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Low cost nebulization the Spanish way

* Proandre.jpgProandre's new Nebu Nebulizer range is a cold aromatisation system that converts concentrated fragrance essence (without the use of gas) in a dry cloud of aromatic micro-particles - so light that they are able to stay in space longer than usual, travelling with the air - to provide a full and homogeneous aromatisation at very little cost financially.

Ideal for use in stores, shopping malls, hotels, fitness centres, schools, health centres, theatres, airports, casinos, public buildings, toilets cruise ships and the like, the unit can be left on continuously or programmed so it operates during, say, the facility's opening hours.

There are almost 40 natural fragrances based on essential oils from which to choose and the intensity of desired fragrance can be programmed into the unit. The fragrance is long-lasting and uniformly distributed and the particles will not leave a residue.

There are currently three products in the range: Nebu 3500 which covers areas of between 3,000 and 3,500cu.m; the Nebu 850 portable (pictured), which measures 280 x 300 x 85mm and weighs just 3kg and is designed for spaces between 700 and 850cu.m, and the Nebu 350 portable which handles areas of between 300 and 350cu.m.

Ed: I've just read through the list of fragrances... whether it's a Mediterranean beach, a new car, a new baby, California, chocolate cake, 'home linen' gelati, 'hope' Japan, 'recently washed' or Pina Colada you're after, there seems to be a fragrance for you!

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16th June 2016

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