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First high speed hand dryer to receive noise reduction accolade

* The Classic+ MkII - high res.jpgAirdri, the responsible provider of sustainable hand drying systems, is believed to be the first in the high speed (fast dry) hand dryer category to be awarded the Quiet Mark for its new high speed hand dryer, The Classic+ MkII.

The international mark of approval from the UK Noise Abatement Society encourages worldwide companies to include noise reduction when developing the design of machines and appliances used in everyday life.

Exceptional performance doesn’t have to mean excessive noise. Droning drills, whooshing washing machines, and screeching shredders are sounds we endure in our everyday lives. Noisy appliances are not only a nuisance but, according to the World Health Organisation, excessive noise can seriously harm human health, affecting concentration, disrupting recreation, inducing stress and causing cardiovascular harm. 

Hand dryer noise is an important aspect for many people when deciding which hand dryer to purchase. Airdri has listened carefully to its customer’s requirements and, through The Classic+ MkII, is leading the way in reducing the noise of dryers without reducing functionality. 

Quality designed with the environment in mind, the Classic+ MkII is a fast drying, energy efficient hand dryer, which has the lowest noise levels in its class.

Today’s hand dryers are much faster than previous generations. With an average dry time of 15 seconds, this new dryer is perfect for high traffic areas. Business owners used to be reluctant to replace paper towels with hand dryers because, while making the change would be good for the environment, save money and reduce maintenance hassles, warm air hand blowers took too long to dry hands. 

“Airdri is delighted to receive this award, which demonstrates we care for the end-user and invest carefully in research and development and sustainability when we design our products,” says Trudi Osborne, Marketing Communications Manager of Airdri.

“High speed hand dryers are vastly more energy efficient than traditional hand dyers. That is because they use less energy and are in use for a shorter period of time.

“One major trade off to high speed hand dryers has been that they tend to be louder than slower hand dryers. There are a lot of quiet hand dryers available, but they don’t offer the same high speed performance. We’re pleased to be the first in the high speed category to reduce noise levels with this new dryer and to have been recognised by external experts for our innovative design.”

Caring for the environment is a priority, which is why Airdri’s approach is to ensure it delivers the ultimate in ecologically-sound warm air hand dryers. The Classic+ MkII has a reduced power consumption of 1.4kW @ 230 volts, improving energy efficiency. It’s a responsible choice.

Servicing the Classic+ MkII product is quick and easy - it can take as little as just three minutes to complete the job. From a cost point of view, its lifespan is claimed to be up to six times longer than other fast dry hand dryers and using warm air hand dryers saves up to 80% of the cost of supplying and maintaining a washroom with paper or roller towels. 

All Airdri hand dryers are reliable, versatile, robust, extremely service friendly and built by knowledgeable experts who understand the hand drying application.

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10th May 2012

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