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Protect fleets from glare and dirt build-up

* Kleentec.jpgDriving can be hazardous whatever the conditions but tends to be worse at this time of year when those who have walked or cycled during warmer weather take to the roads again, causing noticeable increases in traffic and longer journey times.

Add to this the inevitable extra dirt on the windscreen, along with a debilitating glare from bright sunshine low in the sky during the day, or light scatter from headlights and streetlights on windscreens and side windows at night, and things become positively dangerous. A solution is, however, at hand.

Kleentec offers a proven product that treats glass to improve visibility in all weathers and in all lights. It is, in effect, a clear, non-stick coating that bonds with the glass to form an invisible, protective layer. As well as protecting new glass to which it is applied, it works equally well on old glass, which it will renovate and protect from further degradation, improving visibility.

“This process actually alters the surface of the glass, cutting glare and making it non-stick, leaving it optically clearer,” says Kleentec’s CEO Nigel Whittaker. “What we're applying to the glass is not a coating in the conventional sense or simply paint or varnish. We're actually bonding an invisible layer to the glass and altering the surface properties of the glass itself.

“It improves safety and visibility not just in fleets but for anyone operating a vehicle or equipment which has glass, such as buses and trains - and even cranes and manual handling equipment.

“Used on a boat or ferry it will limit any glare reflecting off of the water, since light
passes directly through the treated glass and does not refract within the glass's pores like it does through a piece of untreated glass.

“As it makes the glass perfectly smooth, contaminants can no longer enter the pores of the glass. Dirt, bugs & bird droppings simply wash away, making maintenance of the vehicle or equipment far easier and less time-consuming.

“It performs brilliantly well on shower screens and glass façades, too. The possibilities are endless.”

Other benefits of the product include:

• Prevention of hard water staining
• Prevention of salt water degradation
• Improves overall appearance

The product is now widely available throughout the world, with representatives already in place in Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Norway and Italy and negotiations taking place in several more countries.

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9th November 2023

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