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Fogbuster eliminates fat, oil and grease from waste pipes

New Fogbuster biological treatments from eco-works are proven 'pro-biotic' biological treatments using a consortium of micro organisms to rapidly degrade fat, oil and grease (FOGc) found inside drain lines. Using the very latest techniques and developments in bio-remediation to treat FOGc build-up within the drainage systems, eco-works Fogbuster products offer an effective, long-term solution to maintaining free-flow, reducing odours and preventing blockages.

Included in the range are concentrate liquids, solid fog-cubes and blocks, as well as fog-powders. All are environmentally friendly and an approved alternative to the traditional and often, hazardous chemical methods of drainage maintenance.

The probiotic blends in all the Fogbuster range are specifically chosen to degrade long-chain fatty acids that are present in septic or anaerobic environments. The bacteria alleviate low pH problems by breaking down the recalcitrant short-chain and long-chain fatty acids, thus maintaining an environment more amenable to active probiotic degradation. The products also eliminate the transfer of FOGc downstream. The probiotic consortium actually degrades and digests grease and scum from drain lines and grease traps.

Fogbuster products are all totally clean and environmentally friendly formulations, which are biodegradable and ready to use. They cannot damage drains, drain lines and grease traps in any way. They are all manufactured to ISO 9001: 2008 and recommended by water consultants, architects, building engineers and estate managers.

Correct use of the Fogbuster products will eliminate the need for other forms of expensive and or harmful drainage maintenance.

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12th April 2012

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