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International News

Industrial cleaning market worldwide is projected to grow by US$15BN

* Industrial-cleaning-market.jpg
The industrial cleaning market worldwide is projected to grow by US$15.9 Billion, driven by a compounded growth of 4.1%, according to a new report. Chelating agents, one of the segments analysed and sized in this study, displays the potential to grow at over 4.4%.

CMS Berlin 2019: Cleaning summit - a polished performance

* CMS-Berlin-2019-polished.jpg
CMS Berlin 2019 - Cleaning.Management.Services., ended on a bright note. The organisers and supporting associations of the International Cleaning Trade Fair were thoroughly positive in their assessment of this event.

Mobility Cleaning Circle an important platform for global dialogue

* Mobility-Cleaning-Circle.jpg
The Mobility Cleaning Circle at CMS Berlin 2019, gathered more than 80 high-ranking representatives of the cleaning and transport sectors from all around the globe.

Coor acquires Swedish cleaning company Norrlands Miljövård

* Coor-acquires-Swedish-co.jpg
Nordic facilities management services provider Coor, has signed an agreement relating to the acquisition of award-winning Swedish cleaning company Norrlands Miljövård, which has annual sales of some SEK 250 M and 500 employees. The acquisition increases Coor's geographical spread in Sweden and contributes to Coor's cleaning competences.

Chem-Dry carpet and floor cleaning announces Lebanon Master Franchise agreement

* Chem-Dry-Carpet-and-Floor.jpg
Chem-Dry, the world's largest carpet and floor cleaning franchise, has signed a Master Franchise agreement for Lebanon with Beirut-based entrepreneurs Maha Hijazi and Camille El Zeinaty.

RAS certifies first convention & exhibition centre under the Happy Toilet Programme

* RAS-certifies-convention-centre.jpg
The Restroom Association Singapore has certified its first convention & exhibition centre under the Happy Toilet Programme.

Sodexo connects its financing to action to prevent food waste

* Sodexo-food-waste.jpg
Integrated facilities management and foodservice operations provider Sodexo, has renewed its €1.3 billion revolving credit facility (RCF) which now incorporates a pricing adjustment based on Sodexo's performance towards its goal of preventing 50% of the food waste and food losses from its operations by 2025.

Kärcher launches new MC 250 sweeper

* Sweeper2.jpg
Work freely, swiftly and for longer with the new MC 250 sweeper from Kärcher. Combining speed with ultimate operator comfort and outstanding sweeping performance, Kärcher's latest addition to the municipal range is perfectly designed for the cityscape.

CMS Berlin 2019: CMS Purus Awards 2019 presented

* CMS-Berlin-Purus.jpg
Kenter, Husqvarna, Hako and Adlatus are the winners of this year's CMS Purus Innovation Awards (PIA) 2019. An independent panel of experts chose four outstanding innovations from exhibitors at the CMS exhibition in the categories Large Machines, Small Machines, Equipment and Digital Tools and Systems.

Category: Large Machines:

* Kenter.jpg
Kenter Bodenreinigungsmaschinen Vertriebs- und Service GmbH - Comac C 85 NSC

The Comac C 85 NSC floor cleaner from Kenter is a genuine game-changer. Unlike conventional machines, in which the water has to be changed 20 to 30 times a month, the on-board treatment unit with its innovative five-chamber system, only requires one change of water per month.

Category: Small Machines:

* Husqvarna.jpg
Husqvarna Deutschland GmbH - Husqvarna Automower 535 AWD

The Automower 535 AWD from Husqvarna can operate on extreme gradients of up to 70%, while ensuring that the highest safety standards are also maintained.

Category: Equipment:

* Hako-dust-stop.jpg

A highly effective concept, and in their evaluation of the Dust Stop the panel of judges kept asking themselves the same question: "Why did no one think of this before?"

Category: Digital Tools and Systems:

* Adlatus-robotics.jpg
Adlatus Robotics GmbH - adlatus teams 2020

Adlatus Teams 2020 is a man-machine interface, supported by AI, that creates a team comprising a human facility manager and his autonomous robot assistants. The intelligent networking of the systems enables an extensive range of cleaning tasks to be undertaken by variable cleaning fleets. This can significantly boost productivity, especially when large areas are being cleaned.

