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AeroGlass liquid glass technology helps prevent the spread of infection

The recent E-coli outbreak in Germany - which rapidly spread to other European regions - again highlighted how air travel can be linked to the rapid spread of infection. Other than temperature monitoring, there is little that can be done to evaluate the health of the individuals who enter an aircraft, but now Frasers Aerospace is introducing a multi-award winning technology which will significantly reduce the bacterial loading present on surfaces within the aircraft and this technology is available for use in other situations too.

The system is based on SiO2 - a cutting-edge Nano Technology material better known as Silicon Dioxide, which is in-fact, Liquid Quartz Glass. When applied to any surface it creates a surface barrier, said to be 500 times thinner than human hair. It is an undetectable layer of pure glass which can be applied by spray or wipe to almost any surface. Once coated the surface is protected by a super durable, anti microbial coating which prevents the growth of bacteria such as E-coli; it cannot be wiped off, or worn away and does not in any way alter the 'feel' of any applied surface, including carpets.

The technology can be used on both the interior and exterior surfaces. On interior surfaces the coating offers a range of benefits which include anti bacterial protection, stain proofing, and easy clean characteristics.

Bryan Ribbans, General Manager of London based Frasers Aerospace, explains: "For instance, applying this product, which we call 'AeroGlass' means quite simply that the classic accident of a glass of red wine spilt onto a light-coloured carpet during operations and ruining it, is now a thing of the past. The wine cannot get into the carpet structure and is held in suspension, ready to be 'wicked' away leaving the carpet pile in the same previously perfect condition. Also, no independent cleaning materials will be required; just plain water and a wipe. Also, it is easy to apply, requiring no expensive equipment."

SiO2 technology has already been successfully evaluated by organisations such as the UK's NHS. The technology has been proven to provide a long term prophylactic benefit.

As Bryan notes, "We have been working with aerospace polishes, cleaners & coatings for many years but SiO2 Technology is truly stunning. AeroGlass will undoubtedly set new standards for the aviation industry."

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30th June 2011

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