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SOAPBOX: ‘The cost of going Green’, by Michael Richardson, CEO, The Perfect Little Company

* Green.jpg“There's been much written about funding for Green projects but very little on how ‘going green’ saves money. So with the aid of over 60 UK corporates, we've done a little calculation to highlight just one example, vacuuming in offices.

Most offices use a tub vacuum for cleaning, but 20% of the FTSE's first to sign up to the UN's Race to Zero programme use a robotic vacuum called Abbee. The result is that just by swapping to a lower £ cost vacuuming option, CO2 emissions are also reduced…

So much CO2 that if every office in London followed the lead of the Corporates we work with, it would be the equivalent of planting about 100,000 trees, or over 100 football pitches worth of forest.

The calculation…

Based on 10,000sq.ft of space - total space in London 26 billion sq.m - source Savoy Stewart.

CO2 emissions (annually):
Tub vacuum - 350 kWh energy - 140Kgs CO2e
Abbee Robots - 135 kWh energy - 54Kgs CO2e
Saving 86Kgs of CO2 every year per 10,000sq.ft. of space (London, 260 billion sq.ft).”

The Perfect Little company (TPLC) was formed in 2015 with the aim of introducing robots into the commercial cleaning marketplace. Over the last eight years, TPLC has developed easy to deploy and effective vacuuming robots that are now in use in some of the largest UK organisations.

The Oxfordshire-based manufacturer and supplier of commercial robotic vacuum cleaners has a GB patent on its UK manufactured ‘Hive’ trolley, which is used to store, charge and transport 10 ‘Abbee’ robot vacuum cleaners.

The Hive trolley has a footprint about the size of an open tabloid newspaper and weighing less than 50kgs when full, is light and easy to move. Abbee is the name of the robot vacuum; Abbee is based on a Chinese robot chassis that is then modified in the UK to suit various types of floor and environments ranging from vast open plan offices and warehouses to small classrooms in primary schools.



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