Sustainable, including the packaging:

* Tana-chemie.jpg
Environmentally friendly ingredients are used in the products from tana-Chemie, the winner of the German Environmental Award 2019 and one of the Werner & Mertz Professional brands. However, the efforts to protect the environment begin with the packaging, and the bottles containing this cleaning product are composed exclusively of recycled plastic made from yellow refuse bags.


Tork Paper Circle: Recycling paper towels

* Tork-Paper-Circle.jpg
With its Tork Paper Circle, at CMS 2019 Tork is presenting a recycling service for paper towels. Used towels are collected in special waste bins and then processed at the Tork plant to make new hygiene products. In July 2019 the Essity hygiene brand received the Environmental Technology Award of the Land of Baden-Württemberg for its innovation.


Automated glass cleaning by drone:

* Window-Cleaning-Drones-WC3D.jpg
The drone travels tirelessly up and down the large window. Propelled by four rotors, it presses a cylindrical brush against the surface of the glass, which it cleans with pure water. "It can easily tackle 50 to 100sq.metres per hour," says Yves Bianga of WC3D. He has been working in a team led by Marcus Fritsche since 2012 to automate the glass cleaning process.

Vikan launches complete concept for facilities cleaning segment

* VikanFM-19thSept2019.jpg
Vikan, a global leader in hygienic cleaning tools, is launching a complete concept - including training, dedicated tools and pre-configured trolleys - to help facilities management setups improve their cleaning operations.

The concept is based on the insight that cleaning staff are critical to more efficient, profitable operations, and that better tools and knowledge are required to unleash the full potential of these vital employees.

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Today is World Mental Health Day, an internationally recognised day in which organisations and individuals come together to break the silence surrounding mental ill-health. This year's theme focuses on suicide prevention. According to The Office of National Statistics, in 2018 there was a rise in the number of deaths by suicide with 6,507 recorded in the UK alone - the highest level since 2002.

There is growing awareness of the scale of the mental health crisis. The facts are stark: one in three in the UK will be diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point while three out of five have experienced mental health issues due to work. Given that the average person now spends a third of their adult life at work, we all have a part to play in safeguarding mental as well as physical health at work.

I agree with the British Safety Council when it says that just as with physical health and safety, prevention is the best cure and the wisest investment. Changes that reduce stress, encourage early intervention and remove the mental health stigma deliver significant long-term benefits and its training courses prove that.

Evidence gathered along with mental health charity Mates in Mind, shows that taking a 'whole organisation' approach is having both quantifiable and qualitative impact, such as improved sickness absence and staff retention rates and more engaged workforces. For example, in the last two years, Tideway has reported a 12% rise in the number of staff who felt that they could approach their boss about a mental health problem - up from 64% in 2017 to 76% in 2018?. A similar increase was reported in RSE Building Services, an SME firm, where there was a reported 9% rise in staff feeling supported in relation to mental health - up from 66% in 2018 to 75% in 2019?.

The pressures we're under workwise are growing as most organisations don't have the luxury of a less than fully employed workforce. If one team member is off sick, colleagues tend to be able to cover for a while to ensure tasks are carried out successfully to deadline, but if this carries on long term, standards are likely to drop alongside morale and the rest of the team's mental health too. Contracts can be lost. There's too much at stake to ignore mental health, isn't there - not just for the individual/s concerned but for the employer, too?



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This Week's News

Announcing the CSSA's 2020 Innovation Showcase

* CSSA-Innovation-Showcase-2020.jpgThe hunt for the industry's most innovative products, services and initiatives is on! The Cleaning Support Services Association's 2020 Innovation Showcase celebrates the cleaning industry's most innovative products, services and initiatives.

Taking place every two years, the Innovation Showcase is again backed by the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association which is sponsoring the event.

Hoppecke converts lead-acid trucks and equipment to lithium-ion with ease

* Hoppecke-converts.jpgWith the launch of its next generation technology Hoppecke Industrial Batteries is making it even easier as well as highly cost-effective for logistics operations to convert their fleets or cleaning contractors to convert their large cleaning machines from lead-acid to lithium-ion batteries.

