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Show visitors in race to buy Morclean's Bin Wash

* Morclean2.jpgMorclean's Green Apple Award-winning BinWash machine has clearly created a stir because as the Manchester Cleaning Show's doors opened, two organisations made a beeline for the stand and asked to buy the machine on show.

Bearing in mind that the doors opened 15 minutes early as there were so many people outside waiting to get in, two machine sales before the show's official opening time must be something of an industry coup - and we're not talking about something in the mop & bucket price range either!

The trailer-mounted BinWash is a new idea in the bin cleaning industry and has taken huge strides in improving what had historically been available. With worldwide emphasis on green and eco-friendly products, the Binwash offers a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative for those who are conscious about their carbon footprint.

Morclean Director, Peter Morley, said when he launched the machine: "We wanted to develop and launch a product that the environmentally-minded love, a concept that operators want to be part of, a machine that turns heads and one that offers more than just necessity and compliance."

The BinWash City is capable of cleaning two bins at any one time. Taking the hassle out of bin cleaning, it fits onto a towbar and can be towed by most vehicles. It also lifts the bins for you with its hydraulic lift system, meaning all you do is hook the bin on and clean it with the high-pressure hose attached. A machine will make the perfect start-up business package with no franchise, and the opportunity to earn up to £160,000 per year - and that's just from just one machine.

"The aim was to develop a smarter product that moves into a new direction as opposed to reworking the systems currently available," Peter told visitors to the stand. "The new City was developed so that Morclean could provide a totally new concept, which we feel is an extremely innovative and one that will reduce fuel, costs and C02 emission.

"We consider that this is an even better solution for the whole industry than what was previously available in the marketplace - both from ourselves and from our competitors."

Like many bin wash machines on the market today, recycling water and saving energy was a requirement rather than an innovation. Morclean's designers felt that machines were making savings for reasons of necessity, legislation and profit, as opposed to being totally innovative, so they intended to improve the machine and enable it to be powered totally by batteries instead of an engine.

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