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Welcome to the first edition of Cleanzine since our Summer break. I hope that if you too, have had a break, it’s been a good one.

* Compost-loo_142.jpgI’ve attended several festivals over the Summer and although I’ve been banging on about the benefits of compost loos for years I don’t believe I’ve shared any pictures. The ones I’ve used have been semi-permanent, posh wooden shacks with proper seats set into a wooden platform, with a pit below for everything to drop into. Users sprinkle sawdust over their contribution and everything smells really sweet, all the time. At some stage after the composting process is complete, the waste is removed and used to create energy. Perfect!

One festival I’ve attended for years is set in the grounds of a stately home. The owner told me this year that more than half the energy used ‘in the house’ and for the festival and other events held on the land, now comes from a combination of this human waste and food waste and peelings. That’s really good, isn’t it?

* compost-loos-bank.jpgThis year at another festival I saw temporary compost loos being installed, so took some pictures. These were raised to create space for green waste bins or non-porous sacks, which were to be taken away before composting had been completed, to the facility that would use the waste. This meant that effectively there would be no waste and that the festival field would be left as was, once all the revellers had departed.

I know it’s likely to be a long way down the line but I can’t help thinking that we need to be installing more of this type of facility in our public spaces. Local authorities throughout the UK are closing down our public toilets to save money, but if compost loos were used instead, the pressure on our sewage systems would be reduced and the waste could be sold to generate income that could be put towards stocking them with toilet tissue and sanitiser, couldn’t it?

Cleanzine goes out to 163 countries. If you’re reading this from somewhere that compost loos are common, please let me know about your experiences of them.

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Jan Hobbs

1st September 2016

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