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Although John and I have been heavily involved in the glamorous KBB industry (Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms) for some years now, our cleaning pedigree goes back even further. Cleanzine celebrates its 10th birthday this month but prior to that I edited all of the other UK-based cleaning magazines while John was publisher of 'Cleaning' magazine back in the 80s, prior to its purchase by Robert Maxwell.

We are often asked why we have become so attached to the cleaning industry - and the answer is something that takes a little more contemplation than it used to, as spending four days at an exhibition examining the very latest bathrooms, kitchens and appliances (I've lost count of how many taps I've simply HAD to stroke!) has rather more pull than four days spent looking at mopping systems, cleaning cloths, chemicals and the like. But the answer is always the same - it's the people.

Take yesterday as a case in point. We were invited along to Premiere Products in Cheltenham to a press launch. And not only were we given an interesting talk about the company's new partnership with Wetrok, but we were also invited to drive all the floor cleaning machines around the showroom. When you consider how much these things cost and the fact that more than one at a time was being manoeuvred at speed around the room - often in reverse and generally by those that had not driven one previously, you can perhaps imagine how much fun it was.

We then sat down to an English cream tea served on beautiful bone china - neatly sliced sandwiches without the crusts, tiny filled pastries, fresh scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam followed by cupcakes - and to accompany it, proper tea poured from a tea pot containing real tea leaves (hence the need for a tea strainer)... I can't remember the last time I didn't have tea made from a teabag, served in a mug, so it was a real treat.

So something that could have been rather ordinary, was made special by the people that organised it because they wanted to make us welcome and for us to feel good about our visit... And after answering our questions and showing us how to drive the machines safely, they sat down with us to take tea. It was all very civilised and lots of fun and we left feeling that as well going away with a good story, we'd made some new friends.

It's people like that who make the cleaning industry special and that's why we've stayed in it for so long.

You can read about the launch below.



Jan Hobbs

22nd March 2012

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