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John and I were saying yesterday that it seems like a lifetime since we broadcast our last issue.  Of course 11th August wasn't actually that far back but I suppose it would seem that way when you consider we've been producing Cleanzine week in, week out, for almost 10 years, with 'dailies' broadcast from some of the exhibitions. This is our 485th issue!

Although when we started we were aiming at UK readers, we now have more than 80,000 readers in 148 countries throughout the world. Although 40,000-plus of you are in the UK, a further 20,000 of you are reading this from the US, while the other 20,000 of you are living in other countries - many of which I've never visited.

We'd love to receive and then broadcast your news - whichever part of the world you're from. After all we face many of the same problems and it may be that you have the solution to an issue that has had us all flummoxed for years - why not try sharing?

One gentleman who's got in touch with us is Ed Selkow, who hails from the US. He's agreed to share some of his thoughts with us over the coming months.

The leading, preaching, and teaching you'll get from Ed is on an entirely different level not generally available from others who offer advice. They may have had success in owning a janitorial business once or twice or held important positions with large companies. Their experience may bring some helpful insights. However, Ed's journey through our industry has been so long, broad, deep, and wide, that he can offer expertise he feels no-one else can match. He can tell you who to listen to and which are a waste of your hard-earned money.

Ed started as a kid with a mop and a bucket. As a starving college student, he thought he was just taking on a temporary job to pay for tuition, books, and dorm expenses. Little did he know the incredible business opportunities that were possible in the janitorial industry. But Ed's a smart guy. He started to learn faster and better ways of doing things, how things worked in the business, and what doesn't. He got to know his clients. He sought out the advice of industry leaders and listened to them.

After 35 years of making friends and solving problems, Ed has stacked up an impressive depth of experience and knowledge of the janitorial industry. Through his own personal success (and just as importantly, his failures), he believes he has truly mastered every phase and level of the entire lifecycle of this industry. And he has the war stories and the battle scars to prove it. Ed has been inside an extensive array of 25 janitorial companies of all sizes, from startups to huge national corporations. He owned seven of them completely or in part, and held various leading roles within the others.

You can read Ed's first Cleanzine blog further down the page...



Jan Hobbs

1st September 2011

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