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RCM gears up to look after cleaning needs of Yamaha Motor Racing, Milan

* RCM-Yamaha.jpgAfter renewing its agreement with Yamaha Motor Racing for 2011, RCM has announced that it is to supply machines and services for the care of Yamaha's Superbike Department.

One of the new issues faced by the team was the cleaning of the resin floors in the workshop on which large Yamaha trucks inevitably leave tyre tracks. It's a common problem in many environments and garages in particular where you need to use specific products and techniques to effectively remove the rubber track marks without damaging the floor.

Having previously shared assessments and possible solutions that needed to be tested, Riccardo Lazzerini, who is responsible for cleaning professionals (the RCM training school) and Valeriano Zoppetti, RCM Director of the Milan branch, explained the latest proposals to the management and staff of YMR and WSBK (World Superbike) and specific test sessions are now being carried out at the various workplaces.

The new RCM scrubber-drier MEGA I, which this year has accompanied the Elan and the Bit, has already been hard at work at YMR, via the 'indirect' method, whereby the detergent is sprayed onto the surface and left to work for a few minutes. This has resulted in the rubber tracks disappearing and the pearl grey resin regaining its brightness by the final drying stage.

Another problem faced was that of the carpets in the hospitality units and in the pit garage at every World Championship race.

With an eye on environmental issues and aware that carpet is not easy to dispose of, YMR wished to try and keep it. In five days of it being walked on and food and lubricants being dropped on it, the carpet becomes unusable and until now has had to be replaced.

The MEGA I, with its ultra microfibre disc and anti-allergy detergent, has shown that it is possible to remove stains and deep clean the moquette, completely reviving the colour. The target for 2011 is to recover at least 50% of the carpets used in 12 European races.

After the tests were completed, RCM realised that with the careful training of professional cleaning personnel, it can provide technical and profitable solutions to Yamaha Motor Racing's cleaning problems.
The Yamaha management and staff involved in the tests and training wanted to personally express to Riccardo Lazzeri and Valeriano Zoppetti, their full satisfaction with the cleaning results, saying that with the new system, they could tangibly apply the concept of continuous improvement of the environmental management system ISO 14001, co-operating with competent partners for operations.

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30th June 2011

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