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On the back of its huge success in North America, Tersano (02.325E) is using the show to launch its aqueous ozone technology into Europe.

A developer of cutting-edge commercial & home sanitising systems, Tersano believes it has changed the way people think about cleaning chemicals - and in the process, has created an entirely new market category. Lotus cleaning products can currently be found throughout North America in universities, hospitals, schools, hotels, casinos, government and public offices.

After a lengthy research and development process and multiple patent applications, Tersano is now ready to ship its chemical-free commercial cleaning system into Europe. Its new stabilising technology has extended the lifetime of dirt and germ killing Aqueous Ozone by a factor of hours, rather than minutes.

“We are very excited about bringing this revolutionary new technology to Europe. The beauty of Aqueous Ozone is that it cleans and kills germs and then over time turns back into water and oxygen,” explained Tersano President and lotus PRO inventor Steve Hengsperger. “The problem always was that it turned back too fast, losing its sanitising power in a matter of minutes. We've solved this problem with our new stabilising technology, achieving up 24 hours of sanitising strength under laboratory conditions with our Series II version."

Tersano Vice President of European operations David Yli-Juuti, added. "Although the benefits of aqueous ozone technology have been known and used since the early 1900’s, primarily in large scale food processing and water treatment applications, it wasn’t until Tersano was able to re-engineer the technology for residential and commercial use that the full cleaning, sanitising and environmental benefits were realised," he said. “The extended ozone effectiveness is a game changer for the ozone industry. "Now you can turn ordinary tap water into a safe, chemical-free germ killing cleaner that works for hours in everything from auto-scrubbers to spray bottles, but still leaves no cleaning chemicals and leaves no residues.”

By keeping Aqueous Ozone's cleaning power at sanitising levels for extended periods before reverting back into water and oxygen, this naturally occurring Oxy cleaner can make janitorial performance cheaper, better and faster. There are no toxic chemicals to buy, mix, spill and pour down the drain. There are no hazards from splashing, fumes, skin or eye irritation - as well as greater productivity since there is no rinsing required as with most chemical cleaners. 

“Without a doubt it makes the Lotus Pro that much more versatile and powerful,” added Steve Hensgperger. Each module is fully recyclable, and on a per gallon basis replacement modules deliver more on-demand Aqueous Ozone - at a fraction of the cost and carbon footprint - of conventional and green cleaners."

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10th May 2012

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