly successful cleaning exhibitions and conferences that take place in Amsterdam every two years, has interviewed Professor Didier Pittet, chairman of Clean Hospitals and director of the infection control programme at the University of Geneva Hospitals Faculty of Medicine, about the importance of healthcare cleaning.

Bobrick launches B-9100 PureDri sanitising hand dryer

* Bobrick.jpgBobrick says that its new B-9100 PureDri Automatic Hand Dryer and Air/Hand Sanitiser is a one-of-a-kind product that protects hands with a blast of super-concentrated ionised air following the hand drying cycle, while also functioning as an air sanitiser for the room itself.

“PureDri represents a true breakthrough in hygiene, health and wellness,” says the company. “The key to its efficacy is dual waveband UV-C technology that neutralises common airborne pathogens, proven to eliminate over 99% of bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi.”

BESA event speaker warns that NHS waiting lists won't fall unless we fix ventilation

* BESA-NHS.jpgThe first ever World Ventilation Day, (Tuesday 8th November) highlighted the growing public health crisis linked to poorly ventilated buildings with a series of international events demonstrating how good ventilation reduces exposure to deadly viruses and pollutants.

World Health Organisation child health advocate Rosamund Adoo Kissi-Debrah told an event organised by the Building Engineering Services Association that children will continue to die unless governments and the ventilation industry work together to address poor indoor air quality.

B-Sure Installations launches B-Spoke Hygiene Board service

* B-Sure-Hygiene-Board.jpgB-Sure Installations has launched its B-Spoke Hygiene Boards service across the UK, following a successful trial to support customers during the pandemic.

B-Spoke Hygiene Boards are designed specifically to meet all a customer's hygiene needs in one and are pre-treated to be completely anti-microbial.

Tork launches innovative hygiene trainings for staff in long term care homes

* Tork-Care-homes.jpgNew research, conducted by Essity for its Tork professional hygiene brand, has uncovered the desire among staff in long term care facilities for improved training in areas such as hand hygiene and cleaning procedures.

With cleaning & hygiene protocols more stringent than ever, 58% of cleaning staff have said they find it challenging to follow all the steps and tasks in cleaning guidelines and 68% of care staff would like to receive better and more interesting/interactive training in hand hygiene.

Oxonox reveals game changing performance of its lift and escalator sterilisation solutions

* OXONOX.jpgUK tech firm, Oxonox, has revealed the results of its revolutionary AirLift and AirStair products.

Designed to restore the public's confidence in post-pandemic hygiene and drive footfall, Oxonox’s two controlled plasma sterilisation solutions have demonstrated that they provide round-the-clock protection against viruses and bacteria, reducing the microbiological load continually by 90% on average, both in the air and on surfaces, outside of laboratory conditions.

This statistic is key as it demonstrates the products' effectiveness in real world environments, as opposed to sterile laboratory settings.

New frontline workwear uniforms inhibit bacterial growth

* NNT-Polygiene-workwear.jpgIf you work in a high-pressure environment, you want to feel fresh and comfortable, which means that the added advantage of clothing that's not just smart but also inhibits bacterial growth is obvious. To tick all these boxes, NNT and Polygiene have teamed up to create a new range of protective uniforms.

The new workwear, marketed under the Workwear Group logo, incorporates Polygiene's innovative StayFresh technology. StayFresh specifically works to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria in fabric. Polygiene's principle of 'Wear more. Wash less' means that treated garments can be washed less frequently, saving time, water, and energy.

Researchers develop plastic film that can kill viruses using room lights

* plastic-wrap-kills-viruses.jpgResearchers at Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland, have developed a groundbreaking plastic film that can kill viruses which land on its surface, with room light. This breakthrough could lead to a significant reduction in the transmission of viruses in healthcare environments but also in other settings that uses plastic films - for example, food production factories.

The self-sterilising film is said to be the first of its kind - it is low cost to produce, can be readily scaled and could be used for disposable aprons, tablecloths and curtains in hospitals. It is coated with a thin layer of particles that absorb UV light and produce reactive oxygen species - ROS. These kill viruses, including SARS2.

