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'Grow as You Go' system offers 'Crossover Cleaning'

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Kaivac, developer of the No-Touch Cleaning system, a game changer for the professional cleaning industry, is now pioneering an entirely new 'Grow as You Go' cleaning concept called Crossover Cleaning, which is also expected to be revolutionary.

Crossover Cleaning includes Kaivac's new OmniFlex customised cleaning tools.

These are inexpensive modular components that allow professionals to customise a cleaning system to meet their specific needs while moving away from traditional and less effective string mops and buckets.

The patented OmniFlex Crossover system offers these optional components:

* The KaiMotion Flex trolley-bucket
* Heavy-duty handle with built-in storage tray for tools
* Wet/dry vacuum designed for commercial and industrial floor maintenance
* 150 psi 'Black Box' pump for indoor pressure rinsing and chemical injection (used in the spray-and-squeegee and spray-and-vac configurations)
* Components that can be configured into complete spray-and-vac, spray-and-squeegee, and dispense-and-vac systems to meet a variety of multi surface cleaning needs
* A super durable down-pressure wringer for the trolley-bucket

According to Tom Morrison, Vice President of Marketing for Kaivac, the OmniFlex system's foundation is the 10-gallon trolley-bucket that allows users to precisely apply fresh cleaning solution to hard-surface floors, preventing chemical contamination.

"From here, users can add components as needed," he says.

The components are all designed for use in restaurants and foodservice areas, schools, small restrooms, offices, and many other areas. Tom adds that initial tests also indicate the system is 30 times more effective at removing soils and contaminants from surfaces than more traditional mopping.

"This is our ultimate goal for Crossover Cleaning and the OmniFlex system: to help end users 'cross over' from traditional mopping to an inexpensive system that is faster, safer, healthier, and more hygienic," he says.

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28th July 2011

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