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We have Mail: Vectair Systems' Matthew Wonnacott

Regular readers of Cleanzine may recall reading our reports on the life-threatening injuries inflicted on Vectair Systems' marketing manager Matthew Wonnacott, by a hit & run driver five months ago.

We're delighted to report that Matthew is now on the road to recovery - although we understand that he won?t feel back to normal for around 16-18 months - not surprising perhaps when you see the list of his injuries: fractured bones in neck & fractured bones in the vertebrae (C5, C6 & C7), 12 broken right ribs, flail chest (9th rib became unattached from the rib cage), broken right tibia, lacerated liver, lacerated spleen, collapsed right lung (Pneumothorax), crushed right chest cavity and torn left ankle ligaments!

Matthew tells us he was completely overwhelmed by all the kind messages that he and his family were sent by the global cleaning industry and has asked us to publish this letter:

Dear industry colleagues,

Thank you so much for all the kind messages of support that you have sent both me and my family over the past five months as I was recovering from my unfortunate incident (hit and run). I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support I have received from around the industry and I am most humbled.

The injuries I sustained in November last year, were extensive and extremely painful, particularly in the early days after the injuries were known, however it is with great pride that I write before you today in good spirits and without too much pain whilst I show my appreciation.

The real rehabilitation process started in late March, seeing the physiotherapist and personal trainer, who have been working on rebuilding the strength, balance and co-ordination in my right leg. Up until last Tuesday, I was unable to start extensive rehabilitation on my upper body due to not having the green light from my thoracic surgeon at St. Anthony's Hospital, Surrey.

Whilst I have been given the go ahead to start rehab now on my chest, shoulders, neck, back and ribs, I have not been 'signed off' yet as I still have issues with my diaphragm and I may even have to have part, if not all, of the metal clamps removed from my 9th rib via surgery later in the year, due to this becoming detached from the rib.

I could go on however; the letter would be more like a dissertation!

In closing, I am very thankful to everyone who sent humbling messages of support to me and my family and I look forward to seeing and speaking with you all soon as I start back at work, starting at the ISSA Interclean Show in Amsterdam in May.

Very best regards,

Matthew Wonnacott
T: +44 (0) 1256319500
E: [email protected]
W: www.vectair.co.uk

26th April 2012

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