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Facilities managers asked their thoughts about green cleaning chemicals

Enviro-Solutions, which manufactures certified, proven-green cleaning chemicals, surveyed US facilities managers recently regarding a variety of green cleaning chemical issues.

Some 55% reported that they are currently using green cleaning chemicals in their facilities; 25% indicated that they are not. The remainder reported that they use them only intermittently.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 80% of those now using green cleaning chemicals reported that they tried chemicals from different manufacturers before making their final product selection.

"We encourage end-customers to try different products from different manufacturers and [even] different distributors," says Mark Warner, Director of Training for Enviro-Solutions.

"This helps ensure that they are getting the most effective products along with the training and support they may need."

Other findings of the survey included:

* 55% use green chemicals from different manufacturers; 45% indicate that all of their products are from the same company.

* Asked if their custodial workers were happy about changing to green cleaning chemicals, 30% said "yes", 35% said "no" and the remainder did not care either way.

* Questioned whether building management or the janitorial distributor met with building occupants and custodial workers to discuss why the facility was transferring to green cleaning, 60% said "yes", 35" said "no" and 5% said they were "not sure".

Mark Warner says that the survey also had a couple of surprises...

For example, while 50% of the respondents indicated that they like green cleaning chemical, 30% said that they do not. The others had no opinion.

"Even though they were not necessarily using our products, we had hoped that the favourable responses would be higher because we are strong supporters of green cleaning," he says.

The other surprise was more favourably received in as much as 80% of those surveyed, found the costs of green cleaning chemicals to be "about the same" as conventional chemicals.

"This is good news because cost differences really are less a concern today than years ago," says Mark.

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8th September 2011

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