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Excel Dryer UK launches XLERATORsync: A revolutionary leap in washroom technology that elevates hygiene, safety and efficiency to new levels

* Excel-Dryer-3taps.jpgExcel Dryer UK has announced the launch of XLERATORsync, a washroom solution that combines soap, water and air with a custom washbasin in a single location.

The XLERATORsync dryer is the latest innovative deployment of Excel Dryer's cutting-edge technology. Beneath its modern exterior, the dryer houses technology developed with NASA rocket scientists to ensure optimal hand drying performance.

This performance is coupled with high-calibre safety, delivered by the XLERATOR HEPA filtration system. In tests, the system was bombarded with 380 million viruses, whose particles range in size from 16.5 - 604.3 nanometres. The end results found that the system prevented 99.999% of particles passing.

* Excel_Dryer-tap.jpgDesigned from the ground up, XLERATORsync incorporates the latest XLERATOR dryer technology with an exclusively designed custom washbasin based on Ha-Ha drainage principles. The angles of the XLERATORsync's custom wash basin are designed to deflect water away from the user, eliminating splashes and delivering invisible drainage.

The fabrication of the custom washbasin is the subject of an exclusive relationship between Excel Dryer and HI-MACS. The basin is manufactured using HI-MACS’ Natural Stone, an acrylic/mineral mix which is then coloured using natural pigments to create a smooth, non-porous, visually seamless surface - adding more hygiene safety to the proposition.

Customisation of the XLERATORsync system is extensive. In addition to bespoke measurements that ensure the system fits its surroundings, the custom washbasins are available in over 100 colours. While dryer branding can include colour variations, both the dryer and basin can be designed to incorporate your logo. The XLERATORsync system can be provided with touchless soap and water tap dispensers, but also supports the water and soap dispensers you want, ensuring the system feels right for your users, and integrates perfectly into your washroom.

Described as the future of green washroom design, the XLERATORsync delivers an outstanding experience for washroom users and operators alike. Multiple controls beneath the counter allow granular control over dryer temperature and speed settings, giving operators greater control over energy usage.

In Q2 2021, Excel Dryer UK engaged in a research project looking at the expectations of washroom users, research findings included:

* 70% want to see more technology solutions used in washrooms
* More than a third rank washroom noise as an irritant
* Minimising the time spent in a washroom is deemed essential by users
* Users are looking for elegant, unified experiences that make them feel comfortable

The XLERATORsync system meets the needs of washroom users and operators alike.

"Users are getting a cleaner, more hygienic experience from XLERATORsync,” comments Simeon Barnes, Excel Dryer UK managing director.
“With HEPA filtering removing 99.999% of bacteria and viruses from the air, optimal drainage and touchless operation, communal contamination risks are reduced. Placing everything a user needs sinkside, optimises their journey, so they can attain the highest level of cleanliness, without spending extra time in the washroom. This is reassuring in the wake of the pandemic.

"The combination of Excel Dryer technology with HI-MACS’ Natural Stone is a revolutionary leap for washrooms. For the first time ever, a unified hand washing experience is available within a specifically designed system that can be bespoke tailored to its environment. Incorporating all the elements of hand washing into a single point creates efficiencies for washroom operators and reduces washroom time for users.

* Excel_Dryer-washroom.jpg"We're currently making appointments to see the system in action, but with one eye on continued public safety, we'll come to you. Our interactive showroom shows multiple deployments of the XLERATORsync system, allowing you to see the different deployments the system is capable of. You'll also be able to see a selection of the customisation options available."

The XLERATORsync system is a revolution in washroom hygiene. It gives users the hygiene safety they expect from a public washroom and it gives washroom operators peace of mind knowing that their establishment is contributing to that safety.

To find out more about the XLERATORsync, explore configuration options or to book an appointment with the interactive showroom, visit:


1st July 2021

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