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After the party a thorough cleaning: Citymaster 1600 acts as 'modern elf' in Dresden's summer nights

* Stadtfest.jpgWhen the sun sets in Dresden and the enchanting street lights lined up along the River Elbe illuminate the streets from 'Kaethe-Kollwitz-Ufer' to 'Terrassenufer', where the world's largest fleet of paddle steamers is moored, on to the 'Altmarkt' and then further along on 'Augustusbruecke' and into the 'Neustadt', the already romantic city of Dresden appears even more beautiful...

To ensure that it stays that way even after public events such as the Dresden city festival,'Canaletto', the city-cleaning department is called into action for a large-scale operation.

On two days and nights in August, the Dresdner's and their guests celebrated under palm trees especially placed around the city and partied to Caribbean rhythms during this open-air event. A total of 15 different party areas and nine stages around the city centre offered the right entertainment for every taste: wine, beer, music, lots of fun things to do for children and plenty of different food ranging from traditional to modern-creative. As usual, people left behind quite a few bits and bobs and lots of litter. It wan't there for long though! Between 04:00 and 08:00, employees of the Stadtreinigung Dresden GmbH (City Cleaning Department) worked hard to remove all the rubbish.

The employees of Hako's Dresden subsidiary did not hesitate to give their colleagues from the city-cleaning department a leg up: within the framework of the European Cleaning Days campaign, Hako supported the city by providing a Citymaster 1600 free-of-charge for the two-night cleaning job.

The Citymaster 1600, despite being designed as a multifunctional implement carrier, was used solely as a sweeper to carry out this particular task.

With its ergonomically designed comfort cabin equipped with air conditioning, radio, comfort seat, powerful headlights as well as an obligatory beam light, the Citymaster 1600 meets all the requirements for working at night. Sweeping roads, paths and fairgrounds at night, however, also requires low noise levels. Again, the Citymaster 1600 fully complies with the statutory provisions... Thanks to the three-stage fixed speed and only 1,600 RPM in Eco mode, the engine generates very little noise without making sacrifices to the vehicle's reliable sweeping performance.

For the festival, however, the city issued a special permit, allowing sweeping with higher RPM's.

Still, the employees of Dresden's city-cleaning department started their cleaning job in a non-residential area and worked their way up from 'Schlosspark' to 'Augustusbruecke' before sweeping 'Prager Strasse' from 07:00 to 08:00.

With its GVW of 3.5T, the Citymaster 1600 can work on roads, fairgrounds and footpaths. Both the spring-suspended chassis and the air-sprung driver's seat provide superior comfort for long working days. Thanks to its directionally stable articulated steering, the Citymaster 1600 is extremely manoeuvrable, providing high levels of mechanised sweeping quality and productivity even when working in confined areas.

"The driver who operated the Citymaster 1600 during these two nights in Dresden was extremely satisfied with the vehicle's performance," reports Sven Junghanns, team leader of Dreden's city-cleaning department, "The Citymaster 1600 swept up everything reliably, from plastic glasses and plates to drinking straws and other sweepings.

"In addition to the reliable quality-cleaning performance, we very much appreciated the ergonomic design. In particular, the sitting comfort was well received. Noise and vibrations are an ongoing issue in our line of work. Measurements we have carried out together with the Technical University of Dresden revealed that Hako's machines generate the lowest vibrations."

Hako's comittment was part of the European Cleaning Days (ECD) 2015 campaign. The ECD campaign has been initiated by the European Association of the Manufacturers of Cleaning Machines, EUnited Cleaning, in cooperation with the European Cleaning Industry Federation (EFCI) and the International Association for Washing & Cleaning Agents (AISE) and their respective members to promote the image and the social acceptance of the cleaning industry and the people working in the cleaning business Europe-wide.

In Germany, 50,000 employees of municipal companies work every day to keep squares, footpaths and roads clean with brooms and sweepers. In the winter, they operate more than 4,000 snowploughs and gritting vehicles to ensure maximum road safety, according to the German Association of Municipal Companies (VKU).

www.hako.com / www.cleaningsdays.eu

12th November 2015

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