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B & V Water Treatment's new Absulox kills all harmful microbes

A new product that kills harmful water borne microbes, including legionella and pseudomonas, has been launched by one of the UK's leading water treatment companies.

B & V Water Treatment, which was recently named one of the brightest companies in the UK by the Daily Telegraph, expects sales of Absulox, launched this Autumn, to be nothing less than phenomenal as users experience its efficacy at wiping out pathogens from their water systems.

Absulox has been designed for companies in the healthcare, food, engineering and leisure industries - indeed anywhere that legionella and other waterborne microbes are likely to thrive.

The company is in late stage talks with a number of Primary Care Trusts and the NHS at senior level over its use in water hygiene because of the product's proven ability to wipe out high profile hospital killers such as Legionella and E Coli.

Extensive research has shown not only does the fast acting substance eliminate pathogens within seconds, but regular use of the product means they don't return to water systems. It has already helped a number of customers eliminate Legionella and pseudomonas problems from their water systems within days of being introduced.

"Absulox is going to have major ramifications due to the exceptional efficacy of Absulox and the technology and expertise behind it," says B & V's head of product development, Richard Sinden, who has spent 20 years in the global biocides business and is cited as co-inventor of a number of patents used in the water treatment industry.

"Absulox is a new weapon in the fight against Legionella and other waterborne bacteria and is therefore potentially life-saving technology."

Current customers include a blue chip international food company, government departments, various hospitals and leading leisure facilities.

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10th November 2011

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