Microban launches Refresh: a patent-pending odour capture technology that is completely metal free

* Microban-Refresh.jpgMicroban International has introduced Refresh - its newest, patent-pending, sustainable odour capture technology that is completely metal free. This innovative technology is proven to reduce odours by up to 93% on polyester and polyester-rich blends, even after 30 launderings.

Microban is a global leader in antimicrobial and odour control technology, and has developed Refresh as part of its ongoing dedication to sustainable textiles manufacturing. This patent-pending formula is designed to address the needs of both manufacturers and users, by providing an effective solution to tackle permastink without relying on traditional heavy metal chemistries.

EvaClean and Adyton MedTech partner to provide enhanced disinfection to healthcare facilities in Central and Eastern Europe

F* EvaClean-ADYTON-MedTech.jpgor over 30 years, Adyton s.r.o. has been a primary provider of healthcare technologies for more than 53 million inhabitants in central and eastern Europe (CEE) Intent upon bringing its safer, more effective infection prevention solutions to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland, EvaClean EU has formed a strategic distribution partnership with Adyton, formalised during a signing ceremony in Prague.

"Our goal is to improve lives through groundbreaking technology and make a difference in patient care by preventing healthcare-associated infections," explains Marek Jaluvka, chief business development and new partnerships officer at Adyton. "As one of the leading infection prevention solutions, EvaClean is the perfect partner to help us achieve this goal."

Ecoray can help with infection control during Covid-19 and beyond

* Willmop-smaller.jpgThe Ecoray system is a totally autonomous addition to the range of Grande Brio Scrubber Dryers and Willmop vertical scrubber dryers from TSM Italy - brought to the UK market in an exclusive partnership with Hooper Services in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Using UV Technology to destroy micro-organisms on a cellular level, the Ecoray system can destroy up to 97% of bacteria, mould or viruses without the use of a chemical.

NYU Langone health study confirms efficacy of EvaClean PurTabs NaDCC disinfectant

* NYU-EvaClean-PurTabs.jpgNew York University Langone Health (NYUL) chief epidemiologist Dr Michael Phillips and his colleagues at NYUL conducted a study to confirm the efficacy of sporicidal disinfectants for controlling Clostridioides difficile (C. diff) and Candida aruis (C. auris).

Over the course of an 18-month period, Dr Phillips, along with environmental services and building services teams, worked closely with EvaClean, the infection prevention division of EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives, to implement the study at two NYUL hospitals with a total of 1082 beds.

Georgia Tech saved $700,000 with GenEon

* Georgia-Tech-savings.jpgGeorgia Institue of Technology has saved $700,000 in cleaning and disinfecting costs thanks to GenEon. Founded in 1885, the Georgia Institute of Technology is a nationally recognised research university that sits on 400 beautiful, wooded acres in the heart of Atlanta. Its 25,000 students make use of over nine million square feet of building space.

UMF names Lisa Gross National Hygiene Specialist Excellence Award recipient

* UMF_Lisa-Gross.jpgUMF Corporation has announced that custodial service associate Lisa Gross has earned the company's 13th annual Hygiene Specialist Excellence Award.

An Aramark Healthcare+ employee who has served Methodist Dallas Medical Center for more than five years, Lisa was nominated by Aramark Healthcare+ senior human resources manager Blake Jaren for her commitment to cleanliness and safety, alongside her ability to connect with patients.

Christie to mass produce CounterAct with Care222, a safer, filtered far-UVC disinfection technology for use around people

* Christie-CounterAct-Care222.jpegAs we prepare for a post-pandemic world where reducing pathogens and viral spread is essential, global visual technology company Christie has announced the mass production of its Christie CounterAct line of commercial UV disinfection products with patented Care222 far-UVC light technology.

CounterAct fixtures are designed for use in occupied indoor spaces, from cinemas, theme parks, museums and sports complexes, to retail facilities and restaurants, as well as transit hubs at airports, train and subway stations.