Developed by Hoppecke group company Intilion, the new trak / powerpack lion is a modular lithium-ion energy system that can be installed in the industrial trucks, cleaning machines and the like, that are designed to take lead-acid batteries, with no requirement for vehicle/equipment-specific adjustments.

Carl Software develops useful prototype for maintenance

* Carl-Software.jpgCarl Software, of the Berger-Levrault group, has developed a product innovation that is set to revolutionise the daily lives of maintenance technicians: an augmented reality headset that facilitates maintenance work.

Augmented maintenance is currently in the research and experimentation phases. A prototype is being tested in Toulouse, as part of a partnership with IRIT (Toulouse institute for IT research).

IICRC announces 2020 Board of Directors

* IICRC-Global.jpgThe Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification has announced the election of four members to its 2019-2020 Board of Directors. Elections were held during the IICRC's October Shareholder meeting in Las Vegas last month.

New members of the 2019-2020 Board include Craig Kersemeier and Leslie Morrow. Joe Dobbins and Robert Pettyjohn were re-elected for an additional term, while former chairman Pete Duncanson will stay on the Board as immediate past chairman. IICRC's Board Officers will be elected at a special Board meeting 15th October.

Coming clean: The dirty truth behind UK offices

* Coming-Clean.jpgGCC Facilities Management, which provides commercial cleaning & office cleaning services across the UK, recently surveyed over 650 members of the public workforce to gain an understanding on how often their workspaces and equipment are cleaned.

This was in addition to research carried out by Printerland in May 2018 which found that the average desk harbours 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

Tennant Coatings launches Eco-MVR 100 moisture mitigation flooring system

* Tennant-Coatings-Eco-MVR.jpgTennant Coatings, manufacturer of cutting-edge industrial floor and wall coatings and a division of floor cleaning machine manufacturer Tennant Company, has launched a 'next generation' moisture mitigation system, the Eco-MVR 100, which provides advanced protection against the deleterious and costly effects of Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT).

Eco-MVR 100 not only offers contractor-installers and facilities a greater level of defence against concrete moisture vapor damage than ever before, but also helps reduce costs, downtime and waste with its one coat application.

New equipment is powered by van on tick-over

* Morclean1.jpgMorclean has announced the arrival of its new 2019 product concept - test and trail from its dedicated R&D unit.

Steam cleaners and pressure washers need either an engine or a generator to power them. Generators are around 7Kva depending on the type of machine, which means extra engine and noise/weight to consider.

Cintas marks Global Handwashing Day by adding Germ-X to its sanitiser dispenser line

* Cintas-Global-Handwashing.jpgIn honour of Global Handwashing Day, on 15th October, Cintas Corporation is reminding those on the go and without immediate access to soap and water, that hand sanitiser is a viable option, by partnering with Germ-X to make the well-known consumer brand sanitiser available in all Cintas rental sanitiser dispensers.

Kliks washing system

* Kliks-Werner-Mertz.jpgWith the new Kliks washing system, detergents are simply obtained from cartons. For companies that are keen to reduce their CO2 footprint, the CO2 savings achieved with sustainable cleaning agents can be determined using the green care performance calculator.

W: www.werner-mertz.com

On-board pellet plant:

* Purus-Karcher.jpgDry ice cleaning is particularly efficient in places where chemicals cannot be used, such as on car seats or surfaces that have to be cleaned prior to painting. Pellets at a temperature of minus 79°C are 'fired' at the soiled area, making the dirt crumbly and brittle, enabling it to the easily removed.

Star Platforms provides two Skyjack SJ46AJ articulated boom lifts to Tyringham Hall

* Star-stately.jpgUK powered access rental company, Star Platforms, provided two Skyjack SJ46AJ articulated boom lifts to help with building maintenance and refurbishment to the Georgian mansion, Tyringham Hall.

Built in 1797, Tyringham Hall is a beautiful example of a Grade I listed English stately home located in 60 acres of idyllic Buckinghamshire countryside.

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Recent UK News

Ladder Association responds to recent HSE prosecution

* Ladder-Association.jpg
A recent prosecution at Carlisle Magistrates' Court has again highlighted the importance of ensuring that work at height is properly planned and managed - and more specifically, that equipment provided for work at height is fit for use.

