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21st Birthday celebrations for Zybax

* Zybax-21st.jpg21 years ago, Zybax was launched with a clear goal of delivering world-class solutions to tackle problems such as unpleasant odours and blocked drains. Zybax gets nature to work for you by using non-toxic, non-pathogenic micro-organisms to digest the problems at source.

The company is continuing to develop new products providing sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions and will shortly be launching a range of super concentrates with reduced packaging and clever dosing options.

The first range was just five products all using the company's signature fragrance of fresh mint - OdourMaster, OdourMaster Tablets, ClogMaster, PottiMaster and ChannelMaster.

Dominic Barnes, managing director, has overseen the inception, development, growth and success of Zybax: "We have worked so hard at keeping Zybax at the forefront of biological cleaning technologies and we will be striving to keep that number one position for another 21 years!" he says.

BioBax, the manufacturing company behind Zybax, has a strong reputation for developing innovative, effective and environment-friendly alternatives, carrying out research, development and manufacturing in-house or using local suppliers where possible.

Significant development of the range has occurred since that launch 21 years ago, with the incredible new supramolecular odour counteractor AQfresh being added to the latest product - Advance.

Ultra, meanwhile, a concentrated odour eliminator and multi-surface cleaner, is showing continued success with its four active odour eliminators, which make it highly effective against a huge variety of odours ranging from urine, vomit and sour milk, to refuse and faeces. Its enzymes cut through any biofilm normally made from residual dirt, left-over surfactants and bad bacteria, leaving the friendly Zybax bacteria dominating the area, where they break down waste into harmless by-products such as water and carbon dioxide. Instant action Odourbond - a specially formulated odour-bonding reagent, attacks any odours on a molecular level, changing the structure so you can no longer smell it.


21st October 2021

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