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Airplus - the new air freshener system from Kennedy Hygiene

* Jade-Ellipse2.jpgKennedy Hygiene Products has unveiled its latest air-freshener system - the Airplus Ellipse - at the Manchester Cleaning Show.

A simple, battery-free, door-mounted air freshener solution for washroom cubicles, the Airplus Ellipse offers maximum ease of service with easy loading and activation of the refill: the cartridge has been designed to activate inside the dispenser using the action created by closing the cover - thus avoiding any possible fragrance spillage.

The built-in wick technology allows a gradual and constant fragrance release over a 60-day period making sure that the washroom cubicle remains fresh and free of malodours.

The Airplus Ellipse comes with five fragrances ranging from fresh, cooling tones to fruity and floral notes. These fragrances are coordinated with those available with the other Kennedy air-freshener system, the Spa Ellipse, which covers larger washroom areas.

The Ellipse range brings a highly modern and attractive look to Kennedy`s tried-and-tested, robust and service-friendly washroom dispensers. The company's sales manager, Jade Hyland, explained that the new design, with its pure and straight lines, an undulating wave shape suggesting fluidity and movement, a new pure white colour, and a distinctive elliptic insert, all come together to define the Ellipse range identity.

The range has been designed to offer various customisation options to suit a wide range of customer needs and tastes. The elliptic insert element will come in a range of different colours and graphics to open new visual possibilities on the classic range, whereas an exclusive metallic grey Designer and a chrome plated Premium finish will be available for the top end of the market.

There are two dispensers for cotton hand drying - the Integra and the retractable Tekna, two dispensers for paper hand drying - the Prima and the Easyroll, four products for hand washing - the Savona liquid and Savona foam soap dispensers (both available in manual and automatic versions), three toilet tissue dispensers - the Jumbo, the Maxima and the Sigma, the Seatsan foam dispenser (a toilet seat sanitising unit), and two air fresheners - the programmable SPA and the battery free Airplus.
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