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We have Mail: It's not just truckers that need toilets!

* stephen-munto.jpgStephen Munton, of the Domestic Cleaning Alliance, writes in response to last week's leader in which we highlighted the difficulties faced by those who drive for a living - and in particular, delivery drivers...

Dear Jan,

There is a bigger problem "closer to home" that Cleanzine might like to consider, and that's the problem that many of us at the sharp end of the cleaning industry - "us what do"- face, when we have to do our work where there are no facilities. So many people associate cleaning with cleaning toilets, and think we have the ability to come and go (no pun intended) as we see fit.

This is not so. A lot of domestic cleaners like myself also undertake light commercial work such as cleaning communal areas of flats and similar. These places almost never have toilets.

Five years ago I was privileged to work with 11 of the finest cleaning operatives I have ever met, when I assessed them for their QCF. They spent all day driving around the West Midlands, cleaning bus shelters. These people had no where to "go" either, and their vans were all fitted with trackers so the mangement knew where they were. If any of them went home to use their own toilet, heads would roll.

But these are only two examples, and the number of people across the country across all industries who have no toilet facilities in their “place of work” must run into the hundreds of thousands.



E: [email protected]
W: www.domesticcleaningalliance.co.uk

3rd March 2016

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