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St Pancras International's cleaning runs as scheduled, thanks to Rubbermaid

* Rubbermaid-StPancras.jpgSince its completion in 1868, London's St Pancras International has undergone a wealth of changes. Today it spans 8,000 square meters and is the terminus for Britain's only high speed railway lines. Such a destination attracts a staggering 300,000 passengers each day and following the opening of a new ticket hall in 2009, it also incorporates a wide range of additional facilities such as shopping and restaurants.

Cleaning personnel must cover all areas of the station, from the ticketing offices to the 15 platforms, as well as external areas, which include the station's taxi ranks. A particular challenge is an absence of waste bins, for security reasons. This results in a constant litter issue, which means the station requires cleaning staff to be on duty at all times.

"The cleaning is a 24 hour process and we have up to 30 operatives on each shift at any given time of the day and night," confides Paul Mclean, Account Manager at Rentokil Initial, which has the contract to clean the facility.

"Our clients are always monitoring us, to make sure that we deliver the kind of clean that we have set out to do. And that's why it's important that we use the right products, the right systems and the right applications whenever we deliver any form of cleaning here."

After winning the contract, Rentokil Initial found that it needed to update the cleaning regime to provide a more reliable and efficient service. The new solution needed to be able to meet the various challenges involved while also allowing for flexibility due to the conditions of the station changing frequently. It embarked on a mission to find a robust cleaning process that would ensure the station's hygiene standards were improved.

The contractor saw Rubbermaid as the ideal company to provide a reliable solution and selected a wide range of its cleaning solutions. These include the Pulse microfibre floor cleaning systems and Microfibre Carts, which have all helped to improve efficiency both in terms of time and labour.

Rentokil Initial's main reason for choosing Rubbermaid was the quality of its products, in particular the distinctive and aesthetically-pleasing Microfibre Carts, which allow the contractor to portray a clearly visible, professional image of the cleaning programme to everyone within the station and help the management of St Pancras International recognise the constant level of work the cleaners are providing.

The carts are effective mobile workstations for the cleaners and carry up to four colour-coded buckets and feature separated waste compartments, thus providing a simple yet effective way of reducing cross-contamination.

Furthermore, the contractor has found repairs to be infrequent, with the new Rubbermaid solutions proving to be hardwearing - ensuring staff can remain operational at all times and in all situations.

The products enable Rentokil Initial to exercise its environmentally-friendly ethos as the design of the Microfibre Carts encourages the recycling of waste while the Pulse Kit, with Microfibre Mop Pads, reduces overall water usage.

* Rubbermaid-movie-link.jpgRubbermaid's products have introduced a series of benefits to St Pancras International (you can watch the movie interview with Paul Mclean, Account Manager at Rentokil Initial by clicking here.)

Professional appeal:

One of Rentokil Initial's main concerns was that the outdated cleaning system was unprofessional in its appearance. Rubbermaid's solution provided Rentokil Initial with a professional image, which portrayed a well-run, efficient cleaning company. The equipment used previously was unclean and was easily damaged, while Rubbermaid's robust and reliable products provide a refreshing and noticeable alternative.

Improved efficiency and productivity:

The Microfibre Carts allow all equipment to be carried within the same unit as well as providing additional space for water. This simple yet effective innovation aids efficiency, increasing the time available for cleaning.

"Since using Rubbermaid, we have received productivity and efficiency gains of approximately 25%, as we are able to get a lot more out of each cleaning operative," reveals Paul Mclean.

A safer environment:

A major problem with the old cleaning system was cross-contamination. Paul explains:

"Previously, cleaners were using cloths in the toilet areas, and using the same cloths to wipe the hand rails in the main concourse."

Rubbermaid has eliminated this problem by introducing a colour-coded system, encouraging the use of a different colour per area, which eliminates cross-contamination.

"On the health & safety side of things, we have found that the Pulse Microfibre Floor Cleaning System has been the one product that has really stood out from the Rubbermaid items," says Paul.

"Because of the reduction in the amount of water and cleaning chemical that we need to put onto the floor now to clear up any spillages, we find that trips and slips are eliminated."

Whereas surfaces that have been cleaned with traditional mops can take around 10 minutes to dry, the Microfibre Mop Pads allow surfaces to dry within approximately 90 seconds. This dramatically reduces the risk of accidents and also limits the time that floor space is unavailable to the public, which is vital in such a busy station.

Environmentally aware:

The environment is becoming an ever growing concern for many companies and Rubbermaid provided an attractive proposition for Rentokil Initial.

Compartmentalised waste:

As Rentokil Initial is an environmentally-friendly organisation, the method of waste disposal was an important factor to consider when selecting the correct cleaning solution. The Microfibre Carts encourage sustainability as they allow waste to be compartmentalised, which means certain materials can be recycled creating a more environmentally-friendly

Water reduction:

Rubbermaid's Microfibre floor cleaning systems are very effective at removing dirt while using minimal amounts of water, as well as reducing the chemicals required for cleaning. This is not only important environmentally, but also as a safety precaution by ensuring potential trips are reduced.

Strong understanding of customers:

Rubbermaid understands the importance of building a relationship with the client to provide an effective service, which meets its every need.

Says Paul Mclean: "The Rubbermaid representative was very helpful, he visited and completed an in-depth consultation process so he could identify firstly, exactly what our challenges were with this contract and secondly, recommend the solutions."

The in-depth knowledge provided by the sales representatives at Rubbermaid was key to him securing the contract with Rentokil Initial.

"We chose Rubbermaid mainly because the sales representative seemed to really know what he was talking about, Rubbermaid invested a lot of time in coming down and demonstrating how its products actually work, and it seemed to be less about trying to sell volume, but far more about trying to sell the right type of product," says Paul.

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27th October 2011

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