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Pay market App launched to support managers on the move

Determining how much to pay employees is probably the most important decision an organisation can make. The problem is that dependable data about wages and salaries is hard to find and - when available - often barely affordable for all but the largest employers. That has now all changed - thanks to a clever new App called 'Jobsworth' launched this week by The Federation of European Employers (FedEE - the leading organisation for multinational companies operating in Europe).

Jobsworth is amongst the first of a new generation of powerful Apps that are data rich and yet cleverly configured to be small enough to be readily downloaded onto a mobile 'phone. The full version of the App covers pay markets in 47 different countries and territories across Europe, whilst the Lite version is confined to the UK and Ireland.

Because Jobsworth can be applied to any private sector job and is sensitive to job content (what people actually do) it is not based on job titles. It also measures gross hourly pay - so that it can be converted to weekly and monthly figures according to the actual hours people work.

Another common error in pay survey data is the use of averages - which are always inflated by the distribution patterns of the highest paid individuals in an income distribution. Jobsworth uses 'media'" figures which are much more typical and representative of any population with similarly sized jobs.

The evaluation and pricing of a job could not be simpler and will typically take around three minutes .... and there are also lots of useful built-in guidance notes to steer the user though each step. The Lite version is also priced to be affordable to anyone who needs to decide whether their current pay level or the salary offered by a new job are competitive. However, the biggest user of Jobsworth will be managers on the move. It will no longer be necessary for the HR professional to leave a meeting to look up pay rates on their PC or in printed reports - it will be there at their fingertips.

Speaking at the launch of the Lite version of Jobsworth today, Robin Chater, Secretary-General of the Federation of European Employers (FedEE) said: "Our members have had access to this system for the last six years, but it has always been our intention to widen access to it and to develop it for mobile use. The initial versions will be on an Apple platform, but we plan to launch it onto android and other platforms soon. Pay markets differ widely across Europe, but with the full version of Jobsworth it is easy to toggle through countries to discover what midpoint pay levels apply in different national marketplaces for the job that has been evaluated."

Jobsworth12 may be purchased in the Apple App store. Price: 59.99 euros (£49.99). The Lite version of Jobsworth12 costs 5.99 euros (£4.99)

T: 0207 520 9264
E: alison.merrett@fedee.com / robin.chater@fedee.com
W: www.fedee.com

12th April 2012

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