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Decitex - Smart textiles' new microbre mop comprises 100% recycled materials

* DECITEX.jpgThe new Ultimate 3D Infinite is a short-life microfibre mop, eco-designed with 100% recycled material and certified by the Nordic Swan ecolabel.

The perfect marriage between textile innovation and respect for the environment, it is the ideal solution to the needs of hygiene & health professionals.

Designed with patented Ultimate technology, the mop is made in Europe, in the company's workshops. Tested according to EN16615 standards, it demonstrates a bacteriological average reduction of 99.999% on staphylococcus aureus (-5.01 log). It is perfect for floor bio-cleaning protocols with microfibre and water.

With an extremely low microparticle loss rate (category A - Low), the Ultimate 3D Infinite is guaranteed to be washable up to 80 times under the most extreme conditions (bleach, high-washing and drying temperatures etc). Its light weight, at 26g, reduces laundry costs and the consumption of water, chemicals etc. and helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

"At Decitex, we are constantly seeking to innovate while improving the design and carbon footprint of each of our products," says Nils Riancho, Decitex - Smart textiles. "Developing a product from a recycling centre is another step towards contributing to the circular economy and environmental protection.

"With this mop made of 100% recycled materials, Decitex wants to respond to the UN's sustainable development objectives, mainly objective no.9 which promotes innovation and objective no.12 which promotes responsible consumption and production.

"In 2019, Decitex obtained the Nordic Swan eco-label for 17 products in the range and their different versions. This is a further step in our responsible
production and actions in line with an ever more environmentally friendly company development. All products manufactured by Decitex are designed to be
smart, more sustainable, efficient and - above all - innovative in their market sector applications."

The Nordic Swan ecolabel is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries. Its objective is to reduce the environmental impact of consumption and production.
In terms of specifications, it assesses the entire lifecycle of products, from raw materials to production, use, disposal and recycling. The requirements of this eco-label encourage the sustainable use of resources, recycling, reuse and waste reduction throughout the lifecycle of the eco-labelled products and services.


27th May 2021

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