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Silicon Valley waterless car wash company unveils campaign to save two billion gallons of water a year

* ecocleancar.jpgSilicon Valley-based Eco Green Auto Clean, the eco-friendly car wash product developer that boasts clients such as Google, Apple and Enterprise Rent-A-Car, has officially launched its water awareness campaign, 'One Cup, One Car', which aims to save 2 billion gallons of water a year.

As California struggles through its fourth year of severe drought, Governor Brown has declared a state of emergency. Water conversation efforts are at an all-time high. 

Eco Green Auto Clean's water awareness campaign aims to draw attention to the actions of a car wash industry that wastes billions of gallons of water annually. The campaign, One Cup, One Car, promotes sustainable car wash practices using the company's eco-friendly green cleaning products, which effectively use one cup of water to clean one vehicle.

The advantage of Eco Green Auto Clean products is not just that they save water while cleaning a car, but that they are supposedly superior to traditional car washing methods. Conventional wisdom holds that water should be used to clean cars, so this claim might sound hard to credit. It all comes down to the product formulation...

As opposed to traditional car washes that use exorbitant amounts of water and sponges to scrub a car down (scratching the paint in the process), Eco Green Auto Clean products have surfactants that embrace dirt particles, allowing them to be easily removed with a microfibre towel and preventing damage to paint. Polymers in the product also provide a protective layer and a showroom shine. As a bonus, drivers can say goodbye to water spots.

This cleaning method saves between 50 to 70 gallons per waterless car wash when compared to conventional car washing methods, but offers more than just a reduction in water-use footprint. What Eco Green Auto Clean truly delivers is a responsible and sustainable method for washing vehicles. All of the company's products are made with 100% plant-derived, biodegradable ingredients, eliminating the potential for toxic run off to find its way into storm drains and then rivers and oceans.

A single bottle of Eco Green Auto Clean saves 300 gallons of water.

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W: www.ecogreenautoclean.com / www.onecuponecar.com

24th September 2015

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