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Unger UK supports Keep Britain Tidy's 'Love Where You Live' campaign

* Unger-volunteers.jpgUnger UK has become a corporate supporter of Keep Britain Tidy - and rather than just make a donation, the cleaning equipment manufacturer got down and dirty in the charity's first big clean up event in Croydon last week, as part of 'Love Where You Live' campaign.

Unger provided litter pickers for the volunteers and Kirstie Allsop, a celebrity ambassador of Keep Britain Tidy, used the NiftyNabber grabber. Matt Hodgkins, Unger UK's National Sales Manager, also joined the volunteers on the day in London - he was given all the 'heavy duty' tasks!

* Unger-Kirsty-NiftyNabber.jpgKeep Britain Tidy's 'Love Where You Live' national anti-littering campaign, involves some of the world's biggest brands (including McDonald's, Wrigley and Imperial Tobacco), government, local authorities, voluntary organisations, schools and communities, with a view to taking action to tackle the problems of litter, dog fouling, fly-tipping and graffiti that can blight the places we love.

New research from Keep Britain Tidy shows that, as a nation, the English really do love where they live.

The charity's new Word on our Street survey*, published last week, shows that the appearance of the local area concerns people more than the level of services provided by the NHS, traffic congestion or global warming - and that level of concern has risen in the past 12 months from 63% to 70%.

The aftermath of this Summer's riots revealed the extent to which people care about their communities. Spontaneously, people came together to clean up the mess left behind.

Love Where You Live is about taking that desire to live in clean and tidy places and turning it into a long-term campaign of activity by all sections of the community.

Kirstie said: "By taking small actions, we can make a big difference and tackle the problem of litter that blights our beautiful country.

"I hope everyone will get out there and support Love Where You Live. We all have a role to play and it is not someone else's responsibility to clean up, it is everyone's responsibility."


* The Word on our Street key findings

- When asked which litter types the public considered to be a particular problem in their local area, people most commonly mentioned cigarettes, followed by fast-food packaging, cans and bottles, confectionery wrappers and chewing gum.

- Members of the public were asked how important certain neighbourhood issues were in their local area and how satisfied they were with them. How an area looks and young people hanging around the streets were issues identified as most in need of improvement.

- The public's top three concerns were the economic situation, the price of petrol at the pump and the appearance of their local area.

- Members of the public who were satisfied with how their area looked were significantly more likely to be satisfied with how safe they felt in their area.

- The survey also examined the public's level of guilt. The act of dropping litter still elicited the highest level of guilt of all the acts asked about, with seven out of 10 saying they would feel guilty for dropping litter. They feel more guilty about dropping litter than they do about 'taking a sickie' from work, driving at 90mph on the motorway or annoying neighbours by making a noise.

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27th October 2011

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