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New SoChlor environmental disinfection portfolio aids infection prevention

GV Health's new SoChlor portfolio of environmental disinfection products draws on the manufacturer's expertise in infection prevention to help infection control specialists, healthcare cleaning professionals and facilities managers provide cleaner healthcare environments.

Good hygiene is vital for preventing HCAIs in hospitals. The National Cleaning Manual recommends the use of chlorine based disinfection products at suitable strength. However, a number of studies have found that inadequate disinfection strength resulting from degradation of the chlorine following extended storage and incorrect dilution is a major cause of ineffective cleaning.

SoChlor addresses both problems by delivering chlorine in tablet and granule form rather than as a liquid. Supplies of disinfectant are made up in-situ and on demand using a specially designed diluter. Two different strengths can be made, for general environmental cleaning and for more serious terminal and barrier cleaning, both to the correct level of dilution. SoChlor tablets have been developed to achieve the optimum balance between compact storage, speed of dissolving and simplicity for users.

SoChlor DST provides a further advance in that the detergent-sanitising tablets combine an anionic surfactant with chlorine to deliver an effective detergent sanitiser, for significant productivity gains for environmental, terminal and outbreak cleaning. Tests in a leading general hospital have shown that by using the combined DST rather than following the traditional clean-rinse-disinfect process, cleaning times can be significantly reduced without any increase in infection risk.

SoChlor Granules are super-absorbent and used to neutralise and absorb spillages of biohazards such as blood, urine and vomit, prior to cleaning of the spill area. Absorbent granules are a key part of GV Health's spill cleaning kits for biohazards, noroviruses, chemicals and cytotoxins and all the spill kits are currently being upgraded to deploy the latest SoChlor range. The kits are available in NHS hospitals on exclusive supply contracts through NHS Supply Chain.

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10th November 2011

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