21st Birthday celebrations for Zybax

* Zybax-21st.jpg21 years ago, Zybax was launched with a clear goal of delivering world-class solutions to tackle problems such as unpleasant odours and blocked drains. Zybax gets nature to work for you by using non-toxic, non-pathogenic micro-organisms to digest the problems at source.

The company is continuing to develop new products providing sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions and will shortly be launching a range of super concentrates with reduced packaging and clever dosing options.

Hospital-grade microfibre said to eliminate risk of recontamination

* Hospital-microfibre-UMF.jpgUMF Corporation says its Micrillon microfibre is setting a new standard as the first hospital-grade microfibre that can be converted into a wide range of long-lasting, reusable products, including towels; cubicle curtains; socks; gloves; walk-off mats; reusable N95 rated face masks, and colour-coded microfibre cleaning products.

Leading manufacturers are using these high-performance microfibre yarns to develop a new standard for materials targeting infection prevention in hospitals, hotels, cruise lines, long term care, and many other industries.

Telford company targets £multi-million opportunity after launching 'breakthrough' sanitising solution

* Room-Shield-Sunseeker.jpgA new alternative antiviral sanitising solution that is free from alcohol and chemicals is being launched by a Telford hygiene specialist.

Room Shield has signed a joint venture agreement with a North Staffordshire manufacturer to bring its HOCL (hypochlorous acid) products to the commercial marketplace.

ISS strengthens leadership position in the healthcare segment in Turkey

* ISS-Turkey-Adana-hospital.jpgISS A/S has acquired Rönesans Facility Management Company in Turkey from Rönesans Holding, a Turkish contracting company.

As a result, ISS will provide facilities management services, including cleaning, security, food, pest control, landscaping, reception, patient transport, laundry services and waste management, in a Public-Private-Partnership at four newly built hospitals (Adana, Elazı, Bursa and Yozgat) in Turkey until 2045.

Vapourtec's easy-HC10 delivers significant cost savings

* Vapourtec-in-use.jpgA cleverly-designed handheld sprayer has been launched, which turns mildly salty tap water into a powerful disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19.

CK Consumables to exhibit at Infection Prevention Society (IPS) Annual Conference and Exhibition 27 - 29 September 2021

* IPS-2021.jpgCK Consumables, the supplies division of leading cleaning and specialised healthcare deep cleaning contractor CK Group, will be exhibiting at this year's Infection Prevention Conference, held in Liverpool.

A significantly important year for the NHS and the world, the packed conference programme discusses Covid-19 epidemiology, Hospital Acquired SARS-CoV-2 infection, the dangers of measles re-emergence, other infections during a pandemic, what we can learn from other countries and other viruses, and much, much more.

LightStrike UV robots eliminated superbug contamination in Japanese hospital reports new peer-reviewed study

* LightStrike-UV.jpgResearchers from Hiroshima University Hospital in Hiroshima, Japan, recently published a study confirming the efficacy of LightStrike pulsed xenon ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection technology on surfaces contaminated with the superbug vancomycin-resistant Enterococci (VRE).

This is the 45th peer-reviewed and published study validating Xenex Disinfection Services' patented pulsed xenon UV room disinfection technology, and the third published study verifying LightStrike's efficacy against VRE, a deadly pathogen that can live on hospital surfaces for days to weeks.

Confidence in NHS grade UV-C light robots boosts care home infection prevention & control

* NHS-grade-UV.jpgSARS-CoV-2 remains an ongoing threat in care homes across the country, but that's not just the only dangerous pathogen for older and vulnerable residents including the various mutated strains of SARS-CoV-2. What do you do if you manage a care home and there is an outbreak?

Infection prevention control (IPC) is the cornerstone and needs to be thorough, fast and safe. A traditional deep clean is time consuming, uses chemicals, and rooms and facilities are not always returned immediately, as often the space will need more time to clear. What if there were to be an outbreak and there was an easier and more efficient way to deal with it?

