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Leader 10th November 2011

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Like everyone else there, you leave the event late that afternoon on a high and proud to be part of such a wonderful industry made up of hard-working and committed people who have a passion for their cause, which makes such a difference to everyone's lives.

You arrive at Lancaster Gate Tube station (the nearest to the hotel) and see several well-heeled women who've obviously attended the event (as they too are carrying the gold goody bags handed out to departing guests) pass you on the platform.

A couple of minutes later a now empty goody bag wafts back down the platform and onto the tracks.

Cleaning - a wonderful industry made up of committed people who have a passion for their cause? Let's change that to the majority of us.

And if you're the culprit (or know who she was)... My day was spoiled and some poor cleaner will have had to fish that empty goody bag up from the tracks. To drop litter is bad enough, but to be part of the industry and then drop litter when you've spent all afternoon celebrating cleaners' efforts, well, it disgusts me.

If you dropped that bag (or even if you were with the person that did and let her get away with it) you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself!

10th November 2011

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