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Steam cleaning the easy way

* Polti_Steam_and_Walk.jpgSteam is an ideal resource for cleaning and disinfecting. It acts as a natural surface-active agent, dissolving grease particles and reaching even the most inaccessible areas. Heat allows steam to detach and dissolve dirt, freeing and capturing all grease, germs, bacteria and dust mite particles in its passage, delivering an extraordinarily fast, safe and hygienic system. With steam cleaning there is no cross-contamination and there is no need to disinfect cleaning utensils after use.

Polti's Steam & Walk, which so impressed John and I when we checked it out at Pulire in Verona, is now widely available. Ideal for normally hard-to-steam-clean areas such as walls and ceilings, stairwells and large flooring, this mobile mop and steam unit allows the user complete freedom of movement whilst cleaning... and because of its versatility, it can be used for a number of cleaning purposes and surfaces including vertical and ceiling cleaning.

Traditional mop and bucket methods simply move dirt around surfaces without eliminating it. Immediately after a standard mop is submersed, water becomes dirty and cross contamination can occur when this water is put back onto surfaces. The new Polti Steam & Walk ensures that this never happens as each steam emission is clean and free from contamination.

The Steam and Walk incorporates the Polti patented double button for steam release; allowing steam to be released when the brush is gently pressed over the surfaces.

Included in the kit are five Microfibre cloths for smooth surfaces and five Microfibre cloths for rough surfaces, ensuring all potential surfaces can be covered with no need to swap machines. And because the Steam and Walk features the Polti auto-refill system it has unlimited operating time, allowing the user consistent usage for quick and efficient professional cleaning.


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8th September 2011

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