ISS launches ‘science of cleaning’ research project

* ISS-science-cleaning-research-project.jpgISS Healthcare has commissioned an innovative project that will take a scientific and behavioural approach to healthcare cleaning and drive the nation's healthcare journey in our places that heal.

ISS worked closely with NHS England and NHS Improvement in the development of the recently published National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021.

Global Hygiene Summit to take place in Singapore in 2022

* Professor-Leo-Yee-Sin.jpgCovid-19 has brought hygiene - and, more specifically, the role it can play in our health, into sharp focus and further reinforced the fact that prevention is better than cure.

However, despite hygiene being the preventive component of the global fight against infectious diseases, it has languished as a minority scientific and political interest for decades.

Excel Dryer UK launches XLERATORsync: A revolutionary leap in washroom technology that elevates hygiene, safety and efficiency to new levels

* Excel-Dryer-3taps.jpgExcel Dryer UK has announced the launch of XLERATORsync, a washroom solution that combines soap, water and air with a custom washbasin in a single location.

The XLERATORsync dryer is the latest innovative deployment of Excel Dryer's cutting-edge technology. Beneath its modern exterior, the dryer houses technology developed with NASA rocket scientists to ensure optimal hand drying performance.

Critical surfaces made safer

* Critical-surfaces-made-safer.jpgUnsafe food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, or chemical substances causes more than 200 diseases - ranging from diarrhoea to cancers. Every year an estimated 600 million people fall ill from contaminated food, resulting in 420,000 deaths and $110b in productivity lost.

The short efficiency period of traditional sanitisers (such as chlorine) used on food production surfaces is a major weakness in the food sanitisation process, as the sanitisers regularly need to be reapplied to the contaminated surfaces.

Powerful cleaning disinfectant approved as a medical device

* Powerful-cleaning-disinfectant.jpgHypochlorous acid has for many years been used as a powerful disinfectant and, in particular over the past 18 months, has seen its use explode as a gentle but powerful alternative to traditional quat-based products.

But now hypochlorous acid has gone a step further with a product, manufactured by Aqualution Systems, now being approved as a Class 2a medical device further proving HOCl's efficacy as one of the most powerful and safe biocides available.

Decitex - Smart textiles' new microbre mop comprises 100% recycled materials

* DECITEX.jpgThe new Ultimate 3D Infinite is a short-life microfibre mop, eco-designed with 100% recycled material and certified by the Nordic Swan ecolabel.

The perfect marriage between textile innovation and respect for the environment, it is the ideal solution to the needs of hygiene & health professionals.

New disinfection blue light system brings hope to hospitals' antibiotic resistance fight

* disinfection-blue-light-system.jpgAntibiotic resistance (AMR) and surgical site infections (SSI) currently pose a significant issue and increasing threat for hospitals. This innovation provides a safer operating room environment by reducing SSIs and helps to reduce the development of the AMR of microbes.

Halton, a technology leader in ultra-clean ventilation systems, integrates disinfection blue light to eliminate microbes from surfaces while being 100% safe for the staff and patients.

Mitie strengthens partnership with NHS Trusts

* Mitie-NHS-Herts.jpgMitie has won four contracts, two to deliver facilities management and two to provide catering services for Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust and Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust. These services were previously managed by Interserve Facilities Management but were renewed following Mitie's acquisition of Interserve in November 2020.

The new contracts will be for five years, with the option to extend for an additional two, and will see Mitie provide services for 75 buildings, including mental health facilities and inpatient units, in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and Norfolk.

BBI Solutions facilitating fast action to tackle Legionella risk

* BBI-Solutions.jpgBBI Solutions has created a bespoke mobile solution for the what it believes is the world's first and quickest on-site Legionella test.

The rapid Hydrosense test comes at a critical time as many buildings such as offices, schools and commercial properties reopen in accordance with the easing of restrictions.

Using its patented Novarum technology, the company has developed a mobile app-based test reader and customisable data storage system solution for Hydrosense, a pioneer in the rapid testing industry committed to making widely available, fast, easy to use, accurate testing for Legionella SG1, the most dangerous strain of Legionella bacteria.

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