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Visitors wrecking attempts to keep Indian hospital clean

Attempts to keep the 19.4-acre Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, India, are being thwarted by the disrespect shown by some 10,000-odd out-patients and visitors, who litter the place with plastic bags, covers and paper waste - and even attend nature's call in the open, reports The Hindu.

The publication also reveals that CMCH employees must take some of the blame, as bedding material, unused cots and the like have been dumped in the grounds too!

It reports that every day, some 5,000 outpatients and attendants of nearly 1,300 in-patients visit, taking with them food in plastic sachets and carrier bags - most of which end up in the hospital premises although only some are placed in a bin.

Speaking to a Hindu reporter, Mr A. Mathivanan, Superintendent, CMCH, explained that the CMCH has employed nearly 50 sanitary workers to clean the hospital. These workers clean the open area, wards and drainage and public washrooms, collect rubbish and hand it over to the Coimbatore Corporation.

He said that the CMCH did initiate measures to control the inflow of plastic bags/materials into the premises but could not sustain it. "We deployed personnel to screen visitors for plastic bags," he said. "The exercise was successful for about two months. Thereafter the situation returned to normality."

It is the visitors who attend nature's call in the open and also spit inside and outside the wards that are causing the worst problems though, with pan-stained walls and blind alleys that stink of urine, paying testament to the lack of respect they show the facility.

Mr. Mathivanan said that urination in the open does happen, but argues that it is not because the CMCH does not have facilities - there are both free and pay-to-use toilets.

He revealed that the hospital is doing all it can to improve the situation and has asked the Government to approved the employment of more staff to tackle the problem, It is expected that 10 new employees will soon be filling existing vacancies.

The CMCH has also appointed a private agency to handle medical waste, which is now collected from the premises and taken for incineration.

15th September 2011

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