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No-Water Urinals: survey reveals misconceptions

A July 2011 survey by Waterless Co., manufacturer of no-water urinal systems and related washoom products, asked some 500 facilities managers how waterless urinals compare to traditional urinals.

The seven-question survey touched upon cleaning and maintenance issues and how fast a no-water system pays for itself due to reduced water and sewer charges. According to the replies, 40% believed a no-water unit costs more than a water-using urinal. Another 40% believed the costs "were about the same," and 20% said they were less.

Further, 60% believed it cost about the same to install either system; 40% thought it was less.

Klaus Reichardt, chief executive officer and founder of Waterless Co., says: "A waterless system typically costs less (to purchase and install) than a conventional flush urinal because it has fewer plumbing components."

Other findings include:

* Some 40% believed cleaning and maintaining water/waterless urinals was about the same, 40% said it took more time to clean a waterless urinal while 20% said it took less.

* Asked what causes urinal malodors, 60% indicated it was due to urine deposits while most of the rest said it was due to "lack of flushing."

* The key sanitation issues managers said they experience with water-using urinals were flushing that expels contaminants on surrounding surfaces and touching the flush valve contamination.

* As to how fast a waterless urinal can pay for itself, (as a result of reduced water/sewer charges) 40% indicted six to 12 months, 20% said 15 to 24 months and the rest said more than 24 months.

"The responses were a mixed bag," says Klaus Reichardt.

For instance, he was glad facility managers knew water urinals could disperse contaminants because that can be a health concern.

"But unexpected were answers as to costs and the longer payback periods," he says. "I guess we have a little more educating to do on no-water urinal systems."

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11th August 2011

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