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Road rage? How about exhibition rage?

One of the things I like about the layout though is that although there are several different halls (which some have said could be compacted so there's one fewer) the aisles are beautifully wide which means you can quickly bypass those who'd prefer to amble along - however busy it might be. People who like to wander can cause a major jam in shows that are more tightly packed with stands and as someone who likes to visit as many stands as possible and couldn't see everyone I wished to, even if the show lasted for a whole week, I find it incredibly frustrating to be stopped in my tracks simply because I can't get past people who seem to have all the time in the world.

Road rage? How about exhibition rage?

Another thing I absolutely love about the show's layout are the signposts. Have you ever wanted to visit a particular stand, worked out how to get there but have then been unable to reach your destination because the enormous and extravagant schemes you need to use to get your bearings, don't seem to be numbered?

One of these signposts is next to every stand in the venue, which makes navigation easy. Why on earth hasn't anyone done this before?

As we'd been invited to join the panel judging the Technical Press Award 2011, John and I decided that what we must do was visit all the finalists to find out more about the shortlisted products and what makes them so special.

First stop was Klindex, whose UFO is described as a 'manual planetary polisher for grinding and polishing counter tops, stairs, edged and narrow areas'.

"Thanks to its powerful motor and contrary-rotating planetary it is possible to grind and polish marble, granite and concrete," the company's Roberto Bibiano told us. "It differs from all the other machines on the market because of its robustness and its perfect balance.

26th May 2011

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