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The tube is lightweight and highly portable and provides water on demand, on site. There were many things we liked about it, but one of the things that really impressed us was the way it dealt with the different water pressures one has to cope with, so th

Our first picture shows Dallas with the original design which itself has proved incredibly popular; our second shows the latest adaptation (and the one up for an award) which has the same sized filters and offers the same performance, yet weighs less than half as much as its older brother.

There's so much to tell you about this machine that we'll be covering it in more depth in a future issue of Cleanzine, where we can really do it justice.

We felt a little sorry for those working on the MP stand as their fragrant products were rather drowned out by a harsher smelling product nearby, but we took a sample away and can honestly say that their offering smells great.

MP is up for an Award in the chemicals section, for its Decontaminator. Ekin Saygi and Massimo Maestri explained that drains are not generally blocked by solid waste but by the fat and carbon-based sticky surfaces that hold the solids together. This matter causes sticks to the pipes, builds up, causes malodour and creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

Decontaminator rapidly clears blockages and prevents the matter causing the blockages from regrouping, yet unlike many other drain clearing products, it does not contain acids, caustic and solvents and is not a friendly bacteria derivative either.

"What makes this so special," explained Ekin, "is that unlike these other products which stop working as they move further down along the pipe, Decontaminator works just as well at the far end of the pipe as it does at the beginning."

The final product we reviewed for the Technical Award is Macro's Clever S01 which is offered as either a ride-on scrubber dryer or a sweeper. It is innovative as it has the same dimensions as a walk-behind machine and thus can be used in areas where space is tight, increasing both operator comfort and productivity. It's noteworthy in many other ways too.

Its clever dosing system improves cleaning and its battery system makes it perfect for cleaning for long periods without interruption. With the top of the range battery, charging can be completed within four hours; topping up is so simple that it can be carried out in short bursts while the operator is on a break.

What more can we tell you? The machine is easy to manoeuvre and has a low centre of gravity which means it can climb or descend 25 degree ramps safely... it sprays water in a way that means there is little waste... it's easy to fill and empty and does not have long lengths of cumbersome tubes... it has an easy to use chemical bucket that sits on top of the pump... the tank opens out fully for ease of cleaning... it has stainless steel squeegee holder and a HEPA filter...

"It was designed to strike a real balance between cost and productivity," said Stefano Abelli. "We believe we've succeeded and this is just the beginning."

See next week's issue of Cleanzine for the results of the Awards, together with more of what we saw at the show.


26th May 2011

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