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In just a few hours it will all be over… and although with voter turnout expected to be high we’re unlikely to be 100% sure of the outcome, we’ll no longer be able to influence whether we ‘Bremain’ or ‘Brexit’. Conversations around the dinner table, in the pub or office will return to normal; Facebook users will revert to posting inspirational pictures and words or videos of cute animals, rather than a Britain Stronger in Europe or Vote Leave flag, with what has often been some wildly inaccurate propaganda beneath it.

But it’s been fun, hasn’t it? I’ve particularly enjoyed joining in some of the online debates which, because of the very nature of the Internet, have facilitated a global forum. I’ve noticed quite a change over the years… some time ago we Brits were sneered at for daring to consider leaving; now huge numbers of our fellow EU citizens are saying that they want a vote too.

Watching and listening to all the leaders as they became more desperate to win our votes, has ranged from laughable to frightening (in as much as they’re our leaders and should try and retain a modicum of dignity). And of course it may be a coincidence, but I’ve just gone through my ‘spam’ folder and discovered two emails from Vote Leave, one from UKIP, one from the Taxpayers Alliance and one each from Priti Patel and Michael Gove. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here or am I being paranoid?

In a survey last week which asked 900 UK manufacturing companies whether they think they are better served by the UK remaining in the EU, 55% said they think the UK should go it alone compared to 45% who think the UK is better off in the EU. However, 14% admitted that they could still be persuaded to change their mind.

Chris Griffin of Manufacturing Futures – which carried out the survey, said:

“Manufacturing is a key sector in the referendum debate because so many UK companies trade in the EU and rely on being able to export freely.  The UK still ranks as the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world and, although many businesses have concerns, we are surprised the results of this poll are so close with the referendum fast approaching.

Let’s hope that whatever happens, works out for the best for all of us – and not just we Brits…

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Jan Hobbs

23rd June 2016

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