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Why Morclean is thinking green for 2016

* Thermaflow2.jpg2015 was a year for environmental awareness as companies and governments became abundantly aware of issues like climate change and extreme weather events, with proposals in place to tackle them head on - the recent COP21 talks in Paris have been a major international step forward.

This means industries are shifting towards greener products - helping to lower hazardous emissions and move to a more environmentally-friendly solution.

Industrial cleaning specialist, Morclean is one such company, continuing its eco-push into 2016.

While other products are in the planning stages, Morclean's new Thermaflow range has been specifically designed to meet this need and will be making its release any time now. This low-flow, high-pressure cleaning machine focuses on water saving, ensuring that there are no emissions or carbon footprints to worry about.

It's not Morclean's first foray into the production of environmentally friendly products. 2015 was a wildly successful year for the company's Bin Wash City, which spearheaded Morclean's success at the Green World Awards. The company received the Green World Ambassador award for 'helping others to help the environment' with its wheelie bin cleaning machine.

There are three specialised models in the new Thermaflow range...

The Thermaflow 'Station' is a fixed high-pressure cleaner that releases zero fumes and is entirely emission-free. The new machine is thought to be unique because the heat for the water is generated after the pump in thermal tubes - this protects the pump from wear, tear and heat; the end result is that the machine provides constant hot water and maintains temperature.

A traditional machine would heat the water in a tank with an electric element - such machines can be prone to temperature loss and difficulty keeping temperature consistent, as well as long waiting times.

The new machine heats the water in thermal tubes after the pump to produce constant hot water at up to 80°C - equivalent to its diesel-fired counterpart, but without fumes, on-site diesel or mess.

The Thermaflow 'Lowflow' is a portable all-electric medium pressure machine... As the unit is all electric, it is fume free, clean and releases zero emissions. The Lowflow machine works at 2.5 litres per min (or 5 litres per min flow rate), unlike traditional pressure washers which are diesel fired and operate at 15 - 21 litres per min.

The machine can be used indoors and is ideal for food, beverage, bakery or clinical environments where vapour steam cleaning can be too concentrated and time consuming.

Morclean has also launched a new range of battery-driven pressure washers. The medium and high pressure machines are powered entirely by a battery instead of an engine so they are portable and quiet, but also powerful - again fume-free with zero emissions.

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7th January 2016

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