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New aqueous degreasers clean up manufacturing

* Aqua-Sol.jpgThe Maintenance & Partsmaster Innovation Platform of global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider, NCH Europe, has launched Aqua-Sol, a new range of aqueous water based degreasers, designed for the industrial removal of grease, dirt and soil from machinery, parts, and food processing equipment.

The new range includes versions with pH neutral formulas, foaming aerosols, low foaming liquids for closed systems and the latest surfactant technology, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based products.

The new range includes Aqua-Sol Neutra Split, Neutra Split Low Foam, Aqua-Sol Power, Aqua-Sol Low Foam, Aqua-Sol Silicate Free and Aqua-Sol Silicate Free aerosol.

The entire Aqua-Sol range is NSF A1 certified, making the range suitable for general cleaning on all surfaces in food processing areas. The water-based formulation is non-flammable, low odour and does not pose any inhalation risks. The Aqua-Sol range contains either zero or very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) further enhancing user safety and improving storage.

"Not all degreasers are designed to remove the same soils and dirt," explains the company's Peter Crossen. "When choosing your degreaser, it's important that you match your substrate - the surface you're trying to clean - with a degreaser that includes the right additives and penetrating agents to efficiently remove grease deposits and stubborn dirt."

Aqua-Sol Power, the most powerful degreaser in the range, uses the latest surfactant technology to break the bonds in fats and oils, emulsifying the solution so that it can easily be rinsed away.

Aqua-Sol Neutra Split uses a 7.3 pH neutral formulation, making it safer for storage and handling. Offered in concentrated form, Aqua-Sol Neutra Split can be diluted with water up to 1:500 to provide more economical degreasing. Its oil splitting formula separates the oil from the water instead of emulsifying the oils and grease into the solution, making it easier to skim off and remove.

"We've also developed low foaming versions, Aqua-Sol Low Foam and Aqua-Sol Neutra Split LF," continues Peter. "Although foaming is great for vertical surfaces and increased contact time, it's not ideal for closed systems. The low foam versions are great for enclosed parts washers, ultrasonic baths, and automatic floor scrubbing machines."

The range complies with all industry regulations on detergents; VOC storage on site; and with new rules on the classification, labeling and packaging (CLP) of chemicals. The range can also be specified with special dilution, dosing and spraying equipment.

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16th June 2016

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