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I talk about 'away from home' WCs a lot and I'm well known for grumbling about how many are being closed down, leaving folk with 'nowhere to go'. One thing that's never occurred to me though is that those who drive for a living, delivering goods or supplying services, may have a similar problem at their destination...

The latest issue of Truckers' Toilets UK, has several snippets which clearly indicate that some companies are refusing to allow visiting drivers to use their washrooms when they arrive. The word inhospitable doesn't begin to describe that, does it?

I'm aware that when we think of drivers we picture them on motorways with the option of calling in at any number of service stations on their way. However, the distance between that last service station and the premises being visited can be great - and with local traffic at peak times causing delays, I daresay the journey can become quite uncomfortable for some.

TTUK says it has an email from the Health & Safety Executive which says that, "all employers have a duty to co-operate with each other to enable them to comply with health & safety legislation. This includes providing welfare... HSE issued guidance in 2014 for visiting HGV drivers that clearly states they should have easy access to toilets and other welfare facilities."

TTUK asks that if you or any of your drivers are refused use of the washroom at your destination, you let them know the name of the company that refused you access and the reason given, so it can make enquiries. I can remember reading years ago that man can legally urinate on the rear outside wheel of a vehicle (I'm assuming it has to be stationary...) in the UK. I don't know if that's still the case but it's not something I'd like to see someone doing; it's not hygienic & it's not very dignified. Plus - if whoever's doing it has just made a delivery or carried out some sort of service, there's absolutely no excuse for it, is there?

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Jan Hobbs

25th February 2016

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