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New pads perfect for terrazzo and concrete cleaning and polishing

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KGS has developed a range of diamond floor pads for cleaning and polishing concrete and terrazzo, which cuts costs and helps the environment by eliminating the need for chemical polishes. It can be used under a wide variety of equipment including scrubber driers, three head, UHS burnishers and propane burnishers.

The system is not labour intensive and work can be undertaken during the normal cleaning operation by using KGS Flexis FM diamond pads instead of traditional pads or brushes. It is a very simple process using existing equipment and staff and can be completed as part of the daily cleaning routine.

For wet use, a minimum speed of 150 rpm together with a minimum head weight of 40Kgs is required for effective operation. Auto scrubbers produce exceptional results with a full water tank adjusted to medium /maximum water flow. Using the open weave diamond pad the resulting flushing action washes away soil and residues producing a finer finish.

Fro dry use, the technology of the KGS Flexis FM diamond pad is designed to withstand high speed without generating high heat, although a vacuum is required to remove and control any dust. The pads work well under propane burnishers at 2,400 rpm with no adverse effects on the pad. The open weave of the pad allows free air flow which gives greater dust collection during use and keeps the pad cool.

KGS Flexis FM pads are available in four grit sizes. Only five passes with each grit level is normally sufficient before moving to the next diamond pad:

Coarse No 1 will remove a thin layer from the surface, deeply cleaning the surface, removing surface scratches and leaving a smooth clean floor with a honed silk finish.

Medium No 2 will remove slight imperfections. At this point the surface is starting to close and KGS Flexis FM diamond leaves an economical silky finish.

Fine No 3 - the polishing sequence is starting and this pad will leave a semi-reflective finish on most surfaces. Many supermarkets are satisfied with this level of polish as it leaves an easy clean slip resistant shine.

Very Fine No 4 - This grade leaves a clear reflective shine on the floor surface. If used daily it will both maintain and continue to improve the polish over time.

Our picture shows a 'before & after' shot of a terrazzo floor in a supermarket, which required a clean but unpolished floor. The facility had previously been cleaned using a competitor's diamond product but the after shot shows what was easily achieved using KGS Flexis FM diamond pads with a Hako scrubber drier, with just water at a medium flow and just five passes with a coarse pad, followed by five passes with a medium pad.

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1st December 2011

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