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Ecoray can help with infection control during Covid-19 and beyond

* Willmop-smaller.jpgThe Ecoray system is a totally autonomous addition to the range of Grande Brio Scrubber Dryers and Willmop vertical scrubber dryers from TSM Italy - brought to the UK market in an exclusive partnership with Hooper Services in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Using UV Technology to destroy micro-organisms on a cellular level, the Ecoray system can destroy up to 97% of bacteria, mould or viruses without the use of a chemical.

The system sits behind the squeegee at the back of the machine and turns on automatically when the machine is in use, so there is no need for any training or maintenance.

There are many benefits to using the system in, for example; schools, offices, hospitals, doctors' surgeries and various other industries. The system doesn't produce ozone, it can reduce odours and pollutants contaminating the floor which would subsequently reduce symptoms of allergies, asthma and other diseases.

The system has been independently tested by one of Italy's top oncology institutes, the CRO National Cancer Institute near Venice, which has shown that in the areas tested just using water, one with public access and another with restricted access, have a significant reduction of between 96.5% and 100% of micro-organisms in the points tested.

As the testing at the CRO suggests, maintenance of floor areas can be completed in just one pass with the Ecoray system mounted, saving time, money, chemicals and maintaining infection control standards.

An article published in the American Journal of Infection Control in 2017, states that a person doesn't need to touch a floor for the bacteria to transfer to them, all it needs is for another object to have been in contact with the floor to be handled by the person, so it has been suggested that floor areas should be classified as 'critical' in maintaining infection control standards.

“TSM is a fantastic range; very well engineered, made to last and offering excellent cleaning ability,” says Ian Hooper.
Ian argues that because TSM machines are low-maintenance, they are an excellent investment since a machine that requires regular and perhaps costly maintenance can be a false economy.
“Maintenance costs can hit your pocket on a contract and affect your bottom line,” he warns. “The new Willmop50 Ecoray will significantly reduce cleaning time. Let’s face it; time is money and with the shortage of labour in the cleaning industry this equipment could really help, doing the equivalent of 55 minutes of mopping in around 3.6 minutes, thus offering a significant time saving and a much better clean.”

www.hooperservices.co.uk / www.tsmitaly.com

11th August 2022

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