2019 BICSc Annual Awards, Showcase & Exhibition Celebrates outstanding excellence

* 2019-BICSc-Annual-Awards.jpg
The British Institute of Cleaning Science announced the winners of one of the industry's most prestigious events last Thursday at Whittlebury Park Hotel and Spa, Northamptonshire.

New advice helps protect safety and health of window cleaners who use water-fed poles

* Paul-Thrupp.jpg
The British Cleaning Council has welcomed the publication of groundbreaking advice for window cleaners on how to reduce the risk of injury when using telescopic water-fed poles.

2019 Loo of the Year Awards sponsors announced

* LOTY-Trophies-display.jpg
The sponsor line-up for the 2019 Loo of the Year Awards has been announced and the sponsors are:

* Signo Nano-Care UK - the supplier of Wipe-out 365; the newest generation of self-disinfecting surface treatments that ensures all surfaces stay clean.

Four manufacturing sites hit Zero Waste to Landfill status as Berry bpi group continues its circular agenda

* Berry-bpi-plastic-waste.jpg
Berry bpi group continues to show leadership in waste management and now has four sites that have achieved Zero Waste to Landfill status. The business, which is the UK's largest producer of refuse sacks and the largest polythene recycler in Europe, had already been accredited at three of its UK manufacturing sites.

Principle workforce enjoys 30th birthday celebrations

* Doug-and-co.jpg
Congratulations to London-centric corporate cleaning specialist, Principle Cleaning Services, which celebrated its 30th birthday recently with a party for the workforce.

"Our 30th Anniversary event aimed to get everyone in the company together to celebrate a huge milestone of the company turning 30 years old," explains executive chairman Doug Cooke.

Ashtead Technology appointed rental partner by Drain Doctor

* Ashtead-Technology-partners.jpg
Ashtead Technology has been appointed as the Preferred Rental Partner for the CCTV inspection equipment needs of Drain Doctor, the UK's largest drain clearance and emergency plumbing company.

With over 57 locations across the UK, the deal will ensure that all Drain Doctor’s plumbing and drainage engineers are provided with quick and easy access to the latest inspection tools including crawlers, push rods and ATEX systems, from leading brands such as MiniCam, iPEK, Pearpoint and Wohler.

Massive cost of 'binertia'

* Massive-cost-of-binertia.jpg
Homes and businesses across the UK are storing rubbish and old junk that is wasting space, rent and rates, according to research by Censuswide for Skoup, a new 'pay-as-you-throw' service for surplus clutter and waste.

A new approach to window cleaning

* RCS.jpg
High rise window and facade cleaning with none of the usual health & safety problems...

Faster, more cost effective, windows stay cleaner for longer... Robotic Cleaning Systems (RCS), a new start-up company with the latest robotic equipment is now carrying out cleaning assignments throughout the UK.

Free-to-attend WISH event will focus on leadership in waste & recycling industry

* WISH-event.jpg
'Health & safety worker engagement & leadership in the waste & recycling industry' is a free-to-attend WISH event aimed at managers, supervisors, safety representatives and operatives from all areas of the industry. It will include speakers from the industry and the Health & Safety Executive.

Cromwell's sustainable street scene a success at RWM 2019

* Cromwell-sustainable.jpg
Cromwell Polythene, which supplies products for the capture and containment of materials for recycling, had a very resourceful RWM 2019 (11th -12th September at Birmingham NEC). Introducing its street scene stand, it showcased ways to sustainably separate and collect materials for recycling, and revealed a number of additions to its range.

Hand-arm vibration exposure calculator and publication updated

* Hand-arm-vibration-chart.jpg
The Health & Safety Executive has made updates to a hand-arm vibration (HAV) publication and tool. HSE's HAV exposure calculator helps estimate and record workers' exposures to HAV and compare them with the actions values in the regulations as part of a HAV risk assessment.

TVH continues sponsorship of FLTA awards

* TVH-FLTA.jpg
TVH, a global player in the materials handling, industrial and agricultural equipment sectors and one that also supplies a myriad of spare parts for scrubbers and sweepers from some of the biggest manufacturers in the industries, has announced that it will again sponsor the Fork Lift Truck Association's Awards for Excellence 2020 - the most prestigious annual event in the materials handling industry.

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