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If you’ve been reading Cleanzine for even 1/10th of the time we’ve been producing it (this is our 699th issue) you’ll have seen me complaining about the time spent polishing a building’s floors, generally with one of those hard-to-use rotary floor cleaning machines – and no – I’m not casting aspersions on the machines but praising the cleaners who use them… they’re a great deal more skilled than I am! I cannot understand why we can almost see our reflection in these floors, when there are dirty marks on the walls and visible high-level dust, while the touch plates are so filthy that you’ll open the doors with your knees if you’re able.

Why spend so much time and effort shining floors when you neglect the cleaning elsewhere? After all, as we knee open the door, the draught we create will have all the dust wafting to the floor anyway!

If you haven’t visited our Facebook page, I cleaned an office at the weekend. It’s always appeared clean but as you can see from my picture, the staff tasked with cleaning their workplace, aren’t really doing that good a job, are they? The comment I posted alongside the picture, was something along the lines of: “One reason why companies should hire professional cleaners rather than attempt to tackle the job themselves!”

* Caird-chair.jpg
The backs of these chairs comprise a mesh, through which a cloud of dust escaped when I ran my finger through the dust on the rear. I doubt that they’d been cleaned in the three years the office has been open. Well they have now!

It got me wondering whether some of the cleaning procedures carried out in places frequented by the general public, such as in hospitals and shopping malls, are designed to make us think they are cleaner than they actually are… a bit ‘smoke and mirrors’, if you like. After all, if you’re mesmerised by a shiny floor, will you notice high level dust, unless you know what you’re looking for?

If you’re a cleaning contractor, before you come gunning for me, I confess that I wafted their furniture spray around before leaving the job, so that that when they opened up next morning, they’d be alerted to the fact that the place had been thoroughly cleaned…

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Jan Hobbs

12th November 2015

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