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A pilot scheme...

* truckers-toilets.jpgTruckers Toilets UK tells us that some cities in the US are trialling mobile toilet / shower units to ascertain whether more should be introduced, to alleviate the problems of drivers needing the bathroom, but finding that they have 'nowhere to go'.

"The beauty of using a mobile unit would mean that different areas could be trialled and usage numbers assessed," suggests TTUK's Gillian Kemp. "This is active research which is beneficial at the same time. In the Denver trial the mobile unit is available from 12 midday to 12 midnight complete with an attendant. Worth considering? TTUK is investigating further...

"Budget cuts are one of the reasons that public toilet facilities are closing; toilet provision is not a legal requirement and many layby loos have also closed or never existed. This leaves drivers with a real dilemma both in terms of dignity and health.

"Whilst there is a legal requirement for drivers to have access to welfare facilities at the companies they visit, the fact remains that they also need toilets whilst out on the road but where is the best place to put them? That is one of the reasons for the hold up in toilet provision."

Image courtesy of Wales Online - not the way to go!


5th May 2016

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