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Dust extraction specialist launches campaign to improve working environments

* Dustcontrol.jpgA specialist dust extraction firm in the UK has launched a 'Dust Doctors' campaign, which sees it offer free dust assessments to businesses - helping them to determine the best ways to improve processes to remove threats to workers' health and production processes, as well as improving overall output efficiency.

With over 40 years' experience, Dustcontrol UK is offering its expertise as 'Dust Doctors' to provide workplace assessments in a bid to encourage what it refers to as 'Healthy Business'.

"The central element of the Dust Doctor campaign is education," explains James Miller, Dustcontrol UK's general manager. "Whilst awareness of the dangers of dust is improving, there is still a huge amount of work to be done. Many people simply don't realise that benefits can be made in both health and safety as well as efficiency.

"For example, various industrial dusts can be extremely hazardous to health. Silica dust, present in a wide range of building materials, if inhaled over time can cause incurable lung disease. Allergens in flour and grain can result in occupational asthma for bakers. Woodwork facilities run the risk of dust explosions. The risks associated with dust are many and varied.

"Some businesses may be unsure if they have an issue or what to do about it. We're aiming to assist with that with our combined knowledge and range of high quality products and accessories."

Dustcontrol UK operates across a wide variety of industries and has specialist knowledge in the construction, pharmaceutical, aviation, manufacturing, food, transit, wood, metal and ceramics industries amongst others. Each industry has its own needs, whether that be Atex rated equipment, HEPA filtration, coloured antistatic brushes and bristles for the food industry, spring retractable hose reels or bespoke extraction hoods for on-tool extraction - Dustcontrol has a range of solutions.

"Our equipment is applicable in a really diverse range of industries but is specific to removing dust at source," says James. "Dust is often regarded as a nuisance rather than a hazard, but it's much more than that. Our team can help to highlight the areas where the right dust management processes can really aid a business - be that to do with health or addressing productivity and product quality issues."

The assessments are free for those businesses that sign up, with a member of the Dustcontrol UK team arranging a suitable time to visit premises and assess where suitable dust extraction can help.
Offering solutions that can incorporate either cyclone based mobile extraction equipment or permanent central vacuum systems, Dustcontrol UK ensures that a tailored approach sees specific requirements accommodated.

"We've been manufacturing and supplying all of our own products for over 40 years and our solutions are extremely flexible," adds Jack. "If a permanent system is necessary, we can provide it. If it's highly portable, powerful dust extraction that's needed, we can provide it. We're happy to adapt our offering to suit specific needs. Our ethos is simply to provide technology for a healthy business."

Those interested in signing up for a free assessment should visit:


T: 01327 858001
E: [email protected]
W: www.dustcontroluk.co.uk

20th October 2016

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