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In the UK, cleaning is often referred to as a Cinderella industry, after the lass in the fairy tale who was treated as a skivvy at home but whose efforts went unrecognised by her family and the rest of the staff; she was neglected, ignored unless her services were required and was fed on scraps. As one dictionary defines it: “one suffering undeserved neglect”.

The story dates back hundreds of years and most countries have their own version, so whichever one of the 163 countries to which Cleanzine is sent, that you’re in as you read this, you’ll probably be familiar with the concept – even if the name is different.

Most people do tend to ignore cleaners, don’t they? Yet they do such an important job that takes skill if it’s to be done properly. They work hard to clean, yet once their backs are turned, we mess everything up again. Just imagine what we’d have to suffer if none of the cleaners turned up to work for a couple of weeks! They deserve to be treated with respect, don’t they?

Perhaps it may not surprise you, that although it was nothing to do with me whatsoever, I couldn’t help but feel a little smug when I learned this week that in Greece, the ISS cleaning team went up against the likes of Coca-Cola and Vodafone yet emerged triumphant. You can read more, further down the page, where you’ll also find a story on another company from this industry – Evans Vanodine – receiving the Queen’s Award for international trade. My hearty congratulations to everyone involved!

Also this week is a piece about LCC retaining a college cleaning contract it’s held for 15 years. From what I hear the students could do with being taught a little respect for the faculty, the environment and the cleaning teams (littering fines wouldn’t go amiss, I reckon!) – and since LCC won a Golden Service Award for its work there, that team deserves congratulations too.

This year’s Golden Services Awards take place next Friday. I’m looking forward to joining several hundred others who are proud to be able to celebrate the efforts of the cleaners and I’ll let you know the names of the winners just as soon as I’m able. Cinderalla industry? If only we could change that concept for good…

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Jan Hobbs

15th October 2015

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