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Morclean going for gold (but will be winning with silver)

Morclean-Binwash.jpgMorclean has announced a significant new development in filtration for its bin wash machines.

Most bin wash machines on the market today (including previous Morclean models) have three basic stages of filtration based on a micron level of fine mesh, using industry-standard gauze type filters.

The water is filtered to the extent that it is good enough to be reused throughout the day. However, it is not particularly clean, given that the operators are having to wash out contaminated waste bins. A finer micron filter tends to 'blind' (which basically means block), so filters with large enough holes tend to be used in order that water can be reused all day without blocking.

Morclean has recognised that bacteria will build up in the system and that the overspray of atomised water from the jet washing activity will contain airborne bacteria. It can be assumed that the bacteria will build up and grow during the day.

The new system Morclean has been developing employs additional filtration in an innovative way to ensure that bacteria is prevented from building up in the contaminated water.

"Instead of using traditional components and making machines in the same old way, we have taken a fresh look at how to improve what's available today and to stand out from the crowd," says the company's managing director Peter Morley.

"We are confident that this is a brand new and exciting development - and a first in the bin washing industry. Morclean has registered the Intellectual Property for the design of this system, which has been configured to process the waste water throughout the day.

"From 1st July 2016, all mainstream Morclean bin wash models, including the best-selling bin wash 'Custom Plus' (as seen at the Manchester Cleaning Show) will now have five stages of filtration.?

"The new five-stage filtration system will also be fitted to the multi- award winning bin wash City, which we recently exhibited at ISSA Interclean in Amsterdam, as well as the STATIC machine.?

"We simply wanted to do things better and we're determined to remain one step ahead.

"And while we enjoyed success at the major shows, and our competitors tried to compete against such a popular model, we were working hard in the background developing and testing new and innovative ideas."

The new filtration system consists of a series of secondary filters which continually condition the water, and these extra two filters vastly improve the traditional three stages of filtration.
Water is recirculated through these extra two series of filters separately from the traditional three stages so that they eliminate any issues of blockages or the need to stop to clean out filters during the day.

Instead of filtering the water in in the traditional way, Morclean is filtering the water separately in the fouth and fifth stages so that the water quality is continually improving.
"What's more," adds Peter, "the extra filtering is carried out when the machine is idle. In effect the machine is cleaning its own water when it's idle and not being used."

First the water flows through the fouthth washable filter where debris and any small particles are removed. Then, more importantly, water flows via the most significant and unique fifth filter which is a device containing media that is actually impregnated with silver.

The impregnated silver, inhibits the growth of bacteria, and because the wash water is being continually conditioned, the water simply gets cleaner and cleaner the more it is recycled. The filter and the media within it are FDA21 approved.

Peter tells us he is confident that the five stage system is new to the market and that he firmly believes Morclean's is the only bin wash machine on the market to filter the water so efficiently.

"It's the only bin wash machine with five stages of filtration, the only machine designed to inhibit bacterial growth, and a first in the industry," he says.

"We felt so passionate about the new system that we applied to register the design to protect our IP.

"By inhibiting the growth of bacteria we're bringing something totally new and unique to the industry while providing a safer environment for the operator.

"We have been continually developing our bin wash machines so that we remain ahead of the competition. We are confident in making the claim that this is the best ?trailer-mounted bin wash machine on the market, and the UK's most popular and best-selling bin washing machine.

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16th June 2016

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