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Unger's Stingray - a safe and simple way to clean indoor surfaces!

* Stingray.jpgPaul Sherrington really looked as if he was enjoying his work demonstrating Unger's recently launched Stringray cleaning tool to the gathered audiences packing the stand throughout the Manchester Cleaning Show - and his enthusiasm was infectious.

Even we had a go and we have to say that the Stingray was as easy to use as it looked.

"Recent research indicates that when cleaning indoor surfaces, such as windows, mirrors and elevators, cleaning professionals face two key challenges - efficiency and safety - especially when working at height," he explained. "More traditional tools and methods require time-consuming rearranging of furniture and electrical equipment for safe access or to reach high or unusually positioned windows.

"Result? Wasted time and increased risks and costs associated with the use of ladders and access equipment.... Moreover, the need for intensive staff training creates additional problems, so these infrequent periodic cleaning tasks are often passed to specialist teams or subcontractors."

The Stingray is said to clean windows up to 25% faster and use up to 39% less chemical than the conventional sprayer and cloth method. Paul showed us how to insert the sachet of chemical solution into the tool's neck, explaining that at just 1p per shot, this equipment offers great, low cost results.

Powered by 3M Scotchgard and utilising several patent pending features, it allows you to clean indoor surfaces at heights of up to 4m (13ft) safely from the ground, with minimal training required even for your least experienced staff. This means that surface cleaning at height can now be safely carried out by in-house teams on a daily basis, reducing risks and costs whilst increasing building cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

Ideal for day time cleaning, Stingray also features an enclosed spraying nozzle, so there are no drips, runs or overspray during work - as Paul demonstrated - minimising slip hazards and creating a safer cleaner environment for all.


7th April 2016

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